LG is Making a Prototype of Pod-Based Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream – there’s nothing like age limit as far as this delicate serve goes. The only argument is that ice cream might have different names across different regions. But there is no lie in saying that everyone becomes a kid when offered ice cream. And, oh my, the ice cream flavours! Always bursting with taste and improving with each new brand. 

To celebrate ice cream, how it makes us feel and the essence of cool that is associated with this delicacy, there’s a new LG ice cream machine in the market and well, let’s just say, everything can get better – and cooler. It just needs time, but everything and anything can be better. LG just proved the point and we’re proud to be fans of the brand at this very moment.

Meet the LG Pop-Related Gadgets

At the beginning of the year, LG hosted a pop-up at SXSW where the company got to show off their latest cool toys. Attendants were mostly there to see the demo of the new models of LG’s CLOi line of home robots. But they also added a host of other gadgets in the pipelines. They brought in the Snow White into the festival where they showed off an at-home ice cream making machine. Get your account ready to buy your machine and pay for international package forwarding.

This machine is different from what is on the market, because it requires capsules to produce ice cream. Insert two pods at a time, one for base texture and the other for flavour. The base texture is what enables the LG Snow White ice cream machine to give you options of getting ice cream, gelato or sorbet. You pretty much have a factory for making cool, cooler and coolest right inside your home, and you’re the one who determines the flavour.

Each LG base texture capsule has a QR code printed on it that instructs the machine on what to make. The demo displayed at the 2019 SXSW was conducted by an individual who had absolutely no idea what was inside the capsules and was also clueless in terms of how cold the LG home ice cream maker can go. But if you purchase yours, it’ll be accompanied by a detailed manual to walk you through the steps and result in the perfect ice cream.

The Types of Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cousins in the Market

There’s always room for new and improved flavours as well as texture in the world of ice creams. People’s palettes change in terms of taste and preference, and this is just a sign of evolution. With the pod-based ice cream maker, every family member can make and enjoy the texture and flavour they prefer and want as it pleases them. No need to hit the malls when the craving for something cold and flavoured rises, just enter the kitchen, take the right pair of pods and follow the instructions to enjoy your:

  • Soft-serve ice cream

  • Sorbet

  • Ice Lolly

  • Frozen Ice Cream

LG in Home Improvement

Who would have thought the creators behind the awe-inspiring rollable OLED TV would also get into the business of making ice cream pods? These two are the polar opposites of each other, extremely different, but with the same parent. If the LG Snow White ice cream pods are like the other LG products, then we will surely get knocked off our feet in amazement. This machine was developed and designed just like all other home gadgets from LG, with the aim of improving the home and how the family interacts.

At the 2019 SXSW, LG also demonstrated another pod-based gadget that is solely for brewing beer. Known as the HomeBrew, this machine comes with capsules that carry malt, hop oil, yeast and flavouring. In the detailed description, LG made it known that the HomeBrew “automates the whole procedure from fermentation, carbonation and aging to serving and cleaning.” Now, who wouldn’t want to brew their own beer to perfection in a machine that takes care of all the mess?


From an analytical standpoint, LG is making more pods to become the norm. Personally, we like this. No more of the same general flavours and long lines at the convenience store just because you want to buy a tub of ice cream. Now, the father, mother and children can all be satiated at home using any of the latest LG machines that operate using simple pods.

Reception and Performance

Honestly, at first, there were a lot of negatives compared to positives following the big reveal. However, people have since started coming around and accepting the new normal. Most of the resistance came in part from not knowing what exactly these pods contain. This is an understandable fear because everyone is keen to go back to the basics of eating organic foods. From the gadget showcase, only the base ingredient of shelf-safe pasteurised milk was revealed and the other ones remained a mystery.


It’s impressive to note that people have changed their minds and are willing to trust that their favourite gadget brand has decided to bring them the joy and pleasure of brewing beer and making ice cream right in the comfort of their homes. As LG always state—Life’s Good!

Get your Snow White Overseas

Now we all know that the West loves change. For many people, civilisation is moving in the right direction as long as there are new inventions on board. Well, even if you don’t happen to live in the West, you too can enjoy those same privileges as your Western counterparts when you select parcel forwarding from the US. The ice cream machine doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, if you use an excellent forwarder, you will receive your machine in pristine condition and get to enjoy ice cream as a family.

Most products are better priced when you buy online from the USA. Take advantage of this benefit and enjoy even more rewards such as:

  • Buy a lot more products from the USA alongside the LG ice cream making machine.

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Malls close, and at times, a tub of ice cream hardens while in the deep freezer. Don’t be forced to eat ice cream that has gone stale or wait until the mall opens the next day to get your three scoops of sorbet. LG provides you with a home-friendly machine that sits on your kitchen counter and is ready for you to use at will. Purchase the LG ice cream maker directly from America and you won’t regret it.

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