PlayStation Classic: New Mini Retro Console by Sony

Right at the top of the leader board table for console developers are the industry moguls, Sony and Nintendo. With Nintendo already having released their hit ‘throwbacks’ SNES and NES Classics, it was only a matter of time before Sony responded. And oh boy, what a response this is going to be. The excitement that’s building up leading to the release date, December 3, is already palpable and hard to ignore. For the player who loves reminiscing and going back to the roots of it all, the new PlayStation Classic is the release of the year 2018!

Why is Sony Introducing the PlayStation Classic?

In a lengthy statement, Sony made it known that they have been in the industry for a quarter of a century now. What better way to thank their loyal fans and show appreciation than paying homage to the original buyers of the PlayStation Consoles 25 years ago? The first ever PlayStation console was fully developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. And this was newsworthy as the PS1 was the first ever home console in the history of video games to sell over 100 Million units globally. The ability to play games with real-time 3D supported graphics in the comfort of one’s home made the console a major success.

An official statement from Sony sounds confident that the PS 1 classic edition will be a hit, a necessary one at that. Sony stated that “long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the ground-breaking PlayStation console experience that started it all.

Here are some of the reasons why Sony is introducing the PlayStation 1 classic:

  • To pay homage to their original fans, gamers who bought the PlayStation 1 console.

  • To lure new gamers who would like to experience how using PlayStation was back in the day.

  • To compete with their number one nemesis — Nintendo.

  • Bringing in diversity and offering their fans a chance of going back in time without the use of a time travelling technique.

  • Priced at just USD $100, this console might be coming to bridge the gap and provide an option for those with limited budgets.

What Does the PS1 Classic Edition Bring?

This new baby comes with 20 pre-loaded games. It makes a cool Christmas gift, and the games include much loved classics such as Tekken 3, Wild Arms and of course Final Fantasy VII among others. This PlayStation classic console is set to be almost half the size of the real PlayStation. Matter-of-factly, Sony stated that it will be exactly 45% smaller than the real PS1. Not to worry about the controllers, this mini-version will be complete with smaller controllers. The controllers will also be carbon copies of their forebears, functioning in the exact sequence, but of course, smaller in size.

In the PS1 classic edition package, there will be one console, two controllers, an HDMI cable and a USB cable. This way, just as it always has been the culture with Sony consoles, couch multiplayer mode will be possible. The AC adaptor will be sold separately from the other units. Check into that when placing your order.

New PlayStation Classic Box Contents

The real PS1 presented games that came with originality. Their style of development was unparalleled. When compared to the pale games available in modern consoles, the PS1 Classic presents a chance of going back in time to enjoy the sized-down original arcade classics and crazy designs. Already, there are a lot of excited players who can’t wait to enjoy their favourites that were phased out with the introduction of PlayStation 2 and 3 and subsequently PlayStation 4.

The official Sony website in Japanese suggests that owners of the brand-new PlayStation 1 classic will not be able to download additional games online. Of course, this revelation doesn’t dull the shine since some of the PS games have a huge multi-disc size. Also, that is exactly what Nintendo did with their NES Classic, C64 mini and SNES Classic. There is no reason why Sony cannot do the same.

PlayStation Classic Release Date

The PlayStation Classic is set to launch on December 3 at an MSRP of USD $99.99. At the moment, Sony has already opened the pre-sales, but there haven’t been any official statements yet on the actual number of units that are going to be manufactured. In the upcoming months leading to its release, Sony will be sending out more information about the PlayStation 1 Classic.

You might say that it’s too early to be thinking about buying or ordering the console, but better safe than sorry. Just like the PlayStation 4 Pro Limited Edition that was released to mark the sale of over 500 million units, the Classic will be a dynamic hit. If you’re a fan and would like to immortalize PlayStation, then pre-order your console now. There is no time better than the present.

Pre-Order PlayStation Classic

Parcl, a package forwarding community, is in no way related to Sony, however, it is the number 1 destination for anyone in need of pre-ordering limited edition items or shipping rare collectibles. Since the PS1 console is not yet on the market, it’s not yet available for sale. But, interested individuals can make a pre-order as soon as today.

Pre-ordre PlayStation Classic

Pre-order new PlayStation CLassic console

The consoles are available for pre-order in the US and Canada, leaving the international community out. There are no direct shipping methods from most US or Canadian based retailers. With Parcl, you get to pay the exact same price as Canadian or US based shoppers, plus the forwarding costs. Here is how you can pre-order your classic PS1 console via Parcl:

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Once your PS1 arrives, that is the end of your transaction with Parcl. There are no extra charges or monthly subscriptions. You only pay for the service if and when you use the site. Being a member of Parcl is at your set terms and conditions. Consider signing up for an account as this will significantly improve your international online shopping experience!

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