Make Your Christmas 2019 Truly Merry with These Unique Candles

One of the major components of the festive season, the essence behind the festivities, is the ability to leave the lights on 24 hours a day. Christmas time is also understood to be the celebration of light. Whatever religion one might be, the December-January holidays are always something to look forward to because of the joy that they are known to bring forth. The same principle applies this time around.

Alongside the miniature, 1001 colourful lights, there are also candles that bring everything to life and brighten up the mood really well during this season. Even outside of the Christmas period, lighting up a scented candle brings peace and calm to any room. Now the simple act of lighting a candle becomes an even bigger gesture given that the masses are already excited because of the mood all around being a pretty darn happy one.

We have followed Christmas shoppers this season to find out what they think about Christmas candles. From our research, we have come up with a list of some of the best Christmas candles.

Read on to discover the best Christmas candle to leave your home smelling divine. The list is long, the choice is yours.

Best 2019 Christmas Candles

  1. Christmas Candle Gift Set

Christmas time is one of the best because of the giving and receiving of gifts that go around. Even if your friends or family are not big on gifting, around Christmas time, they try their best to get in line and find suitable gifts.

There are a lot of beautiful Christmas Candles to give as a gift during the period. The Yankee Candle gift set is one amazing collection that’s suitable for gifting. If you’re running out of ideas on what to gift someone this season, then think of these candles. Their aroma is filled with notes of fir tree and cinnamon. Inside the set are votive and jar candles to bring the magic of Christmas to life. You will need to get a UK address for shopping to enjoy limitless international gift shopping as if you were residing in the UK.

  1. Christmas Candle with Layers of Love

The Jo Loves Christmas Layered Candle is one of the best this year. Even though the one candle sells for £80, it's worth every penny. It’s essentially three Jo Loves candles in one container, all layered together. The fragrances are indeed out of this world. Simply exquisite, fancy and jovial. Additionally, you can welcome the festive season alongside all your family members by buying and shipping several of these Christmas layered candles at once. In the UK, there is a free next day delivery offer for UK shoppers. With a Parcl UK verified shopping address, you can enjoy this offer just like a local.

  1. Christmas Candle with Notes from Nature

Are you a lover of all things natural? Well, we found shoppers who also love products drawn from nature with little to no chemical alteration. The Neom Natural candle is a wonderful infusion of aromatherapy oils (16 to be precise) blended together to help you relax over the Christmas season. The entire candle is nothing but a bubble of peace, sent to bring tranquillity to your home. If you want you and your family members to sleep well during this period, then get Neom’s Tranquility candle from their Scent to Sleep range. It's stocked up by Amazon, John Lewis and Feel Unique for just £16.

  1. Christmas Candle on a Budget

If your budget is ice thin this Christmas, no problem. You also deserve and can get the magic of Christmas from your candles. Dunelm has the Figgy Pudding Wax Fill for just £1. Find it under their Candles and Diffusers section. This fragranced candle has about a 28-hour burning lifespan. The cream coloured wax follows the tradition of candles. It's thick and long enough to bring you joy whilst creating a relaxing ambience in your home. Don’t go out of budget trying to please those around you. Get this candle and find your joy.

  1. Christmas Candle Suited to be a Centerpiece

In most countries, the Christmas period is in Winter. Which is why The White Company London designed the Winter Botanical Large Candle for just £36 to be used as a holiday table centrepiece. The candle is an infusion of clove, cinnamon and citrus as the major notes to help bring warmth to your room. Get the ambience set up perfectly and your family all happy and in love this festive season with this fragranced candle. The candle looks just as beautiful as it burns, with the outside layered well with streaks of cinnamon sticks, orange rind, red berries and other physical ingredients. 

  1. Christmas Candle in the Form of Tea Light Candles

One of the main reasons why package forwarding from the UK remains popular is because there are no size limits. The John Lewis & Partners Winter Spice Scented Tealights Pack of 9 is an amazing collection. This is the essence of Christmas celebration made up of candles and lights all in one. This box is a collection of cinnamon, zesty orange notes, warming clove and rich sandalwood. These spices all blend together to bring a richness and warmth to your home that can only be best described as Christmassy. You can use these candles on their own or combine them with other flavours to create a unique ambience exclusive to your home.

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