Meet Petit Qoobo - A Small Purring Robot Cat

Attempts to create fully functional and human-like robots have been in the news for over a decade now. While artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have contributed significantly toward making human-like robots a success, they are still far from becoming reality. To those of us who do not give up and understand that such huge developments take time, robot cats can already bring joy and entertainment. 

Yukai Engineering and Its Contribution to Robot Technology

Yukai Engineering is a Japanese company that is based in Shinjuku City and specializes in manufacturing robots as a communication interface. Working to “make the world a happier place through robotics,'' the company continues to grow. 

The world met the first-ever Qoobo headless cat back in 2017. This tailed pillow immediately stole hearts as shoppers in and outside of Japan sought to own one. Featuring a wagging tail, this pillow cat is cute enough to be desirable by anyone and compact enough to be carried in one’s arms. According to the developers at Yukai, the robotic pillow was designed with a tail big enough to provide a sense of comfort to its users.

Everyone who encounters the first Qoobo cat is impressed to some degree. When rubbed, this cat swings in a playful manner and waves its tail gently. And, as a show-off move, the headless cat manages to wag its tail upon greeting. So when it comes to Qoobo, technology has reached new levels by imitating behaviours of live animals and transferring those qualities to robots. Fuzzy and really adorable, the cat was almost an instant hit.

How Qoobo Works

To get started with the robot and enjoy full benefits, let’s understand the basics of how it works. Check this out:

  1. Take your headless cat robotic pillow out of its packaging.
  2. Stroke it gently.
  3. Feel the cat’s reaction.
  4. Allow yourself to go through emotions and, as a result, get healed.

And while the cat responds to your movements, you too can respond and decide how you feel at the moment. It is a matter of personal interpretation, and you may feel like you are interacting with a real pet. Such feelings result in a deep sense of comfort and love.

As Yukai Engineering explains it, the company uses state-of-the-art technology to develop products that help humans feel less lonely. These robotic cats also help pet lovers who are allergic to real animals but would love to play with pets. In modern dwelling conditions, where many landlords don’t allow pets, the Qoobo cat will fit in perfectly as an animal substitute. Qoobo acts like a pet while allowing you to avoid dealing with actual animal-related duties, like feeding and cleaning. And as Yukai Engineering continues to improve its technology, the new generation of robot cats become even more real-looking.

The 2020 Headless Petit Qoobo Cat

After going back to the drawing board, Yukai Engineering has redeveloped its headless furry cat once again. Following the success of the original 2017 Qoobo, it came as no surprise that the developers were longing to create a sibling to the original Qoobo cat. 

Younger and much more compact, the latest Qoobo cat can fit in just about any bag, making it easier for owners to carry it around. The Petit Qoobo comes as a stunning successor to the bigger sibling, which has done really well in Japan and abroad, especially among senior citizens at assisted living facilities. And the manufacturers have no plans to cease the production of the original version. If you’re wondering why both versions are destined for success, we’re about to tell you. 

For example, economically developed countries, like the UK, are still lagging behind other nations when it comes to emotional support animals. Unfortunately, assistance pets are still not allowed at some establishments, and the smaller Qoobo becomes a perfect replacement. Since the robot has no head and now is even more portable, taking it along is no longer an issue. When it wags its realistic-looking tail, the cat can be easily mistaken for a real one, so not having a head eliminates the possible confusion. 

The Petit Qoobo wags its tail according to the number of strokes you spare. So, if you don’t want it to be too active, you can limit the number of strokes and the amount of patting. It also vibrates softly while mimicking purring sounds. And the Petit Qoobo’s main selling point is the ability to fit in a small purse.

So far, there haven’t been any rumors about or pointers to the price of this new baby. But the original Qoobo headless robotic cat pillow is available on Amazon for $149. It would make sense for the smaller version to be priced below this value. 

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