Meet Jessica Rabbit Makeup Collection by Ciaté

Oh, Roger! What a scandalous and delectable state of affairs! The new Ciaté makeup, well Ciate’s Jessica Rabbit makeup collection to be precise – is magnanimously iconic. And that is just one way of describing it. Of course, Walt Disney would be proud. When he founded Disney World with his hit character Mickey Mouse, he had a vision that his creativity was going to be passed down for generations to come. And just when the makeup creativity side seemed to have run out of ideas, here is one that has left us gobsmacked and will probably knock you out of the park.

Ciaté has seriously pulled one out of the rabbit hat by creating and launching a Jessica Rabbit collection. Stop scratching your head, Jessica Rabbit is the red-haired cartoon character who wooed her way into Roger Rabbit’s heart by remaining faithful to her signature look of big boobs, perfect loud makeup and strapless dresses. Well, if you know Jessica Rabbit, then you will understand how she makes her signature look appear like an effortless combination, but in reality, we all know you need holy water and magic to pull it off. Big boobs? Strapless dress? Loud makeup..hmmm. We need a sexy diva with the body for such antics.


In celebration of the vibrant vixen she is, Ciaté has honoured her with her own eyeshadow palette, lipstick and highlighter. The perfect combination to mimic Jessica Rabbit’s makeup which is always radiant no matter the season or occasion.

Get Ready to Confuse the Male Species with the Ciaté Jessica Rabbit Makeup

The Ciaté new makeup line is for the confident lady who knows her story and is ready to take the world for all its worth. Packaged in divine appropriate containers decorated with a notorious and desirable picture of Jessica Rabbit, the eyeshadow palette and highlighter definitely stand out. The lipstick is also ready to get in on the action. It’s in a magical vault with a glitter body through and through. If you live for the weekend and appreciate looking your best, then you need to shop Ciaté online.


Brighten your life with this unique and vibrant makeup collection. There is no need to be boring. The character inspiring this new Ciaté makeup collection oozes charm and confidence. There’s no denying that she’s sexiness personified. Why not just borrow a page from her book. No need to be too serious and miss out on some great opportunities. If you’ve reached the Jessica Rabbit level of confidence, then celebrate it by getting yourself the newest Ciaté makeup which celebrates the character. The colours are more than enough for variety and swag.

The Illegal Colours in the Ciaté Jessica Rabbit Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re looking for a makeup look that punishes every lover who jilted you, then you’ve come to the right section of the internet. This palette is for every makeup lover who enjoys playing with colour and turning heads as they walk down the streets in the marketplace. Still doubting? Take a look at the nine magnificent colours in the eyeshadow palette:

  • Love Letter

  • Oh, Roger!

  • Sunset Boulevard

  • I’m Not Bad

  • Patty Cake

  • Drawn That Way

  • Carrot Cake

  • Toon Kisses

  • Honey Bunny

What a beguiling way of naming colours that the Jessica Rabbit Ciaté collection adopted. This makes it absolutely easy for makeup gurus to give makeup tutorials. Instead of trying to explain the colour (which most of them dismally fail at by the way!), the tutor will just call out the colour specifically used to achieve the look. Ain’t nothing cooler than that. It’s available online, get yourself a careful parcel forwarder who will facilitate the delivery of your purchase overseas.

The Big Reveal

Taking to their Instagram page, Ciaté made it a point to respect their supporters by officially breaking the news first. The Ciaté x Jessica Rabbit collection is the first one and comes with the show-stopping 3-piece limited edition 9 eye shadow palette, a glittering red Glitter Storm lipstick, and a Glow-To creamy powder highlighter.


Most makeup tutorials are on IG. It only serves the company’s purpose to use the same platform to break such important news. Also, the reveal used the appropriate hashtags which can be used when recreating the look. The most used by both makeup tutors and individuals recreating the look will obviously be #ciatexjessicarabbit.

Date of Release and Availability

The cruelty-free makeup trio hit the markets from March 5th. As a limited-edition collection, it won’t be around for long. If you truly intend on buying any of the items from the Ciaté x Jessica Rabbit collection, consider paying for package forwarding from the US. This will not increase your budget but will add security in ensuring that your purchase will be sent out of the US as soon as the stores start shipping out. Also, you buy items at the same price as the Americans. And, if your forwarder uses an express logistics company to ship your makeup, then you will be receiving your Jessica Rabbit makeup even faster.


The eyeshadow palette costs $35, the highlighter $26 and the lipstick $19. Not a steep price for high-quality limited makeup edition. You want to groove at the local Karaoke joint, then dig into your pocket for the trio that will boost your confidence levels into next year.

Why International Shipping from America is Your Best Bet

The new makeup is released in the US. Before other regions receive their allocation, there must be more than enough for the American customers. As a result, there are better chances that even for a limited edition, American shoppers will manage to buy the makeup before it runs out. However, this guarantee doesn’t apply to international shoppers awaiting the makeup palettes, lipsticks and highlighters to hit the local cosmetics stores.

  • Buying from America backed by international shipping gives you the assurance that you will be among the first recipients to receive the much-awaited makeup collection.

  • International shipping allows you to buy more than just the 3-piece show-stopping makeup collection. You can shop as many items in the US as you desire and get a US address for shopping that can be used to unite every purchased item before the local handler repackages as one parcel and sends via a parcel forwarder.

  • When using international shipping, care will be taken in making sure that you receive your buys in excellent condition.

As soon as you find the Ciaté x Jessica Rabbit 3-piece iconic makeup collection online, buy it. You too can rock the “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn this way” statement. And own it. 

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