9 Beauty Brands from the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates, Dubai in particular, and the good life are synonyms. You cannot mention Dubai without tagging beauty and original style to the title. Even in their National Day celebrations, there are parades, live music, fireworks and themed dining experiences ruling the events. Everyone who is in love with beautiful items and loves to get the best of the best right after release, you can experiment and discover everything for the body including body buffers and lash-loving falsies. 

Top UAE Beauty Brands

There are no tricksters in this scenario, makeup brands from Dubai are associated with the best because they are the best. Keep reading to find the list of 9 beauty brands from the heart of Dubai that are worth your time and effort shipping internationally from the UAE to your country. We all know that beauty brands do take shortcuts from time to time, but it’s not all of them who have a tendency of taking the short route. With products from the UAE, everything is done in a strict and orderly manner, following all noted procedures. You too can be a part of the good life.

  • Shopping from the UAE will be cheaper than buying from your local beauty retailer who inflates their prices to recover the shipping and buying costs. You determine your budget without feeling like you’re being forced.

  • Dubai beauty brands are a good mixture of the top and outstanding international designers and mixers. If you’re buying from the UAE, you’ll meet names such as Huda Kattan, or Shirley Conlon, who brings the Irish flavour into the mix.

  • International parcel forwarders make it possible to shop for what you want and at a considerably affordable price. You get provided with a quotation initially and if you’re happy with it, then you get cracking and shop like a Dubaian!

Meet the Best Dubai Beauty Makeup Skincare Brands

  1. Huda Beauty

Not only do they focus on young lovers of makeup, but Huda Beauty is for everyone who loves living their best life. The brand was started by Huda Kattan and she now has just under 30 Million Instagram followers. Huda has created not only the most adorable skincare products, but a whole range of beauty products including lashes, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and foundations. She brings to Dubai her esteemed Hollywood standards and quality products. You’ll be seriously impressed with her results. Get yourself Huda skincare products for the ultimate skin look and care.


  1. Herbal Essentials

Everything associated with Ayurveda is like a pot of gold in modern history. With Herbal Essentials, you get everything top-notch that is associated with nature. All the skincare products come infused and hydrated with pure Himalayan spring water that has been filtered through natural layers of clay, sand and rock over the course of decades. All of their products are packed to the brim with macro minerals.

If you’re searching for moisturising masks, calming face creams and serums in natural products, Herbal Essentials is your brand. And, just in case you were still second-guessing your decision: If you’re in support of revitalising the environment, then get these products, because 1% of their sales is donated to the protection of the environment.


  1. Shirley Conlon Organics

The founder and name behind the brand is of Irish origins. Shirley Conlon created her own line of all-organic skincare products, and they fly off the shelves as soon as they are released. She studied cosmetology in London before moving to Dubai. In response to the huge number of people with skin ailments around her, she decided to create “clean, pure, and effective products that won’t stress out the skin.” And as a result, her all-organic skincare beauty range was born and it is free from chemicals. All products are overfed with potent botanical extracts, minerals, antioxidants, essential oils and vitamins.

If you’re looking for cleansers, masks and serums, this is the brand of choice. It’s totally worth paying for shipping from UAE if this is what you’re buying. Radiate from the inside out because true beauty lies in nature and the inside.


  1. Shiffa

Shiffa is a brand by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, an influential Emirati mother, wife and business lady. Her products are by a woman, for women. For centuries, laboratories have worked around the clock to find a cure for stretch marks, until now. All natural Shiffa products can be smeared on the skin to help prevent stretch marks, the ingredients are based on natural oils with accurate ratios based on her compositions as a dermatologist. She boasts of several awards and her products are shelved globally.


  1. Lash Dubai

This is the brand to consider when looking for flash lashes. It's just about three years old and already one of the most trusted brands in the false lashes category. If you’re looking for lashes out of the Middle East, then Lash Dubai is your place to be. They also donate a certain percentage to an orphanage in Syria and more donations coming soon.


  1. Kayali

Kayali is the baby product of a collaboration between the Kattan sisters and the renowned French perfume house Firmenich. Their Kayali is a collection of the freshest scents. The most known scents are the ‘Citrus 08’ which is feminine in every sense and the seductive ‘Elixir 11.’ The Kayali scents are inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of scent layering. Some of the best scents for fashion-forward users who can choose to either use each scent individually or pair them up—scent layering.


  1. Mr. Fox

All of the Mr. Fox products are undeniably a gift from Mother Nature. Made with the best botanicals, this is what we have been looking for to help us connect with the earth and all that it bears. Products are handmade, cold pressed and ethically sourced to present us with the right solution for the right need. There is a migraine-fixing mist that fixes and cures the average, daily ailments. You can start inquiring about delivery from UAE for Mr. Fox organic essential oils infused products.


  1. Izil

Morocco is best known for their present to us in the form of Argan oil. There is now something else on the market making the country a trend. That is Mouna Abassy’s brand known as Izil. All products are inspired by nature and crafted from top natural ingredients. Abassy took traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation to share with the world, and her products are now regarded as nothing but the best. And of course, taking Morocco’s best-known secret with her, Argan oil is one of the main ingredients mixed with saffron and rosewater. It’s a buy from the UAE that makes risking it all worth it.


  1. Arcadia

This beauty brand is well-known for their classic scents. Arcadia fragrances are created by perfumer Amna Al Habtoor, an Emirati who uses high-quality ingredients and cruelty-free means of testing her products. You’re bound to fall in love with all of her scents in a way that will leave you questioning prior decisions when buying perfume. All natural, it’s meant for those who love nature.

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