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So here is the thing! Did you go out? Got all dolled up and blended your makeup for the gods? Did you Snapchat the entire look? If you did, excellent – you clearly had a great time. If not, then sorry, but there really isn’t any proof that you did what you claim to have done. That’s how it goes in this era, teenagers and young adults have an unwritten universal law – if you didn’t post it on Snapchat, then it didn’t happen. Obviously, this means that Snapchat is one of the most used and popular apps in modern day social media usage.

Capitalising on their popularity, the app designers released the Snapchat spectacles. Using these spectacles, Snapchat users are able to kill several birds with one stone:

  • The Snapchat spectacles are fashion spectacles, they actually pass as a ‘fashion week’ eye accessory.

  • Snapchat spectacles are a subtle camera option that can be used to snap away without the need of using the phone or standalone camera unit.

  • In addition to completing the ‘look of the day’, these Snapchat glasses also shield against weather agents such as too much sunlight.

Reception of the Snapchat Glasses

Following the release of the Snapchat spectacles V1, the company was pleased to note just how well these were received. Thus, Snapchat has recently released V2 of their bespoke spectacles. These were released back in April and they first hit the market in Canada, France, the U.S, and the U.K. It the beginning of May, these spectacles were available for sale across Europe with more than 13 countries having them for sale to eager buyers.

These Snapchat spectacles were of course bound to be received way better than V1. Given that V1 was released to ‘test the market’ and they did exceedingly well, it was only a matter of time before V2 was released. Here is why Snapchat spectacles are a hit:

  • They come in HD – users are able to take great pictures and videos without fumbling or dropping what they are doing.

  • Water resistant – these Snapchat spectacles are the perfect companion for capturing canoeing and other water-based activities.

  • Available in multiple export formats – transferring media between the glasses and your phone or camera is easy because there is more than one format to select from.

  • Classy colours with light lenses – can be used daily as a fashion statement. If need be, these even come with a prescription option.

  • Designed for Snapchat – these are made for Snapchat and designed by Snap Inc.

The Controversy Surrounding Snapchat Spectacles

When version 1 first hit the market, there were a lot of concerns around their use and invasion of privacy. The way these Snapchat spectacles take pictures and videos from the wearer’s view means that they are just perfect to use as spyware. At the very least, these glasses were met with some widespread concern over how easy they make spying on the next person.

With the release of V2, the concerns came back especially since the yellow camera round that was on V1 was removed with the new release. These Snapchat glasses are now way more discreet and people can use them in more comfortable ways than before. It is possible to just buy spectacles online.

Snapchat Spectacles 2 Veronica

Buy Snapchat Spectacles 2 Veronica online

Snapchat Spectacles 2 Nico

Buy Snapchat Spectacles 2 Nico online

For the ordinary citizen walking on the streets, these spectacles are a major cause of concern because their images and videos can be snapped without their consent or them being aware; and then used for any type of activity online. At this point, Snapchat has to rely on their buyers to be more considerate and not infringe on the privacy of other citizens.

Buy your Snapchat Glasses and actually wear them

Now that you know all the parameters and the responsibility that come with Snapchat glasses V2, you can make up your mind and get yourself a pair. Interested in knowing where to buy Snapchat spectacles? It goes without saying that Snapchat is very hands-on with these glasses and makes them exclusively in-house. Following the first month of release, these spectacles were only available exclusively from Snapchat’s Spectacles website. At the moment, they are now somewhat easier to buy because they are also available from Amazon and other reputable online stores.

The only challenge at the moment is being able to find an affordable package forwarder that will provide the best service in transporting such a fragile package. Offering a simple and easy to use website, Parcl is a leading freight forwarder with a presence in over 80 countries.

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  3. There is even an option to include the URL of what you are purchasing.

  4. Once the form has been filled out, Parcl will provide you with a verified local address to use at check out.

  5. Go back to the store from where you are buying the Snapchat glasses and use the address to check out.

  6. As soon as the local forwarder receives your package, they will forward it to your specified final address and provide you with a tracking number.

In case you would like to buy something again, there is no need to register anew. Parcl offers a free lifetime membership which you can opt out of any time. Additionally, there are no monthly subscriptions or additional payments requested. You only pay when you use the services. Since a dedicated local representative will be assigned to handle your purchase from where the goods are sold, you can take the liberty of buying fragile items such as the Snapchat glasses. Snapchat spectacles come with thin frames and can be used even as prescription glasses. They are easy to recharge and can fit inside a handbag and thus carried anywhere. Register with Parcl as your chosen freight forwarder and buy your Snapchat glasses without the hustle of shipping.

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