Overwatch Levitating Snowball Bot is Available for Pre-orders

Who is to say Overwatch has reached its peak as far as providing entertainment goes? Where technology and new releases are concerned, Overwatch keeps pushing the boundaries. Since Mei’s adorable robot companion is one of the most underappreciated characters, something had to be done. After all, for Mei’s character to stay at the top of the game and stay impressive, her robotic Snowball must be next to her. It’s Snowball who always aids our favourite ice princess, accompanies Mei to all her battles and unleashes unrivalled frosty powers to aid Mei’s fatal Ult attack.


No one can deny the power and strength with which Snowball executes tasks. Of all moments, perhaps one that forever stands out brightest is when Snowball comforted a balling Mei in her darkest hour yet. Onions were being chopped in every direction as the bot gave up the last of its battery power to help Mei realign her base antenna and thus contact Overwatch. Very few fans will stand and say they have never had a teary eye or two because of Snowball’s sweet and undying loyalty for Mei.

Meet the Levitating Snowball Bot

Yet, as far as Overwatch merchandise goes, Snowball has been unfairly overlooked. That is, until now. Now that both Mei and Snowball are repowered, and back as the duo we all love and adore, it’s time Snowball got honoured in a deserving manner. Blizzard Entertainment has opened their doors for pre-orders. For the first time, Blizzard’s pre-order window is dedicated to high-end collectible Snowball merch. It’s all about Snowball.

The jolly and fancible replication of the mischievous bot comes with an LCD panel for displaying various fun emotes. By activating the power of magnetism, the bot can levitate above its included base, all on its own. As is the norm about Overwatch merch, it usually is multipurpose or comes with some surprise factors.

The Snowball levitating bot doubles as a USB dock. Using its uniport, you can charge your phone even on the move. Snowball bot can be recharged using the same port and used to store energy. You don’t only get to play with a robot, but also own a portable power bank from your favourite multiplayer video game. And, just in time for Christmas and all the travelling that comes with the festive season.

  • The levitating Snowball bot is an excellent gender-neutral gift, which can be appreciated by any recipient, even if they are not an Overwatch fan.

  • Snowball is small enough to serve as a faithful ‘desk buddy’ and can fit into any size carrying bag.

  • The Overwatch collectible can also be used to charge phones, tablets, and other small smart gadgets.

  • Retailing for US$175, the Snowball merch levitating bot is affordable.

Of all Overwatch gifts, the levitating Snowball bot is most intriguing. You might be wondering how the magnets work. At the moment, Blizzard has revealed that the magnets work well enough to get the bot levitating just above the base for a couple of seconds. When it lands, there isn’t too much force. However, you might want to play with its levitational abilities away from fragile home furniture.

Depending on whose side you are on, the Snowball bot might be the most ingenious tech gadget of 2018 or the complete opposite. For a significant number of Overwatch fans, a Zenyatta levitating bot might have been a better option. The bottom line is that for fans of Mei and her robot companion, this is a necessary Overwatch collectible. It will go well on the display table and fit inside most bags. Best of all, charging on the move becomes an easy function.

Summary of the Levitating Bot Specs

Available for pre-order from the official Blizzard webstore, the Levitating Snowball comes with a lot of desirable features. You have to meet it one-on-one to fully understand and enjoy its abilities. But to curb your curiosity, here are a few details about the bot:

  • Magnetic levitating

  • USB charging port

  • LCD expressions

  • Authentic Detail

Blizzard Overwatch merch is always quite desirable. The same can be said for this adorable bot that can fit into the palm of most adults. Since it can be used when playing around and at the same instance serve as a mobile charger; owning it is as good as investing in a much-needed companion.

Overwatch Blizzard Snowball Bot Date of Release

The bot is already available for pre-order from the Blizzard Gear Webstore. Without shipping costs, it is priced at $175. Aimed at making it on time to your home for the holidays, this merch will start shipping out mid-December. Anyone with access to the webstore can pre-purchase their levitating snowball as early as today. Blizzard limits each customer’s purchase to 10 units. The price does not include any promotional offers.

More details are likely to emerge as we draw closer to the holidays.

Through Parcl Overwatch Fans Can Get any Game-Themed Merch Shipped their Way

The Blizzard Snowball bot is available for pre-orders online. This does not exclude international shoppers. However, the webstore is available in select regions, such as Europe and North America. For the rest of international shoppers, there is no way of shipping your pre-purchased magnetic levitating snowball to your country straight from the store.


To help the purchase process, sign up for a free account with Parcl is a leading online service provider that offers handling and shipping services among others. When buying your Overwatch merch, visit the official Parcl website and follow these instructions:

  1. Either select ‘Register’ or ‘Create a request’.

  2. If you choose to register, you will have the option of setting up your lifetime free account with Parcl. In case you select to create a request, you will get a form, fill it out and include the Blizzard URL for your buys after having selected the total number of bots you want to buy.

  3. Parcl will provide you with quotes from verified local forwarders. Select the one you like best.

  4. The selected forwarder comes with a verified local shopping address.

  5. Complete the pre-purchase from Blizzard Gear Store using the address provided by your forwarder.

  6. As soon as December 15 comes, Blizzard will start shipping out the robots. Yours will be sent out to the local shipping address where your forwarder will be waiting for it. The Snowball package will be forwarded to you using the shipping method of your choice.

In case your local payment method is not an option for paying for your order at Blizzard, Parcl offers a PayPal integrated payment system. You can complete your purchase by paying via your Parcl account. Just like Mei, you will also get to command your bot: “Rise and Shine Snowball!”

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