Ororo Created an Ultimate Jacket for Changeable Weather

Do you remember a time when the idea of an electric blanket just sounded foreign? Well, news flash! That has since passed with flying colours, and we’re now concerned about heated or heat producing clothing. On that note, Ororo, a heated apparel brand located in the US has come up with a whole range of heated clothing. Their ultimate jacket for changeable weather is just the best news you’ll receive today.


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If you’re not fond of winter and most especially having to navigate your way through the snow shovelled dirt path while wobbling like a penguin, then Ororo will make your day. The Ororo Slim fit jacket has already passed testing and reviewers are raving about how practical, warm and comfortable it is in the crazy Chicago blizzards.

The Idea Behind Ororo

When you first read Ororo, the first thing that came to your mind is most probably Netflix’s upcoming competitor This particular Ororo is of a different genre. Based in the American Midwest, the creators of the brand have an excellent insight into weather changes during the day. The initial ideas came about in March 2014, and by December of the same year, the complete functional prototype had been built. Ororo made their first purchase order to the factory in January 2015, and the rest is history. The game-changing heated clothing company is on a mission to empower everyone to never again let the weather dictate their outfits. Thus, they create fashionable, functional apparel.


When one adorns themselves in Ororo heated apparel, they get warmth, remain comfortable and have enough room to be mobile and enjoy free movement. The company dares you to: “Challenge the climate. Don’t let your life be dictated by a thermometer.”

Why Buy Ororo

The heated apparel brand focuses on providing stylish, warm apparel that can be used comfortably in various temperatures and climates. Instead of layering up in the morning and then having to walk like a zombie at 2 PM carrying half of your clothing, Ororo has found a solution for you to wear just one jacket or vest and be good for the day.

Here are a couple of reasons why you need to consider buying Ororo heated apparel:

  • The heating lasts up to 8-hours +, meaning you can come back indoors after a productive day outdoors and recharge overnight.

  • The Ororo apparel has four heating levels to allow you control over the amount of heat to meet the external temperatures.

  • Ororo jackets come with three heating areas—two in the front, located on either side of the chest and one on the mid-back.

  • All apparel is furnished with an efficient heating element.

  • All clothing are water and wind resistant thereby allowing you maximum movement and activity to partake in winter sports and outdoor fun.

  • Manufactured from safe carbon fibre, all Ororo clothes are TSA friendly.

Meet the Magnificent Ororo Heated Jacket

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around the existence and functionality of heated clothing, it’s time to meet their women’s Slim fit heated jacket officially. This particular jacket is perfectly slim fit to hug the wearer and give that killer shape that you’d love to flaunt all-year round. Each jacket comes with a battery pack, and the hood is detachable. Made from 100% polyester, the jackets are highly stylish and durable. The exterior is in soft shell, and the interior comes with fleece lining/padding. In layman’s terms, the jacket is created to produce the heat internally, with the help of the fleece, and the soft-shell exterior fabric traps the produced heat.

When wearing the Ororo women’s slim fit jacket, you can detach the hood to suit your style, the weather or preference. The jacket is perfectly sized, water and wind resistant and thin enough to be lightweight.


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Like every other Ororo design, this jacket, found on Amazon has heating across three body sections. There are two carbon fibre heating elements on either side of the chest and one right on the mid-back. The best part, there is a 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery that has a promise of working for up to 10 hours. Thus, the jacket can produce quick and long-lasting warmth. There is a USB port for charging smart gadgets such as your smartphone or iPod on the jacket! How cool is that?

The slim fit Ororo heated jacket is an excellent purchase. Anyone who feels suffocated when wearing half their wardrobe in the winter can look into purchasing this jacket. It’s readily available from Amazon where it is recommended for:

  • Outdoor activities, including but not limited to motorbike riding, construction work, fishing, camping, skiing, and sporting.

  • Young mobile females who are looking for maximum mobility, style and comfort.

  • The more grown women who love looking good even on an average workday.

The Ororo slim fit jacket can be purchased together with an Ororo power bank that has 4400 mAh. Also, Amazon offers a one-year warranty on each jacket purchased from them. Not to mention that Ororo heated clothing has been put through 50+ wash cycles and passed the durability test.

Amazon Doesn’t Ship Internationally, but Parcl Can Help You Out

The Ororo jacket sounds just like the ultimate outdoors companion you’ve been longing for all your life, doesn’t it? Most probably, you’ve already visited the Amazon page to check it out by yourself, and you’re ready to buy and select the size. But the only speed bump holding back your purchase is that you’re unable to ship internationally from Amazon.

Yeap, annoyingly, Amazon doesn't ship this particular jacket internationally. The alternative is to either find it elsewhere or find how to ship internationally from the US. The former can be risky, because you might find knockoffs or buy from a webstore that doesn’t offer a one-year warranty cover. Thus, your solution is to buy from Amazon and use Parcl to forward your heated jacket to your home country.

Parcl has verified package forwarders in the US who have verified shopping addresses. Visit the Parcl website to create a request for your Ororo slim fit jacket and any other Ororo apparel you’re interested in owning. When creating a package forwarding request, Parcl will give you a quotation based on the number of items you’re buying. To reduce the cost of shipping, you might consider purchasing the Ororo lightweight heated vest, or heated vest slim fit V-neck waistcoat. The more you ship in one order, the lower your per item shipping cost. Best of all, when creating a request, you get to personalise it and only include the services that you consider necessary, such as help with customs, package consolidation and customs compliance support. There are over 220 shipping methods at Parcl’s discretion. It’s possible to get your package with the Ororo heated jacket delivered to your local post office or your doorstep, whichever works best for you.

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