New Jeffree Star Palette Launches in March 2019

Just when you thought that the makeup gods abandoned their jobs after the holiday season, some great news. Jeffree Star has just released a brand-new eyeshadow palette to give us the biggest comeback of the new year. International package forwarders make it easy to afford a Jeffree Star shipping deal that will secure your purchase until you receive your makeup intact.


Amid the new year stress, the tears of resuming your 9-5 and socialising, just thinking about going back to normal routine, some good news! And it’s not just any good news, it’s the best in a while. The latest Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette is released at a time when we need it the most for that refreshed look. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the timing. No more lame excuses about tired eyes from the day before or a saggy face after having pulled an all-nighter.

Jeffree and His Perfect Timing

Jeffree Star announced the new palette over New Year’s. Yes, whilst we were turning up and dancing the night away, the company was making huge moves that have significantly shifted the way we view beauty in 2019. The official announcement read like this: “Since it’s #NewYearsEve let me spill some tea…My next eyeshadow palette launches in March and it’s Blood Sugar Part 2 <3 The official palette name & sneak peeks will be coming soon.” The hype went beyond Twitter with everyone super excited and unable to wait for the Blood Sugar 2 palette.


And we all know that anything Jeffree Star creates is bound to be magic. Just check out his ALIEN palette released just in time for the December festivities.


And even before then, there was glitz and glamour to suit all looks for Halloween. It’s not every brand that understands the art and essence of timing and chooses to respect their valued clients. There is no frustration when you choose to use the products from this brand. For every Jeffree Star fan, it looks like you are all betting your money on the right horse and thus, you’re reaping the sweet rewards.


Here are some reasons why the brand has such a huge following and continues garnering more following of makeup fans and artists across the spectrum:

  • The Jeffree Star brand is relatable. From the Instagram posts, the star behind the brand is not afraid of posting how much he’s influenced by other stars bigger than him and with more following. One such example is one of the recent posts following the success of Blood Sugar 2. The star let it be known that he’s influenced by an icon like Gabriel Zamora in a post captioned “Hi @datschwandt When @gabrielzamora enters my body…”

  • There are proper makeup tutorials on most of the popular social media platforms. This makes it easier to learn how to use the products. Since there was a huge hype around Blood Sugar, it’s only natural that Blood Sugar 2 will be just as successful, if not better.

  • The brand is open to everyone without a reservation on the body, gender, social status or choices. As long as you see something you like, you get a sense of belonging. The same cannot be said about most big brands whose sole target is tightly controlled, and not everyone cuts the list.

  • Jeffree Star works with what is considered current and modern. If there is a trend or research that shows affection towards a certain development, the brand does not shy away from exploring that position. As a result, all of their products are current, modern and in line with what the markets show.

  • You can shop any Jeffree Star makeup collection online and get it delivered by working with international forwarders. This increases the brand’s availability.

Meet the Jeffree Star New Palette

As seen on the makeup icon’s Insta page, the latest eyeshadow palette to grace our shelves is the gorgeous, bold and vivacious Blood Sugar 2. Just days after the palette was made ready for public consumption, there were already thousands of YouTube and Instagram reviews raving about the genius that is the new palette. Blood Sugar is not just like any other palette, and neither is Blood Sugar 2. This is arguably the brand’s best release in ages.


From the initial release, it was common knowledge that anyone with the funds could afford to buy makeup from the US and use a parcel forwarder to get it delivered to their home. All you would have to do is sign up with a company such as Parcl and get a US address for shopping to enjoy Blood Sugar and other makeup palettes, brushes and powder presses from Jeffree Star.

Why the Blood Sugar Gets a Sequel?

Funny enough, every Jeffree Star release is easy to love. There are always crazy positive reviews that accompany releases. But not every one of them gets a part two. So, what is it about Blood Sugar that makes the palette get this much attention?

  • The original Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette was one of the brand’s most successful and popular launches to date. It houses a rich selection of pink, purple, red, bronze and nude shades, and has easily been dubbed as the one with every dreamy colour your eyelids can be graced with.

  • There are enough shimmery and subdued colour selections in the palette to make it the number one choice by far especially when put head-to-head with others.

  • All the colours in the Blood Sugar palette can be used to come up with the most daring looks. For makeup artists, this is the goal, to be provided with a chance of playing around with looks.

Release Date and Availability

Ok now, here’s the part that might make you want to stone me. Or maybe not, if this is the first time you’re learning about the release of Blood Sugar 2 palette. The palette is set to hit the shelves in March 2019. This is just a short wait, especially since there are a lot more other Jeffree Star products to explore in the meantime.

For now, the original Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette has been restocked by leading webstores. You can buy yours and select to ship internationally from the USA. With a competent parcel forwarder, you might just receive your palette at exactly the same time as other fans in the US.

The Jeffree Star new eyeshadow palette simply adds to the fabulosity that is the brand. Find inspiration and ways to own the look, and like many other fans, you won’t want to work with any other brand again.

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