New Lashes by Huda Beauty & Kahlana Barfield Brown Are Already Here

Some collaborations are seemingly written in the stars. They are just meant to be. And when such great collaborations happen to good people, the rest of us, who are the fans or benefactors, stand in awe and marvel. The new Huda Beauty x Kahlana Barfield Brown eyelashes are already here. We have had the pleasure of touching, feeling and seeing them in person and oh boy did our hearts flutter!

Something as little as eyelashes can make one forget about their budget as they are worth the time and thought that goes into procuring them. You can start by preparing for Huda beauty shipping when you have made up your mind to purchase these new eyelashes after reading through this article. Describing these eyelashes as the perfect balance between glam and natural is an understatement. They are exactly what fake lashes were meant to be, ‘glamtastic’ with an all-natural finish.

Who is Who in this Huda x Kahlana Lash Collaboration?

Huda Beauty is a brand that no longer needs an introduction. It was founded in 2013 by the well-known and successful Iraqi-American businesswoman Huda Kattan. She is also a makeup artist and knew exactly what she was doing putting together this brand. Although the brand is headquartered in the UAE, it has a stronger presence in the USA. Their collections have continued bringing the summer heat and taking the industry by surprise with each new release.

The other half, Kahlana Barfield Brown studied journalism and has been steadily climbing the fashion ranks for more than a decade. She started her rise to fame as an intern at InStyle and even after graduating, her love for fashion and practical beauty inspired her to keep up the good work developing herself and presenting the industry with better choices. Almost every fashionista and beauty blogger knows of her. She is a successful beauty editor who has ushered in a new wave of beauty for brown-skinned girls. Her Instagram profile shows that she is her personal canvas, and isn’t afraid of experimenting even though she is a busy lady growing her own brand, founded last year after leaving InStyle.

Thus, given their individual stories and history, a Huda x Kahlana collaboration was something that even the universe saw as a necessity. This collaboration comes at a great time when Kahlana has successfully launched her own Kahlana #21 Lash that is synthetic with a wispy finish. One looks effortlessly amazing in these lashes.

The 2019 Collaboration of the Year - Huda x Kahlana

Periodically, for her new collections, Huda collaborates with female entrepreneurs. Thus, this partnership is along the lines of women empowerment while also providing the everyday lash wearer with a new and exciting look that is natural and stunning. After all, the modern trendy lady seeks to look as natural as possible while wearing high-quality makeup.

These eyelashes are synthetic thus lightweight enough for one to feel comfortable even while wearing lashes. In the same instance, they manage to appear natural and real which are the essential characteristics for any product that caters to the natural-looking lady. If you have ever hesitated about getting Huda beauty international shipping and ended up not shipping the product you wanted, now is not the time. You have to be in it all the way because these eyelashes redefine natural-looking makeup

Even if you’re not into beauty and makeup trends, as long as you are all about women empowerment and ladies who work together to uplift each other, then this collaboration will be worth looking into. The two ladies couldn’t stop gushing over each other. While Kahlana was all for the idea of working with a major brand that “values inclusion and diversity in beauty,” Huda had no doubt that Kahlana was the one for such a collaboration on a “beautifully elegant, yet edgy and cool everyday lash.”

Market Reception and Prediction

Having only been on the market since the last week of August, this collaboration is already proving to be one of the best things the beauty industry has ever experienced. Reporting for Buzzfeed, Jame Jackson wrote a rave review which simply crowns the lashes from this partnership as the “most realistic lash I’ve ever seen.”

Buzzfeed is known for their reviews that leave the buyer more than excited to get started with their shopping, but for the most part, the press holds the most influence. Reviews are in already and they are also nothing short of praise songs for the new lashes. According to Huda Beauty, Brown Thomas and The Beauty Editor, “With double-stacked, and crisscrossed, wispy fibers, KAHLANA #21 will give your eyes natural volume, and flattering length without looking overtly ‘faux’”. The entire press is already having a field day and hailing these lashes as something that the beauty industry will always look up to in the modern trends.

Availability and Pricing

They are available in one natural color, Black. You can easily shop the Classic Lash – Kahlana #21 from Huda Beauty and other authorized sellers online. Based on the reception and excellent reviews, these lashes will quickly get snatched from shelves. If you want to avoid disappointment, you can preorder or create a request online today.

To get your Huda Beauty x Kahlana lashes shipped internationally:

1.      Visit to get started.

2.      Click on Create a Request,fill in the details which include, the country where you are shipping from, and to, then the postal code.

4.      Click Next.

5.      Step 2 opens up prompting you to fill in the specifications about the product that you’re purchasing. Fill it out and click Next.

6.      Step 3 becomes active and you can Include purchase assistance for your forwarder to help make the purchase on your behalf.

7.      Your request will be shown to the forwarders online who will provide you with their quotations.

8.      Choose one forwarder to get started and pay the requested handling fee.

9.      A tracking code will be provided for you to be able to check your lashes until they are delivered.

Parcl is the best way you can complete Huda beauty worldwide shipping after making a purchase. Even if you know your way around the internet, you can shop from the Huda American store. However, to ship from the US to your international address will always be a challenge. If you want to avoid all these challenges and easily purchase and ship your packages, use Parcl.

Using a Parcl shopper’s account, international shipping from the US becomes an easy service. There is definitely no way that you can purchase directly from Huda Beauty and have your Huda Beauty x Kahlana lashes delivered internationally, it will have to be via trusted package forwarding from the US. Here is a short list as to why it’s best that you use this parcel forwarding service from onset:

  • Creating a request gives you an advantage that you would otherwise not have been exposed to if you waited for the lashes to become available in your country.

  • If there are specials or other super deals that are only available for American or Emirati shoppers, you can also enjoy them if you check out of Huda Beauty using the local shopping address provided by your Parcl forwarder.

  • Add more than just the super lashes to your Parcl request. This way, you can shop anything from overseas. The more you buy, the less you pay for shipping per item.

  • Use Parcl to shop Christmas 2019 advent calendars way ahead of everyone else. No need to worry about them running out before you can get your hands on the limited editions.


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