New Speaker by Devialet Turns Sound into Emotional Experience

What’s that thing they say about music? The one about it being a universal language, understood by all without the need for human interpretation or countless translations? Well, Devialet has decided to act upon this statement by creating the Phantom Reactor. In the business world, inventions are carried out to make more money in a more efficient and cost-effective way. There are few products that are invented with the client at heart. The Phantom Reactor beats them all as it manages to explore the sweeter side of humanity by delivering cool features. Get ready to welcome the latest smart speaker in the industry—the Phantom Reactor.


The Devialet Phantom Reactor speaker is the baby sister to Devialet’s first speaker, the Phantom. After raking in some of the best positive reviews a start-up has ever garnered, Devialet decided to respond to requests for a smaller version. And thus, the Phantom Reactor was born. The birth of a speaker that will change the lives of many. Already making waves across the globe, the speaker is a gem and will surely impress any buyer. Thanks to international parcel forwarding, eager buyers were able to purchase the Phantom from online stores abroad. Therefore, these reviews were not just from French or American consumers but they covered a whole range of international clientele. In case you missed out on the Phantom, then this is your chance to get the Phantom Reactor and experience Devialet’s unparalleled service when it comes to speakers.

Characteristics of the Phantom Reactor

Taking after the rightfully successful Phantom, the Phantom Reactor is an egg-shaped speaker that is seamless and offers zero background noise, no distortion and absolutely no saturation in a compact format. One would think that the speaker is dancing on a platform set by its predecessor, hence the success. Well, that is quite the opposite. Phantom set the bar high, hence the Phantom Reactor had some shoes to fill in order to be recognised. The iconic egg-shape is only exclusive to Devialet and their rare speakers, so be prepared to be unique and blow away your guests in the comfort of your warm home with this beautiful speaker that passes off as a décor piece. The egg shape makes anyone fall in love instantly. It is, after all, uniqueness that sets most items apart from the rest.


Making any all-in-one Bluetooth speaker look like a toy, the Phantom Reactor is second to none in terms of volume, clarity and noise cancellation. It operates seamlessly and seemingly merges into the background to only give out the sound of what is playing at that moment without noise interference. The smooth sound produced by the speaker is soothing and relaxing, letting the user enjoy their music in fine waves. The speaker sets the environment into a chilling zone, allowing you to relax and listen to your favourite music without any disturbances.

Improvement from the Phantom

Aside from the rave reviews collected by the French startup’s first speaker, the Phantom’s only other feedback from consumers was a request for a younger version, but with just as many features. As such, the Phantom Reactor was the needed response and this small speaker that retails for just about half of what the Phantom costs, can generate up to 4,500 watts of power.


Of course, the Devialet Phantom is synonymous with a quality speaker with excellent features. And so, with the Phantom Reactor, you can still get as much sound but from a smaller version. Best of all, all Bluetooth gadgets can easily connect to the device.


Just like Apple’s iPods, the Devialet speakers only improve with the next version. Where there are no improvements, there are significant alterations in the shape and functionality. In the iPod line-up, the first iPod was perfect for music enthusiasts, the shape making it possible for one to customise their music listening and interactive experiences. Using the iPod, one could take all their music alongside and accommodate their huge music library. The only issue was that the size did not allow for easy carrying. For those who are too young, the first iPod was the equivalent of three iPhone XSes stacked on top of each other. With such thickness, it was impossible to put the iPod inside a trouser pocket and listen to music on the go or while jogging.


When the iPod mini was introduced, not only was it way smaller than the iPod, but it was also practically priced and made listening to music on the go more practical. This is the same route taken by Devialet in creating the Phantom and then the Devialet Phantom Reactor.

Why You need to Get the Phantom Reactor

With technology evolving, more convenient products are being created. However, most of those products just revamp traditional ideas and present them in a more stylized manner. This is not the case with the Phantom Reactor. The speaker presents something new, an idea that is fresh out of the box. It takes users to a new level of appreciating music. The Phantom Reactor is a pretty darn good speaker. Actually, an excellent one. You can play any type of music on this speaker and the experience will always be hands-down better than other speakers.

  • When compared to other speakers, you can hear that it’s the same song, and yet, it has that wow factor, it makes the way you play music way better and more enhanced.

  • You feel like you’re experiencing the song and not just hearing it. All melodies are rightfully captured and played softly in a manner that speaks to the soul.

  •  And yes, the rumours you’ve heard are true to the second. The Phantom Reactor brings out all the ‘feel-good’ emotions that music is supposed to bring.

  • In short, if you are a lover of music, and appreciate real music, from the comfort and warmth of your home, then the Phantom Reactor is the perfect size and gadget to do the job.

Pricing and Availability

The Phantom Reactor is now available for sale online. There are a good number of authorised distributors who can provide you with this speaker. The 600W model is currently priced at $999/€990/£990. But if you’re interested in more watts, then save up more and get the 900W model for $1,299/€1,290/£1,290 per unit.

There are a number of experienced parcel forwarders who offer services to help you buy from the US. Buy your Phantom Reactor and get a trusted international forwarder to handle the purchase on your behalf in the US and then ship it your way.


You will only shell out a couple of bucks for such an impeccable service that allows you to feel as if you’ve been to America in person to buy the speaker. It doesn’t get better than this. 


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