Meet Terra - An Autonomous Lawn Mower by iRobot

Robotic lawn mowers (or robo mowers) have tech flaws. The most dominant being the inability to move in straight lines when mowing. The exterior is harder to maintain because of the different terrains and types of lawns grown in different regions.

Most robo mowers don’t have the inbuilt ability to track every rock they hit. And when they meet harder terrain, they can falter and break. For homeowners with lawns, this can be somewhat frustrating as there is no proper way of maintaining a clean yard with such mowers.

iRobot has released their first-ever robotic lawn mower. And, great news! The iRobot Terra lawnmower seems to have solved most of the problems of predecessor robo mowers. Read on to see the difference the robotic lawn mower can have in taking care of your yard. If you decide to buy the iRobot Terra lawn mower online from webstores, you might rediscover the joys that come with the smell of freshly cut grass.

Meet iRobot’s Robot Lawn Mower

The iRobot lawn mower is full-on amazing. It is a fully robotic autonomous mower, which has a string of features and benefits that will make you want to jump on the bandwagon as soon as you find the best method of shipping your mower to your home.


The Terra is iRobot’s first ever robotic lawn mower. Here are the features that make it the best on the market by a landslide (pun intended):

  • The exterior – Looks industrial and tough, which is an excellent feat given that it works outdoors. The exterior is crafted from the trusted ABS plastic material which is impact-resistant and durable. The lawn mower comes in Grey colour with different shades and trimmings. There are two handles to help you carry the lawn mower with ease. The rear and front carrying handles make it easy to scoop up the mower from whichever angle.

  • Power connection — The Terra can self-charge without you having to do anything. This comes as a relief for the typical homeowner who gets carried away and forgets to reconnect the lawn mower after taking a short break. The protected control panel is a flap at the top of the mower. All the control buttons are well placed and easy to locate. Terra’s control panel has a lot of stuff in the small space. There is an Auto button which is a Safety latch. If an adult is not using the Terra, then lock it by removing the Safety Key. There is also the MOW button which is the one used to engage power. If you want to turn the mower on and get the action started, press the MOW button.

  • Remote Control — if you prefer, you can easily take out the remote control which is pre-placed into the little control panel section. The remote has the coolest features ever! There is a mini joystick that can be used to remotely control the mower. For those who prefer to take a seat on the patio, I guess this is the mower of your dreams. Use the joystick to remotely operate the Terra and get it mowing in perfectly straight lines.

  • Return Home — This button is what makes the robotic lawn mower go back to its charging station. If you’re done using it and want it to be charged and ready for next use, just press the Return Home button and your self-charging new iRobot Terra lawnmower will get itself charged in no time.

  • Kill Switch — this is the handiest button on the auto robot. Given that the mower comes with all sorts of blades and spins, driving around the yard, the Kill Switch is insurance in case you need to quickly stop the machine. If the mower goes haywire mid-use, you can easily get it to stop by pressing on the big red Kill Switch button.

  • Mower Blades — the function of every robot mower is to chop the grass leaving you with a clean and clear terrain. In the past, robotic lawn mowers had a not-so-impressive moving blade package. With the German machine from iRobot, there are stainless steel twin design blades. They come with a quick release to easily change the blade units whenever the need arises.

  • Antenna System—you know what they say about German made products being the best. Well, the Terra robotic lawn mower might just prove this statement correct. The auto robotic lawn mower has an in-house antenna system that ensures the mower stays in place when mowing. The large antenna provides ultra-wide bandwidth that communicates the location and direction of the mower. For this function, iRobot had to get permission from the USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The Imprint Smart Mapping and Straight-Line Navigation is the biggest feature that comes with the mower. Your grass will be cut in straight lines, just like you would do. This is a significant improvement compared to what most lawnmowers offer. The self-charging machine returns to the outdoor charger to recharge and keeps cutting the grass until you’re done mowing.

German-Made iRobot Lawn Mower Installation

Once you find the best deal on package forwarding from Germany, complete the process and buy your auto robot mower online with ease. Of course, for easy shipping and to protect all components, the lawn mower will come in parts and you will need to assemble and install it properly to start mowing your lawn. The installation is easy. You need to put in place the wire-free standalone beacons in your yard. Unlike the traditional lawnmower that required installing wires all over the yard, the Terra comes with these beautiful beacons that only need to be placed. The beacons then communicate with the antenna to get direction. If you wondered how this mower is able to move in straight lines, this right here is your answer.

Smart Robotic Lawn Mower with Smart Phone App

The Terra can be controlled from the mobile phone. With mobile control of this robot that you buy from Germany, you can sit down and:

  • Control your mower by turning it on or off.

  • Set schedules for mowing.

  • Set times you don’t want the mower to run.


Don’t wait to see this mower in your neighbour’s yard. Buy it online and start mowing your lawn the best way ever since robotic mowers were introduced. There is nothing as amazing as getting your lawn cut in clean straight lines while you watch and control the job from your smartphone. That is no longer a dream, the Terra has brought it to life, all you need to enjoy this lawn mower is order yours and get a German shipping address from a local forwarder. Once iRobot sends the mower to the local German address for shopping, your forwarder will send the Terra your way.


While most people wait for a wider audience to test the yet to be priced Terra, you will be amongst the first to get value for your money.

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