New Fitbit Versa Lite is Available for Pre-order for Only $160

Saw the Fitbit entry-level smartwatch? Loved it? Wanted you buy it? Couldn’t afford it at that moment? Well, now you can!

Given that Fitbit has swiftly taken over the industry with the coolest smart fitness watches, it’s surprising to see anyone not wearing one. Recently, Fitbit announced that they are discontinuing the Flex 2, Zip, Alta and Alta HR. But that doesn’t mean that this is the end of your relationship with the Fitbit creations. If anything, this is just the beginning.

Fitbit’s Profile in the Smartwatch Industry

For a short moment, it seemed as if Fitbit was losing it’s footing in the industry. However, at the end of 2017, the company reappeared, with a renewed take on the smartwatch. This new structure was displayed in the Fitbit Versa. Upon its release, international recognition soared sky high and this was shown by the company’s revenue shooting up 437% in under a year after the release of the Versa. Buying a Fitbit Versa online and getting it sent via a package forwarder has become a norm and delivery doesn’t take ages.

With the new Versa Lite, Fitbit is looking forward to boosting their momentum. Given that the Versa did remarkably well and brought everything around, this is quite a smart move from Fitbit. The company is quite illustrative and ambitious, because the new dumbed down version is not just the Fitbit Versa but also the Ace. Both versions are not downgrades but they are stripped-down versions offering more or less the same functionality but at an equally reduced price.

The New Versa Lite – What is It?

Meet Fitbit’s renewed take on the smartwatch with their Fitbit Versa Lite version. This revamped version is one worth your time and attention as it has additional funky colours including blue and purple. This increases the market and number of people that can buy Fitbit Versa Lite for themselves.


Contrary to what the name suggests, the smartwatch is not physically smaller or thinner than the original Versa. It’s head-to-head on size and appearance. There are a number of differences and similarities when compared to the original Versa. The similar features include:

  • The all-new Versa Lite offers a ‘squircle’-shaped screen that has the same-sized bezels as the original Versa.

  • Just like it’s ancestor, the Versa Lite smartwatch runs on Fitbit OS, a feature that users have grown accustomed to and will appreciate in the new watch.

  • There are sleep and exercise trackers available for use according to the owner’s needs or preferences.

  • As far as the differences go, there are a number of limitations that accompany the new Versa Lite and these include:

  • The new version doesn’t come with music playback, Wi-Fi, NFC, swim laps or floor climbs counts.

  • In response to the ‘no music mode,’ this smartwatch is also quite plain on the sides as there are no volume buttons as expected on the right side of the body.

Fitbit designed the Versa to be an entry-level smartwatch, but the price tag might have hindered this target. The company is looking to hook in more clients who were a bit sceptical because of the price tag. Also, those who require most of the basic fitness functionalities but don’t really use the long list that includes swimming and tracking climbs can be accommodated in the new version.


Still, water sports lovers can buy the Versa Lite online and use it as it is swim-proof for up to 50 meters. There is a whole other specification that makes the Fitbit international shipping process worth it. For example, even with the Fitbit Lite, you can download software updates and sync with your smartphone. From your phone, you can continue being online even when you’re out of the house and not connected to the internet.

Pricing and Availability

Start working on that wish list now, after all, this is the best time to get your smartwatch. With the new Versa, Fitbit slashed down the price by a significant $40. It’s now available in retail and sold for $160 per unit. Buy for the family or for your partner to save on shipping fees.

Meet the ZIP and RIP

Alongside the Fitbit Versa Lite, Fitbit also released several other low-cost smart trackers for their clients. Joining the Versa Lite are the two brothers, the Inspire and the Inspire HR. These come to replace the Alta and just like the Versa Lite, they are similar in functionality. But now, instead of a tap screen, the Inspire and Inspire HR come with a touchscreen.  This Inspire line comes to replace the Alta.


Get your entire family involved in the smart fitness lifestyle. Fitbit is also updating its kids-focused fitness tracker that comes with the Ace 2. These are also affordable with the price tag also capped at $70 which is a significant saving from the original $100.


The Ace 2 is a winner all around. There is a cartoon animation on the main screen that motivates kids to get moving. Built on the same template as the Inspire, software is possible. Your kids can do it by themselves. To upgrade the kid’s version, just change the wristband.

Get Your Smartwatch Overseas

With the proliferation of international shipping services, you can now do all your shopping online from the best stores and brands. Your parcel will be delivered to your home via a trusted package forwarding company. All you need is a US shopping address. The price you pay when buying online makes the cost of forwarding negligible.

Your smartwatch can also become a fashion statement. With the Fitbit, this is not only possible but they also make statement watches that can be worn as part of a casual outfit. Buying the Fitbit from overseas gives you a lot of options.

  • There are a lot of options in terms of colours and shapes and you get to select online without restrictions.

  • You can connect your smartwatch to your smartphone to monitor your vitals and keep your health in check.


Keeping your health in check shouldn’t feel like a job. Get yourself a smartwatch to check your health. Now with an extra $40 to save, you can afford to order your Fitbit Versa Lite from the US. Get yourself an American shipping address and your Fitbit will be delivered to any address worldwide. You can keep your local shipper to help you make more purchases from America and upgrade your smart gadgets. 

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