Mattifying Setting Spray by Kylie Cosmetics is Already Here

The first-ever Kylie Cosmetics setting spray was released on the same day as the highly anticipated restocking of another brand favourite.

The revolutionary time for the makeup and beauty industry is still unfolding with each new release. Everything is going back to the basics in a way yet growing in strength and influence. Taking the same route as the MAC summer 2019 collection, the Kylie Cosmetics summer 2019 collection presents us with the official ‘dolled up’ colour — pink. Yeap! Most of the leading makeup brands decided to go back to the colour pink for this year’s collections.


Ladies cannot love cosmetics stronger – or they can? The new release from Kylie Cosmetics is already here to sweep makeup lovers off their feet, and it comes as and with everything beauty enthusiasts could possibly desire. The Kylie Cosmetics’ founder and empire magnate, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner is clearly on a roll and headed for the top position in the entrepreneur and makeup factions. If you search for Kylie Cosmetics, you’ll be amazed to realise that new releases come out almost every other week. In the last couple of years, Kylie Cosmetics has grown as a brand, and their products now dominate the social media circles.

Even if you are an international makeup and beauty enthusiast, buying Kylie Cosmetics is always a good deal. There’s always someone looking for an opportunity to buy Kylie Cosmetics online from the US. Better yet, most online shoppers even have drop shipping accounts with the responsible service providers. The long and outstanding partnerships between shoppers of the Kylie Jenner makeup and reliable international parcel forwarders are because there is almost always a new release being dished out every second week. Naturally, this translates to sales and online shoppers needing their latest shopping bargains delivered to their addresses overseas.

The Latest Release from Kylie Cosmetics

In a bid to establish its position in the beauty industry, the Kylie Cosmetics empire keeps on adding to their catalogue. The latest products are the Kylie Setting Sprays. These come in the most adorable baby pink bottles also known as a millennial’s dream. The Kylie Cosmetics mattifying setting spray is exactly what you need when laying a strong makeup foundation. As Kylie is known and loved for testing all her products on herself before mass producing, we trust her word when she reviews anything.

Mattifying_Setting_SprayImage source:

When releasing the Kylie Cosmetics setting sprays, Kylie emphasized that she had taken care to present us with the best of the best. She insists that the mattifying sprays keep your base on in whatever weather. Based on previous releases and her reviews, we believe her.

After seeing the release and being part of the announcement, which almost always happens on her Instagram page, international shoppers are excited and ready to get their hands on the baby pink mattifying Setting Sprays.

  • Just a week before the release of the mattifying sprays, Kylie took to her Instagram page with over 20M followers and announced that she was also excited to shake things up.

  • In her release statement, she announced: “Alright guys, I am so excited to announce my first setting spray. It is a mattifying setting spray, it launches next week, I can’t wait.” Well, we can’t wait either.

  • Kylie is excited about her brand’s first-ever mattifying spray just as much as about the unmissable baby pink packaging. She announced: “Pink on pink on pink. I love how it turned out. I love having this on my makeup counter. It is bomb.” Good to have such a vibrant pink thrown into the mix.

Following the Kylie Cosmetics Latest Developments

Given that this brand is by a millennial and is targeted towards the millennials, it goes without saying that all announcements and the latest details around the Kylie Cosmetics makeup are on social media. Each time there’s a new development or news to announce, followers of the brand know it will be done in style in social media.


Exactly a week before the release of the Setting Spray, Jenner took to both her personal and Kylie Cosmetics Instagram pages and posted Stories announcing the setting spray. In a true Kylie Jenner fashionista move, she also showed off an impressive neon orange and pink ombre manicure that is adorable and befitting a fashion mogul. Well, it seems like, from her manicure, colour contrast is the style set and preference of the Kylie Cosmetics this summer. Her mattifying pink sprays are encased in a black box. You don’t have to imagine anything. Just head over to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page to view the video of Kylie holding the bottle and doing the big reveal. Or do yourself a solid favour by heading over to the KylieCosmetics website to buy the new Kylie Cosmetics Setting Spray online.

Availability and Shopping Options

Kylie Cosmetics products tend to run out as soon as they hit the market. You don’t want to miss this one, as it is the opportunity of a lifetime to get your makeup running troubles over and done with. If you’re one of those who faithfully wears their makeup day in, day out, then you are in need of a mattifying spray - one that can withstand the rain and even severe heat waves.


Given how fast all Kylie Cosmetics products tend to run out, it will do you good to get the spray as soon as today. You can work with companies like Parcl to ship internationally from American stores to your home country. With professional package forwarding from the USA, you can shop as if you’re an American in America. The laws and international regulations that usually stand in the way of online shoppers can be removed by getting a parcel forwarder to help you buy from the US.

  • Package forwarders provide you with professional services that come with security and insurance features. Thus, buying online internationally becomes easier than completing purchases in your home country.

  • You minimise chances of having to deal with customs and tax institutions. If you’re buying from the US and using the services of a package forwarder, you can add any service you want as long as it simplifies the way you shop online.

  • You can get your products as soon as the next day depending on the carrier you choose to use when you receive your quotation.

Did you know that you can buy Kylie Cosmetics and ship it internationally for a reasonable price? Don’t you think it will serve you best to go online to shop? Visit the Kylie Cosmetics website and check out all their new products. There is one thing that we all can agree on: this brand is revolutionary and their products are simply too good to be ignored. With new releases every fortnight, there’s no reason why you cannot have a display unit packed full of Kylie Cosmetics products.

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