Meet Llalacorn - Part Lama, Part Unicorn Hatchimal with Extendable Neck

Hatchimals! First introduced to the public in 2016, these waddling, hatching and squawking stuffed toys have since remained a constant fixture under our Christmas trees. If you’ve never heard of these toys, then sit tight and read on.

What are Hatchimals?

To say that these toys seek out those who come across them for the first time unprepared is an understatement. It takes some time and effort to come to full terms with a Hatchimal and its mechanism. Imagine your first time coming across something that is a hybrid of Furby and raw footage of biological birthing? That is exactly what a Hatchimal is.

These creature toys were made by Spin Masters and became an instant hit in 2016, the year they were released. You would think that everyone would be too freaked out by Hatchimals to want them, but on the contrary, everyone wants them.

Hatchimal Physical Presentation

It’s very rare to come across a Hatchimal in a toy store aisle. When these are made, they are created with the element of surprise in mind. Thus, even if you have an idea of the type of Furby to expect as well as color, each of them is still covered in a plastic egg that must be hatched to reveal the contents. Hence the name Hatch+animal = Hatchimal.

You can buy Hatchimals both online and offline in your nearest toy store. The easily accessible ones are perhaps Hatchimals Amazon as they also offer pre-order at times. You can easily buy Hatchimals online if you’re not afraid of spending money there. However, the delivery process is something else altogether. Especially for international shoppers. In fact, most international shoppers end up abandoning their Hatchimals in their shopping carts after realizing that they will have to pay an arm and a leg to get the egged toy delivered to an overseas address.

When you buy a Hatchimal, you need to be prepared to enjoy its five stages of existence. When you receive it, it’s in the first stage, an egg. Then it will hatch, become a baby, a toddler and finally a kid animal. There’s no adult stage for a Hatchimal.

The Half Lama, Half Unicorn

The Llalacorn is Hatchimal’s first-ever re-hatchable baby. All other Hatchimals before Llalacorn could only hatch once and then go through the other four stages of their existence.  Getting the Llalacorn Hatchimal is a whole new experience, as it allows you to relive the joy of birth any time you want.

You can coax it out (help it birth) by playing music or using the confetti fruit accessory or tickle it to get the hatchimal to give up on being inside the egg and rather come outside.  The hatching process takes about five minutes. After which the long-necked Hatchimal will be fully hatched and it will merrily sing Hatchy Birthday to itself. See that? Who wouldn’t want such a merry toy in their home? These Hatchimals are the best in being entertaining and at the same time, manage to self-entertain without external factors. And if you miss having it in its egg form again, just hug it tight and snuggle, the Llalacorn will go back inside and become an egg once again.

Buy your Hatchimal from the US
to have a Merry Christmas that is filled with color and amazing singing.

And the neck, the oh-so-colorful neck shows that this Hatchimal has the best range. It will easily replace all your long Furbies because of its interesting mechanism that increases the amount of fun you get to have with the egg toy.

If you’re in love with surprises and wouldn’t want to miss this one for the world, then organize to have it shipped internationally from US Amazon to your country via a trusted parcel forwarder. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor because the Llalacorn Hatchimals are about to take over as the most loved toy of this era.

They have style, look glamorous and the vibrant selection of color between either pink or purple makes these toys more beautiful and desirable. If the long neck had not managed to convince you, then perhaps the purple or pink with a light patch in the middle will manage to change your mind.

To own this amazing Spin Master’s toy by the year-end, you will have to buy it from the US and avoid last-minute disappointment. Enjoy the 250+ sounds that this WOW Hatchimal is embedded with. Even kids with the shortest attention span will finally find something to love this holiday season.

If you are convinced that Christmas this year should be all fun and happy times with a gift that keeps on ‘reboxing’ itself, then read the last section of this article and find out how to ship from the US to any address including overseas.

Buy your Part Lama, Part Unicorn Hatchimal Online with Ease

If you love this rainbow-colored Hatchimal, there is no need to think twice. Start the process of acquiring it. Most young girls are drawn to this toy without any second thoughts or doubts. It’s as adorable as a toy can get. This stuffed half lama, half unicorn stands out with its tall, extendable neck making it the perfect companion to every play date and a bed-time favorite.

You should avoid the hustle that comes with last-minute shopping. The online queues formed by most hopeful buyers when the product is finally available in retail shops across the globe. The best insurance that you can give yourself is getting a Parcl shipping account to increase the chances of getting your Hatchimal Llalacorn. It's not complicated. You only need the
correct details to get started:

  1. Visit to get started.

  2. Click on Create a Request to fill in the details about your Llalacorn Hatchimal, where it is being bought from and where it will be delivered.

  3. You should receive quotations from forwarders who want to work on your order.

  4. Select the best and pay for their services to get started.

  5. Your Hatchimal will then be sent your way as soon as possible. You’re provided with a tracking code that should be used to track your parcel until you receive it and can then mark your order as complete.

You can buy any gifts including Christmas 2019 Advent Calendars this way. The fact that you can get items from the US that are unique makes this method of buying worth your time and money. The long list of forwarders gives you the opportunity of selecting the one you prefer working with. In a nutshell, this is a user-friendly service that works best for international shoppers. 

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