9 Fashion Brands from The Philippines

For the last decade or so, the Philippines has become a popular feature in global news. In most cases, it’s always about their Pinoy TV Series or the drug busts and addiction in the country. For the most part, that is how the media introduces the Philippines to the world. In that regard, a considerably updated faction of the population knows that the country is a fast-mover when it comes to fashion and trends. There are some pretty popular fashion brands from the Philippines that are well-known globally. 

Location and Targets of Filipino Fashion Brands

For the most part, Manila is the country’s fashion capital. Coupled with the fact that this is where a variety of foreign brands establish themselves, the city of Manila is forever introducing new and advanced fashion trends. Over the years, Manila has grown to become a fashion destination overseas, because their local brands still insist on using native techniques on locally sourced materials. The talent of Filipino artisans and craftsmen remains a unique detail that the global fashion stage cannot get enough of.

Nine Leading Filipino Fashion Brands

From a long and tight list, we’ve selected only the best for you. These are the nine Filipino fashion brands that effortlessly blend their traditional Philippine flair with modern style. Read through the list bearing in mind to:

  • Make inquiries about international shipping from the Philippines before becoming too attached to any of the local brands.

  • Keep an open mind in case you meet new and unconventional styles that are indigenous to the Filipino community but foreign to you.

  • Be blown away by creativity par excellence when you come across the local Filipino fashion brands reviewed below.

Here are the brands that are popular and coming out of the Philippines:

  1. Rags2Riches, Inc.

It’s literally impossible to deny the motive that the Rags to Riches statement presents. That is the same notion that this brand presents to its shoppers. The fashion design house empowers local Filipino artisans to create the most beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable wear. All their outfits are easy to pair up, mix and match, as the brand also creates accessories from the eco-friendly organic fabrics and scraps from making clothes. Rags2Riches successfully combines sustainable development, fashion and social enterprise. It is for the millennials in sense of taste and the older generations in terms of preservation.


  1. The llustrados

Honestly, from their branding and marketing strategies, one would pass this brand as a women’s haven. It’s quite the opposite. The IIustrados showcases classic and timeless designs for men that exude the dedication of primitive IIustrados, It’s a true buy from the Philippines that is inspired by the privileged intellectuals of the Spanish era. Visit their online display to handpick their stylish pieces. All materials and craftsmen are locally sourced. It doesn’t get any more Filipino than this brand and it only makes it easy to shop with them as they offer trendy but comfortable outerwear.


  1. Moy Studio

Meet the fashion-forward Filippino brand that has mastered the art of mixing contemporary style with indigenous culture. At Moy Studio, shoppers can get unique pieces that go beyond appearance and showcase a touch of history. As a spinoff retail brand, Moy Studio surpasses all boundaries and challenges other spinoffs face to bring it’s shoppers handmade jewellery that combines contemporary fashion and traditional techniques. Its located in the student City of Cebu making it easy for international students to spread the jewellery pieces as they come in and out of the city.


  1. Straightforward

Filipino fashion baptism happens with and in this brand. Straightforward takes inspiration from their name to present their shoppers with casual and classy pieces that are easy to pair up for any look. They have a widely varied store with collections that include bold, solid colours as well as prints that look like they are meant to be edible. Lightweight is their middle name. It’s easy to handpick pieces to wear every day or on your long-awaited tropical holiday.


  1. Renegade Folk

Based in the city of Marikina, the Renegade Folk brand offers the best and easy to wear shoes that locals can easily afford. In hopes of reviving the love for local footwear, they have come up with a perfect mix of both local and international flavours. Shoppers will be elated with their outfits. For a unique and completely comfortable look and feel, this is the shoe brand to select all day, any time if you’re shopping Filipino looks.


  1. Float Swimwear

Are you headed for the holidays anytime soon? Going to the sunniest places you could find? Then you need suitable swimwear and that is where Float Swimwear comes into the picture. It’s perfect for ladies looking to spread themselves by the beach and get bronzed up by the sun. For Insta pictures that are not even going to be edited but will go straight on your wall, make sure they are taken in this swimwear.


  1. Piopio

Don’t focus on the funny name. That will get you side-tracked. Rather, head straight to their shop and simultaneously start looking into shipping from the Philippines to the USA or whatever your country of residence is, because the products are well worth the time and effort. The brand manages to highlight the rich Filippino culture while simultaneously promoting local artists. All of their fabrics are locally sourced and they use indigenous materials. If you need thick textile tunics, off-shoulder blouses or hand woven bracelets, this is your brand.


  1. SEFRA Babewear

This brand is a local and international success that focuses on displaying sexy, handmade and homegrown lingerie. It was founded and is operated by Cheska Cardoniga and they specialise in sexy bedroom wear that is suitable for all types of women. SEFRA Babewear is suitable either for a sexy day or for ordinary everyday wear. The underlying quality is comfort for every bralette, panties or nighties that get the brand tag. Totally worth paying for international parcel forwarding from the Philippines to your country.


  1. Blackwing Shoes

Not necessarily a part of the clothing brands from the Philippines, this shoe manufacturer is a leading name in the industry and with good reason. Their handcrafted shoes are made in the local town of Marikina. Every pair is customised and passes a quality check to ensure that it’s a comfortable leather pair of shoes that are an easy fit. If you’re looking for something that is truly galling Pinoy, then the Blackwing shoes are what you need to complete your wardrobe.


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