9 Bestselling Brazilian Cosmetics Brands

For most of us, the closest we’ll ever get to Brazil is in the movies. Remember Rio the movie? The story of Blu, a domesticated macaw who travels to Rio de Janeiro with his human, Linda, to find the other last female macaw? As adventurous as Blu and Jewel’s story was, we remember being more intrigued by the depiction of the favela setup and the colorful festival outfits. For women, it was easy to also point out how beautiful Brazilian ladies were, even in animation.

In as much as most beauty standards stem from North America, we must also give credit to Brazil for remaining afloat with some successful brands that are known and sought after internationally.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 9 Brazilian cosmetics brands that are worth looking into. If you are not familiar with international parcel forwarding, this is your chance to learn more and benefit from the service. With the logistics industry growing in strength and increasing its stronghold, you will start enjoying the benefits that come with online shopping.

Top Nine Brands to Shop for Brazilian Cosmetics


  1. Sol de Janeiro

A successful Brazilian cosmetics brand that flies the capital city’s flag on high. Although it is based in America, Sol de Janeiro is inspired by the natural confidence flaunted and radiated by Brazilian women. The brand offers amazing products that will make anyone’s visit to the beach a permanent love affair. Their products leave one with smooth, glistening and clear glowing skin that just makes everyone around you feel drawn and embraced. If you’re searching for true Brazilian beauty products regardless of country of manufacture, then try their Bum Bum cream for yourself.

Shop Sol de Janeiro online.


  1. Quem Disse, Berenice?

Stop focusing on the name that spells out a query. Your only concern should be their popular cosmetic products. Primarily known for their wide range of makeup, they can be patronized for other products, which include their body and hair factions. Quem Disse, Berenice? has just increased their popularity status by also catering to nail addicts. Their brand-new vibrant nail polish is a global success. Young trendy makeup artists looking for colors that subtly define brows know where to shop!

Shop Quem disse, Berenice? online store.


  1. Cadiveu Plastica do Fios

This professional brand is a million bucks worth of beauty cosmetics in the sense of variety. Their store is neatly organized into departments to help shoppers easily identify what they need. Visiting Cadiveu gives shoppers the option of selecting personal or professional products. There are also kits on sale which facilitate bulk buying. Shop Brazilian brand online and have your loot delivered to your doorstep by a trusted parcel forwarder.

See more on the Cadiveu Professional website.


  1. O Boticario

For a shopping experience that will enable you to haul everything under the beauty category in one consignment, visit O Boticario. This is a huge Brazilian brand that specializes in the day-to-day beauty products, skin care, makeup and perfumes. They provide buyers with a Native Spa Body Oil that smells superbly divine. You need the best brand before you can proceed to shop and ship internationally from Brazil – this is it. They have great scents that fit all the spectra from Eau de toilettes to Eau de perfumes.

Visit O Boticario online.


  1. Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil is truly and patriotically Brazilian. The company has dedicated their time and effort into creating organic and natural products from sustainable ingredients. Their main ingredients are all sourced from the Amazon and India. All grown naturally. With little to no chemical additives, you can enjoy natural warm smells sourced from the belly of the earth. Their most popular products are those infused with or based on capuacu or henna.

Visit Surya Brasil for a taste of Brazil.


  1. Contem 1g

This brand is overly popular for their makeup, which offers a wide range that caters to every beauty need. Offering light, durable foundations and more colors of nail polishes than it is legal, they also give makeup courses for those who want them. Lessons are available online, for those interested in getting schooled, think of package forwarding from Brazil to learn from and buy the Contem 1g makeup products. With over 100 lipstick shades, there is bound to be something for everyone, all the time.

Visit Contem 1g online shop.


  1. Natura Brasil

The most popular product sold by Natura is the Natura Ekos Moisturizing Butter Cocoa. It has taken the brand to international levels and made buyers aware of super soft skin from a product. In support of the local farmers, their Ekos Castanha shower cream is made from oils of the Brazilian nuts. They also take their efforts steps further by using recycled plastic for product packaging.

Shop Natura Online.


  1. Mahogany

The Mahogany brand is loved by locals who swear by the brand’s products. They provide users with quality cosmetics that are reasonably priced. Focusing on scents for both men and women, Mahogany has something for everyone. You too can enjoy their product range just by selecting their almond oil infused hair and body products.

Shop Mahogany Brazil online.


  1. BestBronze

Ever noticed how Brazilian ladies naturally glow and shine with an admirable shade of bronze? You too can be seen in that way. All you need are the right products, in the right quantity and dosage and you can also shine for joy. As a tanning brand, their products offer a wide range to include almost every shade of bronze. Perfect for that sun-kissed look without even being in contact with the sun. 

Visit the official BestBronze site to buy from Brazil at prices enjoyed by the locals.

Discover the Secrets of Brazilian Beauty

You can never have too many beauty products. When there is a new addition, we all want to at least try it out. If you love the effects of a Brazilian wax, take it steps further by also trying out their beauty products. Who knows? You might find yourself:

  • Getting better deals as you shop online at prices that the local Brazilians get when shopping for the products.

  • Enjoying a shopping haul of only the finest beauty and cosmetics products provided by brands that use only the most natural products in the manufacturing process.

  • Learning a lot as you become interested in more than just the Brazilian products but also their way of life, choices and foods.

  • Breaking the social and financial norms that make it almost impossible to enjoy international brands without shelling out a fortune. 

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