Morphe & Jeffree Star Collaborated to Create the Most Gorgeous Makeup Brushes Ever

Those who know their makeup, understand that the essence to a flawless face beat is using the best brushes. Appropriate brushes for appropriate facial features. The foundation brush, the bronzer, and then the light but strong enough magical brush for the bedazzling highlighter. If you’ve seen ladies with their faces ‘beaten for the gods’ with the perfect glow, and ever wondered how they do it, read on to discover the secret.

Finding affordable high-end brushes is always a struggle. The struggle is even greater if you’re looking for functional brushes that are not only strong but also aesthetically pleasing. Beauty brands and gurus of the industry only understand this struggle so well. It is the brand new Morphe and Jeffree Star brushes that are setting a new trend in the beauty industry. Applying makeup with these brushes will have the whole world singing love and beauty praises hot behind your heels.

Not only are the new Morphe brushes high quality, but they are also the best of the best as far as beauty and looks are in the picture.

The Morphe and Jeffree Star Collaboration – Why It Excites the Beauty Industry

Essentially, both Morphe and Jeffree Star are huge brands with individual successes and accolades. Their brands are loved by many, understood by professionals and desired by start-ups. In such a competitive industry that is ever evolving, most brands are finding more and more success in working as individuals. The competition they provide for the next best brand is always a needed push. But rarely is there a strong collaboration that is certain to dynamically change the industry turf for better.

As such, the Morphe – Jeffree Star collaboration to come up with the best makeup brushes of all time is quite iconic. As individual brands they enjoy success, and in this collaboration, they are just about to do even better in the industry.

  • Morphe Cosmetics: The brand specialises in makeup brushes, brush sets, eye shadow palettes, complexion blending beauty sponges and more. They have enjoyed successful collaborations in previous times with other big brands. The most active collaborations being Morphe x James Charles that comes with a 34-piece brush and sponge units and Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault, described only as the hook-up for the Bling Boss. If you’re looking to create a glamorous look, then choose Morphe products and get an international parcel forwarder to deliver the makeup items to your home address. One of the most sought and bought items is the Morphe Complexion Goals Brushed Set which retails for $25 and has 5 natural brushes that are essential for your face beat.

  • Jeffree Star: The brand is owned and named after its founder, Jeffree Star, an American internet sensation who is a renowned makeup artist, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and model. The makeup brand has active social media pages with his YouTube tutorials keeping him in the spotlight. Get yourself a verified USA shopping address to benefit from the offer of free shipping on orders over $100. If you really have never used anything by Jeffree Star, then the Supreme Frost Highlighter is the best place to start your sensational relationship.

Behind the Scenes Morphe Jeffree Star Collaboration

This collaboration has been in the works for quite a while. For fans of Jeffree Star, the promise of a makeup brush collection has felt like forever. The release which happened to be just in time for Valentine’s Day was made super special when fans realised that Jeff’s first makeup brushes have Morphe as the backbone. These brushes will turn even the timidest little girl into a makeup queen with the right attitude.

Released on February 5, the Morphe x Jeffree Star makeup brushes come in a pack with 7 brushes and 3 sponges. These are:

  • Size Queen Brush

  • Iconic Contour Brush

  • Fly High Brush

  • Point-Blank Precision Brush

  • Rule Blender Brush

  • Crease Kween Brush

  • Double Trouble Brush

If you should die before you try on new makeup with these brushes, it's simply because the names are breathtakingly fierce. This collaboration gives new meaning to attitude, sass and confidence. Even the most reserved girl in the room will metamorphose into a daring silky butterfly just by being in contact with these brushes that tap into the inner queen. The Morphe x Jeffree Star brushes come with a complimentary bright pink Starstruck bag. With such a collection, what else would you need to feel, look and act like a boss?


Already available from various official webstores other than, makeup fans from far and abroad can buy Morphe online in conjunction with Jeffree Star. The entire set retails for a neat $49. This is quite a bargain, given that if the pricing on the individual brushes was added up it would come to $84. Buying the set gives you enough room to have enough money for Morphe shipping from the US to your country. Come to think of it, who would think of buying these as individual brushes? The set is cost-saving, gives you the entire range for close to peanuts. The quality and the price makes it a jackpot. Even if you already had some makeup brushes, just get the set. You will find yourself more in love with the Morphe x Jeffree Star pieces than the one you’ve been using.



Buying the set means you get to buy the Jeffree Star Morphe brushes at the same price as someone in America who buys them as individual units. Of course, for a more accurate shipping and handling fee, you will have to get a specific quote from the parcel forwarder of your choice.


For an even more cost-saving online purchasing experience, you can add in the set of 3 sponges that cost $16. Buy these custom sponges and top of the range makeup brushes from These were only made in limited quantities. You don’t want to miss this one. The collaboration is going to be a vibe and one of the most talked about for decades. Who knows, even if you don’t use them in the next few months, you will be investing in an item that is sure going to become vintage.


Some of us who have the inner ability and talent of spotting a product that will hold value at some point have already called it on this Morphe x Jeffree Star collaboration. There is nothing more iconic than this relationship in the beauty industry. And who knows, this might just be the start of something big. If you buy the set of makeup brushes and custom sponges, someday, you'll proudly claim being there from the beginning.  


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