Melt Cosmetics is Now Available in the UK

Melt Cosmetics is known and loved for their unmistaken pop of color. The brand stands out mostly because of their pigmented and bold eye and lip makeup. Everyone knows that when they come across magnetic eyeshadow stacks and ultra-matte neon lipstick, the makeup artist used nothing but the inimitable Melt Cosmetics line. And due to their color nature and bold, vivid composition, the Melt Cosmetics offers the complete go-to kit for professional artists and bold everyday statements.

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The brand has been in existence since its inception in 2012 by cofounders Lora Arellano and Dana Bonmar. As professional makeup obsessives, the duo realized there was a huge gap in the market, and they were uninspired by the products they used in their line of work. Starting with just a lipstick under their brand, the duo soon sold out successfully and thus expanded their empire to include eyeshadow stacks and bold blushers. They have even stalked zodiac-inspired collections. Melt Cosmetics keeps it edgy, trendy and interesting.

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So here is the thing, you’re browsing through your Insta feed to check out new hourly trends or just for inspiration, and then you come across a bedazzling Melt Cosmetics inspired makeup tutorial. So, you quickly head over to the official Melt Cosmetics webstore. And, fall in love with just about everything. It’s actually very easy to fall in love with everything from Melt, as they have their web pages neatly organized to store:

  • Eyeshadows and pigments—under this section, you’ll get stacks upon stacks of the highest quality of pigmented and bold facial features enhancing makeup

  • Melt Cosmetics exclusive collections—these are the best collections the brand has to offer, and they have already been identified and grouped for your convenience

  • New!—under the Melt Cosmetics New page, site visitors get first-hand exposure to the latest additions as soon as they are released

  • Gemini—this is the page with the mind-boggling palette of ten bold pigmented shades that come in metallic and matte textures.

Obviously, your love-mometer will shoot through the roof, and the simple fact that Melt Cosmetics are reasonably priced doesn’t exactly help you not to buy. Everything comes together, and you even go ahead and add a couple of products to your shopping cart, ready to check out. The only problem, you’re not in the US, and Melt Cosmetics doesn’t offer international shipping.

Shop from Melt Cosmetics Using Your Parcl Account

Parcl is a leading package forwarding company offering you a host of verified shopping and shipping assistants based just about all over the world. Owning a Parcl account gives you exclusive access to stores across Europe (e.g., Melt Cosmetics UK), Asia and other continents. The process is straightforward, and the costs are economical compared to the top-notch service you’re bound to receive from Parcl. To get started:

  • Visit the official Parcl store and click on the option to Register.

  • Enter your full details including your Postal Code (to help the system calculate the cost of shipping).

  • Go to your email inbox to confirm your Parcl account and get it verified.

  • You can now visit Melt Cosmetics’ webstore and start shopping for the makeup that picked your interest.

  • Go back to your Parcl account to get a calculation for the shipping and handling of your makeup order (this is always customizable to allow you the ability to remove or add services depending on the nature of your purchase).

  • You will get the best price calculated (to reduce the cost of shipping, you might want to buy more products in one go) and only then can you proceed to check out of the Melt Cosmetics store using your Parcl shipping address.

  • Use the provided tracking code to check on your valuable Melt Cosmetics buys as they make their way to you. The process is only complete when you receive the package and confirm its receipt.

How Parcl Makes Shopping for Melt Cosmetics Easy

Now the main reason why Parcl is an excellent partner to team up with in your quest for the latest Melt Cosmetics products is that they have a global presence. This tried, tested and reviewed package forwarding service provider has an excess of 900 package centers in over 80 countries. Also, they have access to over 200 shipping methods. After selecting your favorite makeup, you can first do a personal assessment of the nearest destination to shop from. Based on your assessment, you can use Parcl to also compare the best alternative between Melt Cosmetics UK and Melt Cosmetics US. Whichever store you buy from doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, Parcl gives you the best possible deal, and you also get to save because of the varied options offered to you by Parcl.

Melt Cosmetics Just Launched in the UK

Just like its predecessor Melt Cosmetics USA, Melt Cosmetics UK is going to be a major hit. In case you weren’t able to access or buy from Melt Cosmetics US, the introduction of the UK store might be the answer to your worries. Loyal audiences in the UK have been shopping online using trusted parcel forwarders since 2013, when Melt Cosmetics opened their doors. That loyalty has finally paid off!

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The essence behind the success of Melt Cosmetics is huge because Lora Arellano used to make up the queen of all things fabulous—Rihanna of course. However, the mere fact that Arellano is not always in the media, but her and partner’s brand is successful is largely due to their work ethic and quality of products. The Melt Cosmetics are almost all vegan-friendly and no product gets tested on animals.

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Melt Cosmetics comes to the UK with bouts of success on their plate already. The brand can count customer celebs including the likes of goddess Jennifer Lopez. On Insta the brand has over 2.7M followers and counting.

In case you have never heard of Melt Cosmetics, or it has not exactly piqued your interest, you might want to visit their Melt Cosmetics UK store to check them out. After all, the founders already declared that this brand was founded to fill in ‘gaps in the market’ for makeup lovers looking for that ‘true, matte, opaque lipstick.’ The Melt Cosmetics is one for the history books. And you too can also be a part of that history in the making. Simply go ahead and create a shopping account with Parcl. You will be able to shop your Melt Cosmetics UK or the US depending on your preferred currency, location, etc.

Melt Cosmetics is a brand created by beauty obsessives for other beauty obsessives. It truly doesn’t get better than this.

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