New Royal Mail Stamps Feature Harry Potter Characters

From Royal Mail delivering magic, the new set of Harry Potter stamps is about to hit the market, and they are available for pre-order. Harry Potter is an influence of note with quite a lot of Harry Potter collectibles available in different designs and functions. The immortalization of Harry Potter continues with this new set of stamps that come with a hidden touch of wizardry to reveal the magic.

The 15-stamp collection joins an already long list of Harry Potter memorabilia. They feature some of the outstanding characters such as Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom and Gin Weasley, of course, led by Harry Potter himself.

The best Harry Potter gifts also include the physical features and extras from the films. The stamps don’t deviate from this line as they include the likes of the Hogwarts Express, Knight Bus, flying Ford Anglia and Hagrid’s enchanted motorbike. Let’s take a look at the Harry Potter things to buy.

New Royal Mail Harry Potter Stamps

The best gift is something the receiver will easily relate to and love. The same goes for the best Harry Potter gifts. Of course, there is other merchandise that has been in existence long before the stamps. But as of now, the Harry Potter things to buy list has stamps at the top. The stamps include magical features, such as the hidden details that only become visible under UV Light. Meet some of the stamps:

  • The Hogwarts Express – the stamp has a full picture of the infamous train known as the Hogwarts Express

  • The Harry Potter Stamp — has an image of Harry Potter brandishing his magic stick. Fans will be delighted to send other die-hard Harry Potter fans cards or letters with this stamp

  • Hermione Granger — just like the Harry Potter stamp, the actress who plays Hermione, Emma Watson, poses with her magical wand

  • Ron Weasley — of course, Harry Potter’s best friend, played by actor Rupert Grint also has his stamp, and like his friends, he’s also brandishing his stick

  • Ginny Weasley — the character also joins the best Harry Potter merchandise with her stamp that fully displays her face like the other characters

  • Hagrid’s motorbike—another mode of transport that is featured in the stamp set


The other stamps have other characters in the show including Severus Snape. Of course, in the films, the letters are delivered by Owls, and they don’t require all the handling. But, we’re in the real world. You might as well add the stamps to your ‘wish list’ of Harry Potter goodies. With the introduction of these stamps, sending snail mail will become interesting once again. But then of course, mostly for Harry Potter fans.

Released, authorised and printed out by the Royal Mail, these stamps will be available across the UK and in almost every bookstore and post office. For international fans who would love to buy and own these stamps, online shopping gives such an opportunity. The only challenge online shoppers are likely to experience is with the international shipping or lack thereof. Keep reading to find out how you can solve the issue of international shipping permanently.

Other Harry Potter themed goods

But first, let's take a look at some more Harry Potter-themed merchandise. Following the huge success enjoyed by creator J.K. Rowling and team, there have been a lot of Harry Potter memorabilia created and sold. The stamps are new in the sense that it’s a new field. However, they join an already long list of successful merchandise. Here are the top 5 hand-picked Harry Potter products that have been sold for longer than the stamps:

Harry Potter Gift Books Set

Harry Potter 1-7 House Editions Juniper Books

When making a list of Harry Potter things to buy, the Juniper books should make it to the list! Available in 7 editions that follow each other in sequence, these books have everything and more needed to create a cool, advanced wizard. They are originally packaged into a thick display box with the same deep red colour as the book covers. Juniper books are known to be a tribute to Remus Lupin, the bravest wizard to exist in a while.


Harry Potter Adult Robe

Adult House Robe

The robe is made out of 100% polyester and will look fantastic in your lounge. It’s the most outstanding of the Harry Potter goodies for anyone who would love to publicly declare their alliance to one of Hogwarts’ four factions.


Hodsmeade Poster

Hogsmeade Tourism Poster

Before the Harry Potter stamps hit the market, this poster is the most famous and highly sought after illustrated work from the Harry Potter collections. Its created in a style of vintage travel agency advertisements. Perfect for anyone who wants to go back in time and discover the operations at Hogsmeade. With or without signed permission, this adult aimed tribute to one of the Harry Potter franchise’s famous locations. The colours perfectly blend in with whatever primary colour the wall it will be pasted on bears.



Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle A Cooperative Deck-Building Game

This game is one of those Harry Potter things to buy that are fully inclusive. It doesn’t discriminate on age or gender. The game is fun, engaging and entertaining. It’s exactly what is needed to hook and keep participants interested. There must be four players around the gaming board, the same as the core squad in Harry Potter, i.e., Harry, Hermione, Ron and of course Neville. Comprising seven levels, each level must be passed using a series of combinations of the cards that represent items, spell-casting, and allies according to the books and films. Of course, just as the case with the characters according to J.K. Rowling, the levels become harder, but the characters gain more powers and grow in wisdom as the levels increase. There is a need for teamwork as the group plays, so the game is perfect for in-house team building or corporate get-togethers.


Golden Snitch Clock

Golden Snitch clock

Who wouldn’t love the Golden Snitch clock? Of course, this is the best Harry Potter buy as it fits just about anywhere. The owner can place it on their bedside table, or move it to the kitchen. Heck, it can even be carried around, or imagine how cool your desk would look with the golden clock perched right on top? Regal! Spotting a really tiny front that’s just 1.5 inches wide, this clock also tells you when you are running late. It seems like it can become a companion more than a prized item.


Get your Royal Mail Harry Potter Themed Stamps Via Parcl—A Trusted Parcel Forwarder

The Harry Potter collectibles are vast and try to be as inclusive as possible. Fans of all ages are bound to find an item or two that they relate to on a personal level. With the release of the 15 Harry Potter stamps, the list has become even longer.

International shoppers can also buy the stamps and not miss out on this opportunity to keep the legacy alive post the films. Good news, there is a trusted freight forwarder with experience in helping international buyers get any collectible merchandise of their choice. Parcl is the trusted freight forwarder. The services are available to any online shopper as long as your region is part of the 80+ countries where Parcl has forwarders.

Visit the official Parcl website and register for a free account. Once you have an account, you can visit any of the websites that sell the Harry Potter stamps and other memorabilia. These webstores include the likes of Pottery Barn, Amazon, Etsy, eBay,, PB Teen and Warner Bros. Shop. Use the template on site to fill in details about your purchase. You will get contacted by the verified forwarders, and they will provide you with the full quotation for the services to be rendered. With Parcl, there are no subscription fees. You only pay for what you receive regarding service delivery. Here is what you can do with Parcl:

  • Be the first one to get newly released products. You can pre-order just about anything at the same time as buyers who are in the seller’s locality.

  • Get items that are not available in your country. With Parcl you shop overseas and get your items delivered through trusted international shipping.

  • Save money on shopping and shipping. Purchasing via Parcl has no extra charges; you pay the same amount listed on seller’s website and shipping.

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