Post-Christmas Sales: What to Buy after the Holidays

Shopping for Christmas is an ever joyous occasion. Most of us get the adrenaline rush, the unexplainable ‘yippie jabs’ that prompt us to spend in the spur of the moment. And we don’t just spend. We splurge. Starting right from the Thanksgiving table and the crazy Black Friday Deals, the shopping bug just bites us hard, and we respond by giving in. Maybe this is one of the reasons why January is not that much of a shopper favorite in the way that December is.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Discovering the best after Christmas sales can motivate you to continue your celebrations into the New Year. The post-Christmas sales are here to help you tick off all those New Year’s resolutions. One of the best resolutions for each New Year is to become a more careful spender. So, you do need to search for the best after Christmas sales online and get financially fit from the onset.

As the saying goes, ‘there’s no better time than the present,’ so, 2019 is the best time to start that financial emancipation you have been longing for and dismally failing over the years. Read on and:

  • Discover tricks on how to be a smart shopper.

  • Narrow down the list to only the things that you really need.

  • Discover how to buy what you need at the right time for the best price possible.

  • Get handy tips on actual post-Christmas sales and how to find them and buy before sale items run out.

  • Buy your 2019 holiday and special occasion gifts way ahead of time, splurge while saving.

We’ve taken the time and pleasure of checking market trends based on previous sale records and figures. And, this list is not based on speculation. Actual data and market analysis were involved in compiling the short list for your convenience. Take a look and take note.

Best Things to Buy after Christmas

Holiday Decor & Gift Wrap

Get all the holiday décor and gift wrap materials right at the beginning of the year. This category hands down has the best after Christmas sales, and the price slashes are always super steep. Shops are doing the most to ‘get rid’ of everything. Instead of waiting until the next holiday to buy these essentials at the last moment again, buy different prints and find secret storage to stash them away in your home. In case you’re not in the mood to drive to the mall, go online and shop for the after-Christmas décor and gift wrap UK or USA sales. An international parcel forwarder will deliver these to your home according to your specifications.


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January has mad sales on bedding and linen. You might be wondering about the reason behind this trend. Well, it began in January of 1878 when John Wanamaker launched the first ever ‘White Sale’, which saw massive clearance on white linen bed sheets. Since then, after Christmas clearance sales on linen have continually gone bigger. And just after the holidays, when your house finally clears of the big family gatherings, you’ll realize that new linen is needed. If you need to stock up for the next gathering of the cousins, or simply have a new look in the bedrooms, search for after-Christmas linen sales online. Thankfully, the trend has grown bigger and now includes linen of all colors, so you won't just get stuck with all-white.


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Believe it or not, toys are best bought during the after Christmas sales. Shops tend to overstock on toys. After all, no child should be left without a toy at Christmas. Come January, a significant number will be left and in need of clearance. As such, you can buy toys for the children in your life in January. Your only challenge will be where and how to hide them for the next eleven months until the next holiday season.

Plush toys

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Exercise Equipment & Scales

You’d think that post-Christmas sales exclude exercise equipment and scales because that’s when they’re mostly in demand. After all, during the holiday, it’s very easy to slip off the fitness regime and gain a couple of pounds meaning you’ll need new equipment for the new year. Thank goodness, the beginning of the year actually has the friendliest prices on equipment including weights, treadmills, ellipticals and home scales. You can shop by brand and create a new identity for a new and better you. To help yourself stay motivated, get the whole family on track using these crazy deals.


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Winter Clothing & Sports Gear

Hold off until the beginning of the year to shop for winter gear as that’s when you’ll come across the best after Christmas sales on winter wear. If you shop for items like gloves, ski equipment, camping and hiking essentials, you’ll meet the best ‘Deal of the Day’ or ‘Lightning Deals’ with the most astonishing discounts. The trick is to compare, start checking out the items you want in December, then come January, you’ll have a pleasant shopping experience.


In most cases, half the world will still be experiencing harsh winter for the first 2-3 months of the year. Winter clothing is always in demand. And if you have your own outdoor winter sporting equipment, you'll enjoy the season and make the most of your cold days.

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The after Christmas sales on suits are exactly what you need to boost your professional looks in the new year. Of course, you didn’t have the mind to buy formal wear in December. With all those crazy deals on Christmas presents and vacations, it’s a good thing there are after Christmas deals and suits are affordable in January. Benefit during this slow month and buy more than one suit to save on shipping costs when your international package forwarder calculates the cost of shipping.


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Package Forwarding from the US

Other than Amazon, there are lots of wonderful online shops in the US. The best part is that when things go on sale, their prices get slashed mad-crazy. You can save a great deal by shopping online. The only challenge is that Amazon and other webstores don’t always offer to ship internationally from the US. That’s why having a Parcl account is the smartest thing to do, not just for the January sales, but for shopping throughout the year.

Visit Parcl and create a free account. Each time you want to shop from America, you’ll get a verified shopping address to use and complete international shipping from the USA to your home. Instead of being forced to buy a couple of items available locally, Parcl will:

  • Help you get newly released products as soon as they hit the market

  • Help you to save on both shopping and shipping

  • Open doors for you to buy items that are not available in your country. For example, most Amazon sellers don’t sell to other countries outside of America due to shipping restrictions. A Parcl account and VPN make you instantly American, and you get to shop like the locals.

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