New Snapchat Spectacles 3 are Available for Pre-order

“Hello, Snapchat” - who still smiles and greets his friends while being live on Snapchat? Well, if you hadn’t done so in a while, read this article to find a new reason to become friendly and welcoming on Snapchat once again.

The popular app that creates different ranges of emotions on social media is back and comes with a new set of glasses. What makes the latest Snapchat glasses a hype frenzy? These have a new element that redefines cool. They let you add all these crazy effects to your Snapchat videos and give you that amazing look that you’ve always loved about the app.

These Snapchat Spectacles are not so easy to buy as they are somewhat expensive, coming at $380 per pair. Another reason why it’s difficult to acquire those as there is no direct international shipping unless one pays a fortune.

Snapchat Spectacles – History

When the Snapchat glasses were first launched they were meant to provide a lot of options to the app’s users and make the wearer look cool. Unfortunately, the glasses turned out to be lacking in functionality. However, the 2.0 version, released mid-2018, received more international recognition since the glasses were made more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasant. At $200 these were fairly priced and therefore more affordable. But, with all factors considered, the Spectacles 2.0 version was somewhat dowdy. Thus, there was still a need for significant improvements. And now the 3.0 version is the front-runner of the pack. 

Features of Spectacles 3

With the latest installation of Snap’s Spectacles, you should expect a lot of excellent changes. The glasses come in two colors: gold-tinted mineral and black carbon. They also spot a cool circular lens that has a top sense of style for any fashionista. The Spectacles 3 easily nest inside a leather finished charging case. When not in use, the case folds into a rectangle, easy to carry inside a small pocket or even a handbag.

Some of the top features of this eyewear include:

  •  Augmented Reality (AR) Snapchat effects that help to capture images in great quality.

  • Top dual HD cameras that are able to capture full 3D scenes.

  • The ability to snap 3D-like shots of anything in real-time.

  • 3D filters with the effects of a rainbow, phoenix bird and more that are used during walking. 

  • Up to 59 seconds of continuous footage.

It’s easy for someone to spot the Snap’s Spectacles 3 and think of them as a fashion statement rather than a social media tool. This smart camera that draws its inspiration from the human eye and is powered by your imagination should be your best friend on your next vacation.

Where to Buy the Snapchat Spectacles 3?

Right about this week, these spectacles become available for pre-order on Snap’s official website – Snapchat 3.0 Spectacles go for $380 and that includes glasses, charging case, charging cable and the 3D viewer. Take note of the fact that the official site indicates that these glasses are available to ship in 3-4 weeks with 30-day returns. However, the company only ships within the US.

But we have good news for you as you can easily shop for your Snapchat glasses online and have them delivered with the help of a US parcel forwarding service. Through the Parcl online service, you can even take it as far as requesting your forwarder in the US to visit a physical store on your behalf and make purchases with your consent.

In plain words, you will have a runner on the ground to go to any shop you desire and get your products. Be it the Snap’s Spectacles 3 or something else, you always have the option of making educated purchasing decisions. Make sure you select any service that makes your life easier as long as you can afford it.

The best part about parcel forwarding is that after figuring out how to use Parcl, you can get started with the process of placing your order even if you don’t live in the US. And as you wait for Snap to start shipping these cool glasses, you can begin creating requests for other items via your Parcl account.

Video source: The Verge Youtube channel

How to Get Your Snapchat Glasses?

With Parcl, start by creating a request to find out the cost of handling and get various quotes from the US forwarders who will be eager to re-ship your purchase. Make sure to provide full description and correct information regarding the Snap Spectacles that you’re purchasing. Also, when creating a request, include details pertaining to other services that your forwarder can help you accomplish.

From the first time that you use Parcl, you automatically create a profile. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to pay any fees or subscribe to any products. Inside your Parcl online account, you can view any information related to your profile: 

  • The packages’ final destination.

  • Your ID confirmation documentation.

  • The statistics and ratings for all completed orders.

  • Your Parcl points.

  • Your Parcl achievements.

Even as a shopper, you can become a forwarder during your spare time. This is an excellent opportunity that allows you to make some extra money on the side.

And now you know how to get your Snapchat Spectacles 3 into your hands. Act soon, as those cool glasses might be gone before you know it. And make sure to get them delivered via Parcl before the holidays.

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