New Eyeshadow Palette by Jeffree Star Rocks the Internet

Who would have thought that one of the biggest makeup creators and influencers of our time would be a male hotshot? Interesting right? Well, this piece of knowledge is not as interesting as Jeffree Star taking to YouTube to announce that he is releasing a new eyeshadow palette together with the Holiday Collection. Of course, most models and makeup enthusiasts are already subscribed to Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel and already know what to expect.

But, it’s not all makeup lovers who have the time to follow the tabloids, checking out newly released products. Read through to discover the basics behind the Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette. At the end of this read, you might just make up your mind to buy the new Jeffree Star palette and get it shipped straight from the US using a trusted parcel forwarder.

Meet the New Jeffree Star Cosmetics Addition

The already successful Jeffree Star Cosmetics line that has popular and successful social media presence took to YouTube to announce and reveal their newest member, named the ALIEN palette. For social media and trending purposes, when reviewing or using the palette, it’ll be wise to use #ALIEN.


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#ALIEN is already causing waves all over IG where the 4.7+M Jeffree Star Cosmetics followers are swooning and declaring their eagerness to get hold of the new collection. The new palette differs somewhat compared to the previous palettes, because it primarily harbors cool-toned shades that come with the right pops of vibrant purple, gold, yellow and green. With 18 shadows in both shimmer and matte finishes, one would wonder how crazy creatives would go with this palette. There is enough brightness and mildness to create vibrant looks, as well as subdued, mature makeup looks.

Alien Palette—Stinking Cute by all Standards

According to the ferocious Jeffree Star, he got his inspiration from Grandpa. When Jeffree shaved off all his eyebrows in tenth grade, his grandfather called Jeff his ‘little alien.’ To the brains behind this incredibly formulated palette, naming his 2018 holiday color palette ALIEN is a befitting homage that celebrates the essence of family.

Based on the story behind the naming and the mere fact that at Jeffree Star Cosmetics they are suckers for Christmas, this is a perfect gift to celebrate the essence of the family this holiday. Jeffree is not one to shy away from attention. Of course, if you choose to buy this palette for Christmas, you won’t run out of ideas on how to use and pair it up. The perfect line up of matte and shimmer open doors to endless makeup looks. You should not restrict yourself. If you’re that type of holiday celebrant who changes their looks 2-3 times a day, then this palette will complement your habit. Using just one palette, you can go from being prim and proper for the morning church service to looking nice at the family late lunch table and firing it up for that cousin's outing late in the night with other family members.

Other Jeffree Star Products and New Additions

Of course, the ALIEN Jeffree Star new palette comes in good company. To say that this has been a busy week for Jeffree Star Cosmetics would be an understatement. The range has been busy with more releases, new members to their already sought-after products. The other Jeffree Star products, that compliment and can be used alongside ALIEN include:

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday collection has a little bit of this and that. Consider being in line to check out the contents and you will be pleasantly surprised. In addition to achieving any look you want this holiday season, you can use the makeup pieces throughout the year to achieve your everyday look. Also, of course, there will be a lot more memories created, and you will love the simple fact that each time you pick up your ALIEN palette or Velour Lipstick, you’re drawn back to the good times created over the holidays.

Date of Release

Are you looking to buy the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Collection? Then you’ll be excited to learn that it was released on Friday, November 9 at exactly 10:00 AM PST. The ALIEN palette was released alongside the full Holiday Collection on Nov. 9th, which means it is now available for makeup lovers to purchase.

The Jeffree Star new eyeshadow palette will no doubt make applying makeup a walk in the park this festive season. Other than being a vibrant, vivid, loud and bubbly palette, it is also inspirational in the sense that it comes with that contagious, feel-good holiday mood.

Buy Jeffree Star Makeup from the USA

As soon as the ALIEN palette alongside the 2018 Holiday collection was released, shoppers started wiping everything ‘off the shelves.’ For international shoppers, the challenge is the unavailability of Jeffree Star shipping internationally. Yes, you might be successful and manage to buy makeup from the US, but getting it to your country will be a struggle.

Use Parcl to ship internationally from the USA to your country. Parcl is an international package forwarder whose entire work process is meant to facilitate international buying. The logistics company has been featured in recognized media, such as Urban Daddy and LifeHack. They have simple and trusted operations that allow for transparent transactions. To get started and buy your Jeffree Star Cosmetics from just about anywhere in the world:

  1. Go to the official Parcl website and register for a free account.

  2. Input your details including the link to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics store where you will be buying the Jeffree Star ALIEN or another makeup piece.

  3. You will receive several quotations from Parcl’s verified local forwarders who can offer you their services.

  4. Select the best quote from the list and get a US address for shopping that comes with the selected quotation.

  5. Go back to the store and check out using the local shopping address. Jeffree Star Cosmetics will send your buys to the indicated address, and the forwarder will receive and sign for them or pick them up.

  6. Depending on your specifications, the forwarder might send you pictures or consolidate your package, etc.

  7. The makeup parcel will be forwarded to your address, and the process is only complete when you mark it as complete.

You can buy makeup from the US as a gift and get it delivered directly to the recipient’s address. Parcl provides you with customized services, and if drop shipping is what you require, then they will make it possible.

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