Meet the First Zodiac Inspired Makeup Collection by Spectrum

It’s so mesmerizing how beautiful the Spectrum collection brushes are. Always designed and created with a certain style that adds an element of mystery and desire, every avid makeup artist has something by Spectrum in his or hers not so little makeup bag.

What is especially great about the product range, that it is easily accessible. For those who aren’t able to reach the UK Spectrum site, there is always the US and the EU stores. 

Why the Zodiac-Centered Makeup Collection is Creating Such a Hype

For centuries, humans have been so fascinated by the uniquely formed star signs up in the sky that they have created a Zodiac Calendar. This calendar is revered and used by many to predict professional, love and health life each month. Even popular magazines dedicate sections for Zodiac readings. 

Thus, the interest in the Zodiac merchandise has been on the rise for a significant period, and it only makes sense to embed it in makeup products. The Spectrum online products are affordable and include the most beautiful makeup collection desirable by any avid makeup lover.

Right, moving on from the stunning, reasonably priced brushes, there are a whole lot more products on the site. By visiting the site, you can shop according to any of these categories:

  • Cosmetics.

  • Brushes.

  • Collections and Sets.

  • Accessories.

Feel free to browse through all available sections in case we skipped something that is on your wish list. Online shopping is a definite benefit and here is why international shopping and shipping from the UK are your time savers.

International Shopping – The Savior of Time (and Money)

Anyone who claims that they are indifferent about online shopping is straight-up telling a fib. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is a tool that we can all appreciate. And with the constant new releases of makeup products, it makes so much sense to purchase more online.

But online shopping is not without its limitations. The biggest challenge is that not all stores offer international shipping. And in the case when a UK online retailer doesn’t offer international shipping, it becomes a big hassle for overseas shoppers. 

There is also a possible payment issue where a credit card that is issued outside of the UK is not accepted by the UK stores due to international monetary policies. 

Shop and Ship Internationally with Parcl 

There’s absolutely no need to panic. If you’re an international shopper and would like to complete your purchases for items sold online, you can use Parcl. At Parcl, there are registered parcel forwarders ready to assist you with whatever service you desire. Opt to:

  • Get help in completing your online purchase.

  • Have a verified Parcl package forwarder go to a physical store’s location to select products on your behalf. They can even visit multiple shops before finding exactly what you need.

  • Use the forwarder’s UK shopping address to complete your Zodiac Collection purchase.

There are a lot of possibilities that a Parcl shopper’s account can open for you. Just select the services that apply to you and start buying your brand-new Zodiac Cosmetics collection from the UK or USA.

Also, any Parcl member can request a shipping service as much as he or she can offer a service and use the platform as a side job. Simply create a provider’s account alongside your existing requester’s account. Before you know it, you can also be enjoying some extra income from the comfort of your home without doing any back-breaking work.

Spectrum Zodiac Cosmetics Launching November 13, 2019

At exactly 07:00 AM EST on November 13, 2019, the magnificent Spectrum brushes might have to find themselves pushed to the back of the favorites list. At this time, Spectrum will be launching its latest addition to the already impressive Spectrum makeup collection: the Zodiac Makeup Collection.

The collection pieces are simply stunning and can be shipped with the help of the UK package forwarding service provider

  1. Zodiac Dark Matter Black Mascara, £12.99

Dark Matter Mascara is a top product that comes in midnight black hue. If you ever wondered what it would look like to apply the darkest shade of black on one’s lashes then this mascara is a winner. Its formula is packed with Vitamins C and E, and other excellent ingredients and best of all, it’s paraben-free. Perfect for any look!

  1. Zodiac Cosmic Drops at £12.99

These Cosmic Drops are just like the truth serum; created to give you a shimmery, glistening and truly beautiful look. Although meant to make your eyes shine, these Cosmic Drops can also be applied anywhere you desire. And like the rest of the Zodiac products, the drops are paraben-free. They are formulated using synthetic pearls, a sustainable non-toxic material, that is easy on the environment and meant to enhance one’s beauty. 

  1. Zodiac Moonlight Highlighters £12.99

For some time now, Spectrum had been admired for its bespoke brushes that are in a league of their own. And with this collection, it made perfect sense to create highlighters that would accompany the brushes. These are stunning and are based on a unique formula that combines metallic drops and powdered base for a strong finish. Thus, there are no two highlighters that are the same. All rare, all stunning.

  1. Zodiac Nine Pan Eyeshadow Palette for £29.99

For this price, an entire eyeshadow palette with nine eyeshadows is a freebie. Especially taking into consideration that Zodiac uses excellent ingredients and is considered a luxury brand. It’s mini heaven of metallic and matte shades woven together to create a palette of its own kind. Do you want to know why you should get them? Well, how about the fact that these are vegan, paraben-free, talc-free and last longer! Each box comes with a set of the finest brushes. 

  1. Zodiac Face and Eye Sets 

The eye and face kits definitely deserve a parcel forwarding service as they are simply magnificent. It’s recommended to purchase the sets along with the highlighters. Why? Well, well, take a look, and you’ll notice that each set comes with a brush. And this makes so much sense if you’ve heard of these brushes but never owned one. It’s your chance to get them now. And the pricing makes sense as well. For example, the six-piece eye set comes with several brushes that you can select. The five-piece face set has a multipurpose brush, foundation, bronzer, powder and of course, a highlighter and this is all for just £34.99.

There are more products for you to select from but the best will always be the latest launch! Just get your purse ready and continue the countdown to November 13 for the best Zodiac Range ever! 

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