New Gift Finder Tool by Amazon is a Dream Come True

There are very few of us, if any, who are confident of their gift of giving. The ability to select a present or gift for a loved one and be ‘spot on’ about it. Whereas for most, giving a gift is simply the act of buying something within their budget, getting it wrapped up nicely and handing it over to the recipient, true givers know that this is a process that requires one to truly apply themselves to find the right gift.

How Online Shopping Has Enhanced the Way We Give

The way we get gifts for others has been significantly changed by the internet. Online shopping has managed to make things easier, especially for anyone with a hectic schedule that makes it almost impossible to visit the shops.

Having an option of selecting items online and adding them to a shopping cart makes it possible to even outsource our shopping to secretaries and freelance runners. But what if there was a way that you could outsource your gift-giving to a professional who specializes in doing just that?

Get Yourself a Professional Runner to Purchase Gifts on Your Behalf in the US

Yes, that is possible with the Parcl package forwarding service, where shoppers meet US package forwarders and form a synchronized work experience. Here is how it works for shoppers:

  1. Visit the online store that you want to shop from like you normally do.

  2. Select the items you are interested in buying: remember to check the colors, sizes and any other details that you normally check when purchasing.

  3. Visit and click on Create a Request.

  4. A new form will open with fields to fill in details about your purchase: these include product specifications and the delivery address.

  5. Under Step 3, select to Include purchase assistance. Then type in what you need from your forwarder under Order details.

  6. After you’ve completed the form, you can submit your request to receive quotations from forwarders who are ready to complete your order in the manner you specified.

  7. Select the one whose quotation and/or remarks make you happiest and go on to complete your gift shopping quest.

Using this method to purchase Amazon gifts opens up your options wider. You won’t only be limited to those listings that are in the online store. Actually, you get to shop like an American in America. Your forwarder will be able to complete purchases on your behalf using their PC, which has an American IP address and verified US address for shopping.

What about secure payment? Parcl has that covered as well. The site accepts PayPal payments. Using your PayPal account, you can buy anything from Amazon and pay your shipping fees. And while at it, pay your amazing forwarder their fees too. Parcl forwarders are experienced and will find the best method of shipping, so you don’t have to pay a fortune to get the Amazon purchases delivered to your international address.

Shopping on Amazon Using the Latest Feature - Amazon Gift Finder

Whereas Parcl is an excellent tool for shopping online and making sure that you receive your buys on time wherever you live, Amazon has also stepped up to the challenge. Providing shoppers with more options, there is a new tool known as the Amazon Gift Finder.

How Does it Work?

The Amazon Gift Finder focuses on helping each shopper to enjoy somewhat personalized shopping experience. The tool is set up in such a way that it ‘learns the gift’s recipient as best as it can’ using the information you provide. Then, depending on the specifications and details you entered online, there will be a list with up to 20 gift categories to select from. 

Just to throw in the element of surprise which works best especially when maneuvering the Amazon gifts for men section, there is also the interesting finds category. When browsing the interesting finds, you will come across the most amazing Amazon gift ideas that are unique and fun.


Year after year, Amazon Christmas gifts have always been the norm. And these are preferred by people of all ages, nationalities and even the pickiest family members. The introduction of Gift Finder by Amazon blows the list of options wider than before. And not to worry, you always have more than a handful of options. Even after trying your best to narrow down your options, you will never run out of those.

Advantages of Using Amazon Gift Finder

Amazon Gift Finder comes as a necessary tool. Not only useful for shoppers looking for their best options, but it’s also there to pave the gap that ordinary shoppers have always been subjected to. Here are some of the most obvious advantages of using Amazon Gift Finder that you will enjoy:

  • Most of the gift ideas pulled by Amazon Gift Finder are Prime eligible. Such gifts come with the fast shipping method; your American forwarder can receive your gift in the US in less than two days. Excellent for anyone who’s interested in getting their gift shipped out internationally.

  • Once you become an Amazon Prime member, you can get whichever gift you want earlier as that is the main purpose of this membership.

  • Significantly reduce the time spent trying to locate the perfect gift as your Amazon Gift Finder will do most of the work for you leaving you with just the selection process.

Does Amazon Gift Finder Automatically Ship Internationally from Amazon?

Unfortunately, this entertaining and helpful new feature is there to only help you select the best possible gifts for your loved ones. The existing limitations that have always accompanied Amazon, such as the lack of international shipping from the US, still exist. For the most part, Amazon has managed to improve the way one shops. But the ones who get to enjoy the full benefits are Amazon shoppers based in the US or UK.

The rest of Amazon’s online shoppers can enjoy the Gift Finder tool by pairing it up with the services of top providers of package forwarding from the US. Start by using the Amazon Gift Finder tool to locate and purchase the most suitable gift. Then get your forwarder to send all the gifts that you buy from the US to your home country.

It’s best to shop in the US and ship internationally using both Amazon Gift Finder and Parcl package forwarding. Your online shopping experience will never be the same again. Get deals, and save even more by working with an experienced forwarder who can also advise you and help you select the best cost-saving shops.

Working with a forwarder, you can expand your options to purchase items out of Amazon. If you have ever desired items sold by US-based stores that don’t offer to ship, this is your time to purchase such items and enjoy the benefits. Also, when creating a request, you can leave out the option of getting assistance. Each shopping session is determined by your needs, time and budget. Play around with this simple tool for more shopping assistance.

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