Nike is Re-Launching Its Self-Lacing Shoes in 2019

Some ideas always seem pure genius as just that - ideas. But when they are presented to the masses and warmly welcomed with the demand to make them public, problems arise. Such has been the case for mogul Nike for close to 2-decades since they invented a pair of self-lacing shoes for Back to the Future II and the masses demanded them to become public.


After years of trying, mixing and matching, Nike has finally solved the problem they created. In creating the Nike self-lacing shoes, the brand had to find how to incorporate a piece of the movie magic into real life. In 2016, Nike revealed the once-off version of the Air Mags. The pair was real-time functional self-lacing footwear. And the crowd went mad! Following the success, Nike announced that the crowd could expect the technology to be seen in the Nike Back to the Future sneakers to retail at US$720 a pair. Expectant buyers signed up with prominent global package forwarders to help them shop and buy the sneakers as soon as they were released.

  • Given the level of technology and other aspects such as functionality, Nike wasn’t fully satisfied to release their kicks in 2016 or the following year. Rather, they went back to the drawing board to upgrade the prototype.

  • Instead of just creating unaffordable, unattainable kicks to put up on display as collectibles, CEO Mark Parker announced that Nike intended to make the self-lacing sneakers an affordable reality. Technology is used to carve shoes that fit any occasion, connecting Nike with the masses.

  • The Nike Back to the Future Shoes are called HyperAdapt and are manufactured to suit the ordinary wearer, while also working great for the professional athlete.

The Magic of HyperAdapt in Professional Sports

Have you ever noticed how NBA ball players lace up their shoes? It’s a matter of life and death as they constrict the shoe laces super tightly to avoid them shifting and moving during the game. Pro ball players need a tight fitting pair of sneakers to achieve the balance between agility and movement. With the current shoelaces, one has to manually tie them, adjust the tightness during those couple of minutes on the bench and then tighten them again just before the whistle blows. All of this is too much work.


With HyperAdapt sneakers, the laces will tighten just before the match and loosely let go to aerate and allow room for muscle relaxation and easier blood circulation during bench time or extended breaks. Professional gamers get to say goodbye to gnarly feet that are cooped up inside the tightly boa constricted ‘kicks’ throughout the game.

Most men wear their sneakers throughout the day. And temperature changes also occur during the day. The HyperAdapt sneaker is not just suited for professional athletes. With an ability to automatically adapt the cinch, the sneakers present owners with much-needed freedom to move about comfortably without the need to bend every couple of hours to readjust the lace tightness. These sneakers would be good for non-professional as much as they are for professional use.

The HyperAdapt is Officially Available to the Masses

Good news! The Nike Back to The Future Shoes are no longer a ‘hypothetical’ situation. They have arrived, and they are available for commercial distribution.


Nike self-lacing shoes take us back to the future as of 2019, and they are selling for $350. The $720 low-cut training shoe released back in 2016 has been remodelled, and some aspects added or removed to achieve a balance, which gives us a technologically affordable and lighter shoe for half the price.  Here are a couple of specs on 2019 Back to the Future Nikes:

  • They are more affordable compared to what Nike has suggested and released before this new version.

  • The HyperAdapt self-fitting technology sneakers are more athletically-inclined than the 2016 Nike Mag.

  • The HyperAdapt Nike self-tying shoes are designed for the perfect fit and show the success Nike has taken to connect their digital transformation to the product.

  • The HyperAdapt comes at a time when Nike is confident of their technology and will also release the next-gen Air Max 720 with the tallest air sole ever around the same time.

Where to Buy the Nike Back to the Future Self-Tying Sneakers

Those who love and understand the craft and art that goes into making the perfect sneakers also appreciate the effort put by shops to stock sneakers. Not all sneakers deserve being bought. Ok, that sounds mean, but it isn’t. It's the naked truth. Think about it, instead of collecting eight ordinary, low-grade sneakers, how about you own one or two pairs of the real deal? Sneakers that allow you to stand out and shine when in a group. You need sneakers that afford your feet comfort before all else, but keep you fashionably dope all the time.

With the HyperAdapt, you can achieve all these and more. Truthfully, we can’t wait to see what it will feel like to drive while wearing the HyperAdapt. Imagine going on a country drive wearing sneakers that allow your feet to fit in snugly in the morning and expand comfortably as the sun soars higher?


Nike will most definitely stock up on the HyperAdapt. But, you might not get them when you finally put together the $350. Thankfully, some leading, trusted websites focus on limited edition sneakers. Visit any of the eight websites to find the HyperAdapt and more. While at it, sign up with Parcl for their services as a package forwarder. You will get your limited edition HyperAdapts and other Nike futuristic sneakers delivered to your specified address internationally.


2019 is promising to be a busy year for Nike. The brand is looking forward to introducing more high-quality and tech-dependent sneakers. The HyperAdapt is just one of them. Nike has been enjoying significant public engagement since the signing of Collin Kaepernick, the iconic football player-turned-activist. Such engagement has given them that much-needed boost to get busier in the labs trying more tech on their sneakers to give loyal buyers real value for their money. Expect other sneakers on the shelves including the:

  • Boundary-pushing Nike Air VaporMax 2019 ‘Space Walk’

  • Nike Epic React Colorways

  • Nike Air Force 1 High-Quality Utility

  • Nike Metcon FlyKnit 3

  • Black Kim Jones Edition Air Max 360 High-Top Sneakers

You can visit the official Nike website to get more than just sneakers. Get your hands on all the collaborations, such as Nikelab x Kim Jones and Jordan x PSG. If you aren’t able to get a local Nike website, that’s okay, use a trusted international package forwarder to help you buy from the nearest Nike. With the HyperAdapt, you can redefine and reinvent your style. Feel free to go all Nike and keep in mind: you can reduce your international shipping fees by shipping all your buys in one big package instead of several small ones shipped separately.

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HyperAdapt Nike отличный качественный супер
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Hi there, thank you for the comment! Indeed, Nike Hyper Adapt is an awesome model.
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