New Kim Kardashian Birthday Collection is Here!

It’s not every day that a girl gets to celebrate her birthday. And by all means, celebrations are a must. Most especially if that girl is the ever-flamboyant Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West. Released just recently, the new KKW birthday collection features seven magical colours, i.e., mauve, teal, cobalt, pink, purple, silver, and gold. Preferences are catered for, because these simmering colours are available in both pressed and loose powder.


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As usual, KKW beauty took us all by surprise by announcing in early October via the official KKW beauty Instagram (IG) page that the ultimate party vibe was getting released on her birthday, October 21. Here’s what we learned about the birthday collection:

  • Both the pressed and loose powders are multifunctional. They can be used and qualify as a highlighter, eyeshadow, tint or any other makeup effect you want to achieve

  • The seven powder pigments, all in jewel-toned and bright shades are the ultimate party vibe. They can be applied on the eyelids, cheekbones, forehead, collarbones, etc. Basically, any part of the body you would like to accentuate and activate the glow, these pigments work like magic.

  • Borrowing a leaf from her reality TV star page, Kim brings on the glitz and glamour with this makeup collection. The owner chooses their desired look, which can be subtle, and with a few tweaks, can brighten one’s look up and ‘turn on the lights.’

You know, in case you want to look your absolute best on a daily basis without having to visit the beauty parlour every day, then the KKW birthday collection is exactly what you need. The loose powder pigments can be applied wet or dry. Come to think of it, using either your fingers or a brush; you can apply the pigment of your choice straight out of the shower! Evidently, the KKW Flashing Lights collection is here to make the life of beauty easily reachable. You can choose to powder on a layer of your favourite colour for subtle shine.

But then again, it’s almost the end of the year, you might want to sparkle brightly and charm everyone’s socks off every single chance you get. Don’t fret, all needs are catered for: go ahead and mix the loose powder with water to get the pigmented look that’s even more vivid and brighter for hours.

Following the success of the Ultralight Beams collection, it goes without saying that these super shimmery colours will be well received and most probably do well in the market. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, the beauty business mogul behind the KKW brand is taking the opportunity enabled by her birthday to give you looks to wear on Halloween 2018, All Saints 2018, Christmas Day 2018 and even New Year’s celebrations 2019. The mere fact that the new Flashing Lights collection is a festive early release is excellent. By the time the 24 days of Christmas roll in, you would have made acquaintance with the new Kim Kardashian makeup.


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At present, your only worry probably is how to buy the new KKW Flashing Lights makeup collection. As an early bird, you’re guaranteed that the official online store has more than enough. The only challenge is how to ship the makeup and get it on time to wear it while the hype is still at its peak.

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Why Buy the New KKW Birthday Collection?

In one of Kim’s famous quotes, she captures her love and admiration for the holidays as well as celebration. Kim once said: “Holidays are the best. I couldn’t imagine being from a small family.” Of course, everyone who watches Keeping up with the Kardashians knows that Kim regards them as part of her family. What better way to celebrate with her big family than going all out and gracing her beloved extended sisters with makeup secrets.

Inside the KKW birthday makeup, Kim shares with us some of her favourite set pieces. There has never been a better time to pretty up your face and try to look like Kim. As she turns 38 years old, you can use your KKW beauty makeup to celebrate her.

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