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Apple users understand the excitement that comes with the release of each new version of the prestigious iPhone. Following the release of the iPhone 10 and iPhone X in 2017, there hasn’t been any new version –until now. With invitations already sent out, eager iPhone buyers should expect to meet the first batch of the iPhone XS on September 12.

And, of course, what would we be without the leaks and spoils? The XS has already been leaked and a couple of sites have it on display. This only manages to add on to the excitement and makes iPhone users more than ready to get started on the latest version. Let’s take a look at some of the events that have unfolded in anticipation of the iPhone XS release date.

Rumour has it: Apple’s iPhone XS Comes in Two Sizes and an all New Gold Colour

For those who always worry about keeping either their small or big phone with each new release, there is no need to be anxious. The new iPhone XS leaks have already answered that the latest release comes in two sizes. The small size is, of course, the XS and the bigger one is the iPhone XS Plus. Fitting perfectly into the palm of an adult hand, the iPhone XS comes in the classic 5.8-inch diagonal screen size, whereas the iPhone XS Plus comes in a gigantic 6.5-inch screen size.

Apple took chargeand leaked their own gold version of the iPhone X through the FCC. Prior to these leaks, Apple was expected to release the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus and a bonus iPhone 9 that was to retail for a relatively low price. However, with the latest leaks, things seem to have turned around.

One thing remains certain come Sep 12; iPhone will beat their previous records to introduce their new babies to the market. To cater to all iPhone’s loyal buyers, the prices will be sure to form a perfect curve from affordable to luxurious. 3 iPhone X’s at the same time for each type of Apple user.

Let’s Take a Look at the Official iPhone XS Release Date

If history is anything to go by, the iPhone XS release and launch will be quite a spectacle. More than anything, there is bound to be a lot of media attention around the event. Already, the images have been leaked – and this takes quite a lot of determination and skill to pull. Members of the public who were ready to leak on behalf of Apple will be disappointed this time around. Apple’s iPhone XS is expected to roll out in the following order:

  1. September, 12- launch event of the iPhone XS to take place at the prestigious Steve Jobs theatre at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

  2. September 14, iPhone XS available for pre-order. This is an estimated date, yet to be officially confirmed via Apple’s official media channels.

  3. September 21 or 28 – iPhone XS to be fully released in retail stores.

At the moment, iPhone fans can still continue to buy the iPhone X that is still available from online stores such as Amazon and the Apple Webstore. The phone can be delivered directly to your home via a trusted US parcel forwarder. Thus, to continually enjoy buying from the US Apple Webstore, you might need to have a continued relationship with your forwarder.

Registering with a US Package Forwarder

It is not that webstores and online retailers block international shoppers. In fact, shipping restrictions disturb a lot of operations. As is already public knowledge, Apple’s iPhone XS will be launched Sep 12 and start selling later this month. It goes without saying that the US Apple online store will be the first one to sell these gadgets. Even in the past and in more events to come, the US Apple outlets will always be the first to open their doors to the public.

If you have your money ready and want to buy your XS right away, then shipping shouldn’t be a problem. Simply visit the official freight forwarding company’s website and signup. The initial registration process is free of charge. This account is created only one time. On each occasion you return to use the services of Parcl, there is no need to register again.

If you are a happy Apple iPhone owner and want to continue using this phone of your choice, then consider signing up with Parcl. Since the US Apple virtual store does not ship internationally, and quite often exclusive products are available on the US website only, opening an account with Parcl will make all your shopping from the US seamless and easier. Apple’s exclusive and latest releases become available in the US much earlier than anywhere else globally. There is no need to subscribe to the slow service; with a competent freight forwarder in your corner, you get to enjoy buying directly from the Apple US webstore at the same time as the Americans.

iPhone XS Specs

Even the die-hard Apple fans would appreciate learning a little bit more about the new release. Before you buy the iPhone XS, you need to check out its specs and be sure that it is exactly the product you want. Here is what is known so far:

  • Apple is releasing two sizes of the XS, one is a 5.8-inch version and the second is a 6.5-inch XS Plus.

  • This year's iPhone X sequels include an iPhone X Plus and a 6.1-inch LCD model that is rumoured to have a proprietary A12 chip and the second generation of Face ID.

  • There is a new rich gold colour, not previously available in the other iPhones.

  • Apple’s Year of the X new handsets will retain the previous design, but add new internal features to boost functionality and speed

Apple's Competition with Samsung

With regards to pricing, there are no official prices as of now. However, there are rumours of the iPhone XS being a little bit higher than what the previous designs cost during their time of release. The reason for this is the possibility of having 5G connectivity. Yeap, you read that right, it’s been a while now using 3G and 4G, however, Apple has checked the licensing and patent costs of adding 5G. Forbes has it in good understanding that getting an iPhone XS bumped up with 5G will add approximately $21 to the price.

Although Apple was previously happy to release their phones operating with interior Intel modems, the playing field has changed. Samsung already confirmed that for the Samsung Galaxy S10, 5G compatibility will be one of the features. If ever there was any piece of news to get Apple cracking, then this will most definitely do the trick. However, at this stage, it is quite late to include the 5G support in the iPhone XS, Apple can only work harder to have it in their release next year.

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