MAC Partnered Up with Disney for Aladdin Makeup Collection

With each new release of makeup products, brands reach and aim for the biggest market that can relate to their products. As such, MAC has partnered up with Disney for the Aladdin makeup collection. If you have ever been left hanging by the genie, now is the time to forgive him as he definitely came through with the new MAC Cosmetics collection. And what better time than the remake of the Aladdin movie which will soon hit the cinemas. 

The new MAC limited edition collection is sure made to drive some of us insanely nuts. Heads will roll and screams and shrills will break glasses. The new collection is filled with a rich mix of Jasmine-inspired jewel-tones as well as precious metals. If you’ve ever wanted to use international parcel forwarding to buy a product, this is the time. The new range which dropped at the beginning of May is worth all the hype. It's simply magnifique.

The Disney x MAC Correlation and Collaboration

Ever heard of something called market analysis? Well in case you didn’t know what that was, it’s a tool used by companies to scout and determine their target audience. More than anything else, market analysis is used to check the relevance of a new product before it can be manufactured at the factory level for public consumption. Thankfully, for MAC cosmetics, it’s obvious that their target audience is young adults. And rewind to a full 15 years ago, they are the ones who were toddlers or teens, watching and falling in love with Aladdin and his genie and the magic carpet.

The correlation between MAC cosmetics and Aladdin is in the relationship that borders on the existence of both these brands. Aladdin was introduced when the current generation of makeup lovers were still the number one TV lovers. The MAC Cosmetics brand was introduced just as they reached their teenagehood or young adult stages. Deep inside, the current makeup purchaser feels a personal connection to both Aladdin and MAC. Thus, a collaboration of these two brands is nothing but genius.

  • The current demographics indicate that the twenty to thirty-year-olds, those who use makeup on a daily, have an affection for Aladdin as they grew up watching Aladdin as kids.

  • The release of an Aladdin x MAC makeup collection caters to most of the prominent makeup lovers and also celebrates one of Disney’s biggest stories to be turned into motion pictures in a while.

  • The makeup released takes the buyer back to their days as a kid, just in the form of memories of the good old days, but also gives them the satisfaction of a face-beat done for the gods.

  • Deep inside, fans of Aladdin still have that young child who is forever mesmerized by Aladdin. Seeing his face on their makeup palette every morning is something to look forward to every day. 

The New MAC Aladdin Collection

The all-new MAC Disney collection shouldn’t be underestimated. If you are looking for high-quality makeup products that will give you versatile looks and finishes, then this is where you start shopping going on and forward. We’re still dazzled about the stunning eyeshadow palette, lipstick in the brightest of bright pinks and a bronzer that just illuminates your cheeks as if you’re Jasmine. Well, there’s no harm in that, because a Jasmine-esque glow is something we all desired watching the Aladdin movie and series while growing up.

You know how people are always asking their idols to share their beauty secrets but nothing gets shared? Well, the MAC Disney makeup didn’t make that mistake. Seems like they went straight to Jasmine to get us the magic potion! Just as indicated by the winner of Strictly Come Dancing Val Garland, and Dominic Skinner, the MAC Cosmetics Global Senior Artist, as well as a judge on Glow Up, “Your wish, our command! Manifest your magic with The Disney Aladdin Collection by M·A·C. Launching this May, this wish-fulfilling collaboration highlights the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine…”


If you plan to go to the cinemas to watch the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin on May 24, then you will most definitely need this newest makeup as it will help you recreate the Jasmine looks. Princess Jasmine is definitely a beauty icon to emulate. If she has willingly shared her beauty secrets, to that we say ‘YAAS QUEEN, LET’S DO THIS!’

Get the New MAC Disney Makeup Collection

At this moment, your little heart simply cannot take it. You’re super excited and ready to look as bedazzling as queen Jasmine and let your own Aladdin find you. Well, we won’t just get you all excited and leave you hanging. Read on to learn where you can find, buy and even parcel forward your Aladdin inspired MAC Cosmetics products.

We have both exciting and somewhat sad news. The Aladdin makeup was released just at the beginning of May as expected. But, because of the inspiration’s popularity and the delicious prices on the products, some of them have already been sold out! If you’re still interested, our advice, shop right now and get your Aladdin makeup delivered to your home in as little as 5 business days!  

Here is a list of some of the Aladdin x MAC Cosmetics products:

  1. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Lipglass – Diamond in the Rough comes in an exclusive Aladdin packaging and will appeal to anyone even from a distance. Retails at $19 from MAC.

  2. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Technakohl – Graph black, ophthalmologically tested, retails at $20. 

  3. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Pigment – Available for $24 from MAC, it’s fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. 

  4. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Eye Shadow X9 – Princess Jasmine eyeshadow palette comes with 9 different yet similar shades that can be used to achieve the most radiant bronze looks on various skin shades and tones. Available for $35 at the MAC online store.

  5. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Crystal Glaze - #1 Wish that we have all carried in our hearts and minds since first watching the animated Aladdin Disney narrations. It comes in a rich gloss infused with a multi-colored pearl. Retails at $24 at MAC webstore.

  6. MAC Disney’s Aladdin Lipstick – Princess Incognito comes in an exclusive Aladdin branding that reflects light as if it’s a hidden treasure. Will leave you feeling all wealthy and mysterious. Retails at MAC for $20.

Ready to embody a queen? Then get cracking and purchase your very own MAC Cosmetics x Disney Collection. It’s worth it and although the tabloids have carried the news, it has been underrated. Or maybe not, given how excellently it has performed with some of the products running out in just over two weeks since release.

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