Nixon Released Luxury Watch Inspired by Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The naked truth is that the Star Wars franchise has done exceedingly well. With each installment, they beat their own records and gain more fans. As such, any Star Wars merch is bound to be just as expressive and highly priced.


And of course, one would expect big brands to spearhead the release and creation of some of the most loved and sought-after Star Wars merchandise. Nixon released a luxury watch inspired by the Star Wars Millennium Falcon installation and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Millennium Falcon Watch – Baby from Nixon and Star Wars

The Ranger Chrono Millennium Falcon watch joins an already impressive list of other Star Wars Watches. At least, this time around, the price tag is somewhat friendlier. You can order your watch directly from Nixon where it retails for $450. Nixon’s online store offers shipping to US addresses only, but if you don’t live in the US, you can buy the watch using a US parcel forwarder. You will get the Star Wars watch in record time and prime condition.


Most online shoppers are usually skeptical about buying such expensive merchandise online from abroad. That concern is understandable, right from the price tag to the sentimental value behind a Nixon Star Wars watch, it’s not as easy as pie just ordering it off the rack and praying it gets home in mint condition. But you can help yourself by taking the bull by the horns and signing up for a Parcl account. Unlike other package forwarders that are still trying the waters, Parcl has been in the industry for half a decade. During which they have sharpened their skills and delivered a great number of parcels to some of the most remote locations with ease.


Here is why you need to create an account with this leading package forwarder:

  1. An account comes with a verified local shopping address in the US where Nixon offers free shipping and free returns on the Millennium Falcon Star Wars watch. This is enough guarantee that in case your purchase doesn’t pan out as expected, you can always have your local forwarder return it to the store for an exchange. If you bypass the parcel forwarder, it might be impossible or difficult to get a free return in the US.

  2. The Millennium Falcon watch can be bought at a discount if you’re to use a local shipping address. Once you enter and verify the email address, you get a 10% discount on your purchase. If you’re buying the Nixon Star Wars watch, you pay $405 instead of $450, the $45 you save can go towards the shipping and handling fees.

  3. If you love the Star Wars Nixon watch but the payment methods available in your country aren’t accepted by Nixon, then you can use your parcel forwarder’s account and pay for the watch alongside handling and shipping fees via PayPal.

Nixon Star Wars Watch – All You Need to Know

The one aspect that makes the Nixon millennium Falcon watch stand out is the independence and ‘big boy’ look and feel it exudes. Instead of shoving the Star Wars feel down your throat, Nixon went with a mature watch that anyone will proudly buy from the USA. From afar, the watch looks like any other luxury, high-end wristwatch. Only close inspection brings out the Star Wars aura and feel that fans will fall in love with over and over.


The selling point for the Ranger Chrono Millennium starts right from the gunmetal exterior matching the Millennium Falcon’s personal design. Further inspection reveals the dual-eye inspired by the cockpit window of the Han Solo YT-1300 freighter. The winning shot is provided by the day Chrono window that uses the gunner’s window similarity.


When Nixon added the bright blue second's hand and a notch inspired by the ships’ hyperdrive capabilities, they ensured that fans will go to any lengths to ship internationally from the US without thinking twice. Ok, here is a simple description. With the Nixon Ranger Chrono Millennium watch, Star Wars fans get to be grown babies in a subtle manner.  The slogan ‘Never Tell me the Odds’ is swiftly inscribed on the back of the watch alongside the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit window. You get to take C-3PO’s wisdom with you anywhere you go, snuggly fit on the wrist!


Anyone wearing the watch and his corporate suit gets to choose his mood and how the crowd regards him. Buy this Nixon watch and use trusted package forwarding from the US to have it delivered to any address in over 80 countries.


Nixon has an admirable collection of Star Wars watches available from their official website. All you need to enjoy any of their watches is a US address for shopping. Once you have the address, you too can enjoy wearing a stainless-steel luxury watch with a water rating of 100 meters and above. The Nixon watches are protected by a mineral crystal hardened stainless steel case. It will take the strength of Tarzan to break this watch! If you’re looking for an excellent investment that you can also enjoy, the Nixon luxury watch inspired by Star Wars Millennium Falcon is worth the time and effort to procure.

Meet the Other Nixon Watches

Nixon doesn’t just jump on any project. The brand is successful because they factor who they work with and monitor the project closely. The Millennium Falcon Star Wars watch is not the first premium product to come out of the Nixon Labs. We have a list of some of the most prized Nixon x Star Wars highly valued watches Nixon has on their shelves.

  • Star Wars Diplomatic SW, 46 MM that sells for a whopping $2,500. It comes in two colours, Boba Fett Green and Stormtrooper White.

  • Star Wars 51-30 SW, 51 MM that is priced at $550 and there are three colours for this watch, Plasma Silver, Boba Fett Red/Gray and Han Solo Black.

  • Star Wars Ranger Chrono SW, 44 MM priced at $450. It’s only made in Millennium Falcon Gunmetal and this is our watch of interest!

  • Star Wars 46 SW, 46 MM priced at $350 and made in the Millennium Falcon Gunmetal colour as well.

  • Star Wars Ascender Leather SW, 42 MM which goes for $250 and comes in Han Solo/Black/Brown.

There are about 20 more watches sold by Nixon that are Star Wars merch. This list has the top five according to the price. In case the Nixon Ranger Chrono Millennium Falcon Watch is too pricey or not your cup of tea, you can scout the Nixon webstore for more options.


Since you’re shopping online, there’s no need to confine yourself to the one item we discuss in this article. Just double check and ensure that your account with the reviewed parcel forwarder is active. You can shop for more than the Nixon Ranger Chrono Star Wars watch. All other merchandise is fair game. If you don’t know where to start looking, how about you check this out?

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