New Roomba Robotic Vacuum at a Glance

Finally, it’s settled, robots have a place in human circles. What started as a ridiculous idea to get humans the help they deserve without the ‘undeserved bad attitude from human helpers’ has come alive with the introduction of robotic tools. One leading developer in the robotics industry is none other than iRobot. Following the success of iRobot’s Roomba i7, the manufacturers moved to design and release the Roomba i7+.

With the new Roomba, cleaning is as easy as spelling out the command. That’s right: the new Roomba model takes voice commands and acts based on the command instructions. Even more baffling is the fact that there is no need to empty the i7+: it can take care of its dirt for weeks.

The Roomba new Model Characteristics

Designed as an improvement to all other Roomba cleaning robots, the new model is by far the best in the industry. Thus, its $949 price tag is somewhat befitting. This robot comes with the coolest features and the selling point is that the Roomba vacuum cleaner is able to collect and deal with all the dirt it collects, without human assistance.

Inside the Roomba i7+ system, there is a key cog CleanBase. To complete its functions, the CleanBase is part charger, mechanical trash can, and vacuum cleaner. Thus, it handles the entire process of collecting up, cleaning and emptying what needs to be cleaned, without any assistance. The combination of CleanBase and i7+ makes the latest Roomba robot basically a 2-in-1 robot. During the transfer of grime from the Roomba’s dustbin, CleanBase ensures that no air particles escape. This takes care of both air pollution and chances of spilling dirt back on the floor.

iRobot’s i7+ vacuuming robot has storage space that is big enough to store 30 loads of dirt and grime. And according to the manufacturer, this is equal to 30 rounds of the Roomba robot’s floor cleaning activity. Basically, those who only clean their houses once a day can rest assured that the Roomba is cleaning and taking care of the grime for an entire month. Bachelors that only clean once a week can even stay for months without having to deal with the robot’s innards.

To get the robot clean is not as difficult as one would think – especially after understanding the 2-in-1 functionality. However, the Roomba’s owner only needs to gently pull out the dirtbag and remove it from the robot. This can be disposed of as any other waste since the vacuum bag is just the same as those used in all other vacuum cleaners. The vacuum bag comes as a set of 3 for $15.

Summary of the iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot

  • It presents a revolutionary 2-in-1 type of cleaner and retails at $949.

  • Currently available for pre-orders only.

  • Shipping starts September 12 for buyers in the US and Canada only – the international community can have their robots forwarded by a proven freight forwarder.

  • The Roomba i7+ can be bought separately from the CleanBase for $699; likewise, the CleanBase can be sold separately from the i7+ for $299.

  • CleanBase is only compatible with the i7+ robot.


PreOrder your iRobot Latest Addition Today!

In case you were wondering about where to buy the Roomba robot. The i7+ is undoubtedly iRobot’s most expensive robot ever created. Before the final number of robots manufactured can be released, buyers have a chance of pre-ordering the Roomba vacuum cleaner. So, now the question is how does this work?

  1. To buy iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner, visit the official Parcl vacuum cleaner page offering the robot from the original iRobot Store. At the Parcl store, the robot is already available for preorders that the iRobot Store starts shipping out September 12.

  2. Fill out the details after reading the full description posted on the site. You need to indicate the number of robots you want to buy, your location as well as Zip Code.

  3. When filling out the form, you will notice that Parcl is offering this robot from the future at the same price as that on the iRobot Store—$ 949. Go ahead and create a request.

  4. Parcl will calculate the shipping rate and there is an option of transferring your payment via PayPal.

  5. Once your request has been taken, the Parcl team will complete the transaction on your behalf. Firstly, the store will ship your robot to the local forwarder who will, in turn, ship your robot via a reliable shipping carrier.

  6. Once the robot gets shipped your way, you will receive the tracking code and, if you want them, images of your purchase.

  7. The services you may request include full assistance when making your purchase, insurance, as well as customs declaration.

Why You Should Pre-Order your Robot from Parcl as Early as Today

iRobot has not yet released a full statement on the number of units they intend to build. Thus, for all we know, the i7+ might be a really limited edition. Secondly, the robot is being made available for shipping locally in the US and Canada only. In this region, most people are work-oriented and getting a robot to help clean the house is something that a great number of them will do without hesitation. Taking this simple fact into consideration, plus the unknown number of robots to be released, if you know that this robot might come in handy in your life, then pre-order before it gets sold out.

Parcl offers a simple solution – to get the Roomba i7+ without the restriction brought by borders and shipping logistics. Additionally, the iRobot webstore does not offer international shipping. Since there is a trusted international freight forwarder bridging the gap in these services, then why not use it to buy the Roomba robot? Parcl is not adding on to the actual price as shown on the Robot store. Rather, you buy it at the exact price as US and Canadian shoppers. Using Parcl means that you will only pay for shipping and your robot will be handled with the utmost care.

This iRobot version doesn’t require babysitting. It can clean and empty for up to 30 cleaning rounds before the need to be emptied. It is a wise investment for every type of home since it is friendly to use and even keeps the dust locked in during the emptying process. Lastly, Parcl offers to help with customs, this is an excellent deal for international buyers as the company deals with customs every day and their forwarders are more experienced than individual buyers. This is an affordable and easy to use service that can be used even in the near future for more purchases sold exclusively in the US.

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