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It is not a secret that for a couple of years now, Google has been trailing behind other software and tech giants. Resorting to focus their attention on the device-building sector, Google has sought to compete with other brands including Samsung and LG. However, last month, in a move that surprised many, Google announced that they had a new release – in the hardware department. Just released, the new Titan Key is Google’s latest move and was officially announced in July at the San Francisco Next Cloud Conference.

The Google Titan is quite a valuable achievement. With its name, one would expect a gigantic invention; however, this key is a small USB creation that can easily fit in a child’s hand. As part of Google’s Advanced Protection Program, it’s worth learning as much about the Titan Key as possible.

Controversy Surrounding the Titan Key

At the moment, there are actually just a handful of security key brands on the market; the most prevalent being Feitian and Yubikey. Although Google is more than confident that the Titan security key is better than those from the other two brands, the key strongly resembles Feitan’s MultiPass FIDO security key. According to CNBC, there are also confirmations that Feitian was working with Google in the development of the Titan. The Feitian - Google partnership remained a mystery until “The Information separately reported the partnership earlier Thursday.” What remains a mystery is why such collaboration was kept under wraps and clouded by such mystery?

Google Titan Key release date was Thursday, August 30. Already available in the Google US Store, the Titan Security Key is selling at $50. The Key can be ordered from the Google US Online store and shipped to your home address. Here is how it works:

  • Usually, every Google user has a single password, those who are careful use the 2-Step Authentication. The first step is to enter the regular Google password, the second step involves having a special passcode sent to your phone then typing it into your Google Account.

  • With the Titan Key, you don’t receive a passcode on your phone, rather, you use the Titan Key to physically connect to your account.

  • There are two types of physical keys, one plugs directly into a USB port of a computer, the second works via computer USB connection.

  • Both of these keys need a traditional computer connected to Google.

  • Whenever you enter into Google, from whatever computer, even your own PC, you will need to enter your Gmail Password, then insert the Titan to complete the 2-Step Verification.

What Makes Google’s Titan Key Useful?

If you want to log into your Google account, you need to have your key with you. Otherwise, without the key, you will be logged out. This might be seen as a major disadvantage, especially with the USB plug-in key, because it is tiny and very easy to misplace. However, this key is essential because:

  • It also works with other services, e.g. Dropbox and Facebook, that support this kind of technology.

  • This key is an advanced security layer, even if someone steals your password, they will need the key to log into your account, and the key is small enough to be kept on your body.

  • This key is the answer to phishing and other forms of hacking.

  • One only needs a single Google Titan Key purchase to be able to use the 2-Step Authentication process when logging into any online service that supports the technology, not just Google.

The Titan is really easy to carry around. Owners can attach it to their set of keys and easily carry around. As a result, it can be at hand any time. Now available from the Google online store for $50, this key is exactly what the average internet user needs to keep their accounts private and safe. It is compact and made from compressed plastic that makes it resistant to pressure (in case you accidentally sit down with the Titan in your back pocket).

One should be warned that a Google Titan security key purchase is at the owner’s risk. Buying it means being prepared to carry it with you at all times. In a nutshell, the Titan is Google’s ultimate form of protection — just as long as you don’t lose it. Before buying the key, be warned that losing your key means that you will also be logged out of your own account(s). And contacting Google might be a long and drawn out process. Not enough emphasis can be made on the need to keep the key safe at all times.

Google’s Titan Key Is Available from the US Google Store

This key was made for the average Google user to be able to securely surf the net without the constant fear of being hacked. Since it’s already been established that to log in, the physical key is needed, hackers from halfway around the world are automatically ruled out. In addition to politicians, prominent social figures, and business moguls, this key can come in handy for other services, such as travel and tourism, media and education.

The Titan Key is now available for purchase from the US Google Store. However, the US Google Store does not ship internationally. In addition, the Google Store quite often releases and sells the most exclusive Google products. If exclusive products are always readily available on the US website only, international buyers need to find a solution that will allow them to buy from the US Google Store and get their products safely delivered.

To eliminate the challenge of being limited from being able to buy from the US Google Store, the first option is to sign up with Parcl – a globally operating package forwarding marketplace. With over 900 package centers in over 80 countries and an excess of 220 shipping methods, Parcl opens a window to shopping from the US Google store for anyone. With Parcl, there is no need for upfront fees that other forwarders request when registering a new account. And once you order their services for the first time, they go over and beyond the line of duty to impress and retain you as a lifetime Parcl client.

Since the US Google Store does not only sell the Google Titan Key, signing up with Parcl means the beginning of a long relationship that will enable you to shop from the US, and from many other countries too. As soon as the Google Store has the first release, international buyers will be able to get what they want and have it forwarded by Parcl. Need to ship from Google Store US to your home address? No problem, get registered on Parcl and enjoy this service and many others.

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