LynQ: Pre-Order A Revolutionary Location Tracker from US

Keeping track of where your fellow backpackers, hikers, and mountaineers are when you get lost out there in the bush will now be much easier. After a promising NYC based startup raised a whopping sum to fund its realization, LynQ is now a reality!

We know, getting lost in the jungle with no cell phone or Wi-Fi coverage in sight, or even at a large concert where the network may be jammed or overloaded, is never a good thing. And it seems the developers of this wearable device knew this too and sought to offer a better alternative to location tracker apps.

What is LynQ

Simple as it looks, LynQ is, by far, the world's most advanced long-range tracker. Its great look, soft surface and reliable use explain why its seed funders raised such a massive amount of money. The device is intuitively designed, functions conveniently and indeed offers what no cell phone app can.

LynQ is marketed as a smart, future-proof compass, suitable for the 21st-century thrill seeker. It is a palm-sized gadget that requires no app, phone network or Wi-Fi to function or any form of subscription. You get to find out where you are and get a map of the exact area at the push of a button that works like magic!

LynQ fits in the palm of your hand to tell the exact direction in a snap!

Yes – it comes with only one button and a small screen. At the core of its usefulness is its real-time display that shows the distance and direction your nearest companion with a similar gadget is. And you can set up a “home base” to get as many as 12 other LynQ users to synchronize their units with yours and monitor each other independently.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of this gadget is its sheer size. It is light, handy and waterproof with a rugged surface, ideal for those who love going on outdoor expeditions. LynQ has a built-in carabiner so that you can clip it onto your backpack, jacket or belt loop for extra safety.

Why you need LynQ

For any off-the-grid activity, child safety, to track anyone with Alzheimer’s, monitor your pet or even for any form of outdoor military drills, LynQ has your back.

Would you like to buy LynQ online and have it shipped straight to you?

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Take advantage of the Early Bird price offer!

When they finally become available at retail stores, two pieces of LynQ will cost around $200. Right now though, the same set costs just $174, which is a huge discount. Take advantage of it and get one today!


Pre-order LynQ (international shipping from US)

$174 (twin pack)

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