New Diptyque Candles Resemble Harry Hogwarts Houses

When you’re at a threshold where you need to boost your Lumos spell tanks just before they fully run out, you need to find the best deals and not just replace for the sake of getting it done. Of the four houses of Hogwarts, every Harry Potter fan has a favorite. A preferred house that helps them better feel the magic. Well, lucky enough, the Diptyque Hogwarts-inspired candles resemble each of the four houses to enable all fans to participate and have fun with their favorite candles unreserved.

Fortunately, the creatives at Diptyque also took into consideration the love for color and coordination as well as preferences. Thus, this purveyor of fine candles and luxurious gifts has an all-inclusive holiday collection. Go over the list of Harry Potter candles to find the one(s) that are for your favorite Hogwarts house or make you feel good about life.

Buy your Diptyque and Have It Shipped by Parcl

Diptyque is regarded as one of the most luxurious and desirable designers of our time. For all fancy presents and satisfyingly serene scents, their candles are always at the top of the list. In honor of the 2018 holidays, Diptyque has released their holiday collection. Anyone from anywhere can buy these Harry Potter-themed candles online. The only challenge is that Diptyque doesn’t seem to provide international shipping.

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Get your Favorite Harry Potter Inspired Diptyque Candle

You now know how to get your package delivered internationally even if Diptyque doesn’t offer international shipping. Now, it’s time for you to shop like a local. Yes, that’s right. You get to visit the shop from your smartphone or laptop and buy just as conveniently as someone who walks into Diptyque.

  1. Exquisite Almond, which is red (House Gryffindor)

The jar holding the sacred Exquisite Almond candle which represents House Gryffindor has a meticulously painted picture of a bear, which from other angles looks more like a lion. The candle has a warm scent, which resembles the common room, making it perfect for those cold Christmas days in front of the fireplace. If you haven’t been impressed yet, then you might be happy to learn that this candle supposedly ‘wards off the greedy hour,’ totally Gryffindor.

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  1. Amber Balm is blue (House Ravenclaw)

You’d expect the Amber Blue to depict a majestic raven. However, this candle that brings a sense of healing once lit, has a mermaid picture. The holding jar is blue and bronze. Vanilla and lavender scents mix to form a warm, loving and caressing scent, which is guaranteed to bring joy and calmness to everyone in the room.

  1. Pine Tree of Light is primarily green with some streaks of yellow (House Slytherin)

First order of business, it’s crazy mad that the Pine Tree of Light Candle has a crazy resemblance to the Slytherin crest. If you scan in deeper, you get to notice that the trees on the cover also resemble the maze from the Goblet of Fire installment. In case you or someone you know wants the spirit of Christmas without having to deal with the mess that comes with the tree, then this candle is perfect. It burns long and quietly to exude the smell of a Christmas tree.

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  1. Giant Feu de Bois, which is yellow (House Helga Hufflepuff)

This candle is not part of the special holiday collection like the first three. The House Hufflepuff inspired candle is a gentle, beautiful gigantic Feu de Bois candle contained inside a gold ceramic jar. This candle has all the magic right out of the Harry Potter series. When using it, you’re bound to be fascinated by the five wicks, and the “crackle” sounds it makes as if it were an actual log in a fireplace. The gigantic candle is somewhat long-lasting and can be burnt both indoors and outdoors as the scent wafts through wide spaces.

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Other Diptyque Candles

Out of the obvious knowledge that not every Diptyque shopper likes Harry Potter, more candles have been made to cater to the 2018 Holiday shopper. And of course, the same meticulous attention paid in the making of Harry Potter inspired candles has been used for the rest of the candles. These, not Harry Potter themed candles include the unmistaken Baies scent - a Diptyque classic. If you’re not yet in the festive mood, the Baies scent will get your groove on in no time. Once lit, this magical candle’s heat makes the carousel, and hanging medallions rotate. Bookmark them, if not for immediate purchase, then sometime in 2019.

There you have it, whether or not Harry Potter inspired candles are your thing, Diptyque has a special scent for you.

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