Razer Released Three New Affordable Gaming Peripherals

When gaming, the console, games and joysticks are half of the thrill. The rest of the fun is provided, catered for and sponsored by the peripherals. Gaming peripherals have risen over the years and with more advancement in technology, people are growing to love, like and anticipate more peripherals for each newly released game. The new Razer peripherals are key and evidence to how far we have gone when it comes to tech.

The newly released Razer items are mouse, keyboard and headset. They are already available on the market and interested buyers can get these online. Gamers will be taken in especially when they learn that in comparison to Razer’s usual catalogue, these are priced much lower. If you buy the keyboard, mouse and headset, you save when compared to prices offered by other developers and even by Razer’s usual standards. Buying your peripherals online is easier and faster now, and you don’t have to search for desired models locally and pay more. With the help of international package forwarding service, you can buy original newly released gaming devices from the manufacturer. 

New Gaming Peripherals by Razer

Here are your three new Razer kids on the block coming up in 2019:

  1. The New Razer Keyboard

Razer’s famed BlackWidow keyboard is getting reintroduced to the consumer. In 2019, this keyboard will be known as BlackWidow 2019 and it comes with some of the best features this brand has ever developed.


In all of their history, the keyboards with Chroma RGB lighting and numpad have been the most sought after. In the series, the most affordable keyboard was the Cynosa with membrane-only keys going for $59.99. This was followed closely by the Ornata sold at $79.99 with mecha-membrane keys. Then there was the BlackWidow X going for $149.99 and one of the best under the brand with its exposed top metal design.

With the new Razer keyboard, the brand decided to go all out in upgrading all systems. BlackWidow X doesn’t have a friendly price. Thus, the BlackWidow 2019 has come to pave that gap. This new keyboard has most of the lovable features from the BlackWidow X such as the signature Green Mechanical switches, compatible with Razer Synapse 3 (the hardware responsible for managing Razer products), onboard memory (making it possible to save up to 5 profiles including lighting profiles and settings), as well as the individually lit keys with the Razer Chroma 16.8 million colour spectrum. Here are some of the Razer BlackWidow keyboard’s major features:

  • Fully customizable keys.

  • Hybrid onboard memory and cloud storage.

  • Razer Green Mechanical Switch.

  1. Razer Gaming Headset

This set of headsets is guaranteed to become Razer’s next huge sensation. If the response is any good, then it will be a classic in the gaming industry. The mad lime green is not an easily ignorable colour. It demands attention and jumps out of the shadows. The brand-new Razor third generation Kraken pair of headsets is what you need. Accompanied by the now standard oversized, over-ear gel cooling cushions, it’s a set of headsets suitable for the 2019 gamer. Most of the features are a definite upgrade from the Kraken V2. And here’s the ultra-cool part, there is spacing for your glass frames should you require it. Arrange to have your headset shipped from the US to your specified home address.


Kraken V3 features support for Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and mobile devices. The standard 3.5mm audio jack makes such compatibilities possible. These headsets are already available from the official Razer webstore online. If you were yet to think about it, this might be the deciding factor, these headsets are not just in the default Razer green colourway. Get more options in either a quartz pink variant as seen on Valentine’s as a Razer Store exclusive, or a special black and blue console edition colourway.

  1. Razer Gaming Mouse

The Razer Basilisk Essential is an FPS-oriented wired gaming mouse designated strictly for the avid gamer. It comes with a ‘sniper button’ which is an instant sensitivity switcher. Instead of the 16 000 DPI optical sensor seen on the $69.99 Basilisk, the Basilisk Essential only has 6 400 DPI. This gaming mouse is similar to its parent but has some slight differences, such as having a rubberized texture/pattern for the thumb rest. Also, it’s the dumbed down version because it lacks the custom wheel tensioning. Instead of the eight programmable buttons we’ve grown accustomed to with the Razer Basilisk, the Razer Basilisk Essential has seven.


These differences are not even a minor turnoff as its mouse is still highly functional and perfect for the avid gamer. After all, it retains the Razer Chroma backlighting. Gamers love the backlight and the illumination it radiates; this mouse is worth your time and efforts in buying it.

Availability and Pricing

The official Razer website already has details and listings for their brand-new gaming peripherals. The new keyboard will be sold for $119.99. It’s already on the website and ready to go. All you need to do is arrange for package forwarding from the US and buy your newest keyboard. Just like V2, the new kid on the block of Kraken is going for $79.99. And guess what! Razer offers free standard shipping in the US for all orders over $79. Unleash the ultimate gaming experience by shopping these headsets, enjoying free shipping in the US and only paying for international shipping from the USA to your country.

The Razer Basilisk mouse with all its glorious Razer Chroma backlighting was first made available in China. As of mid-March, it became available to all buyers interested in the mouse. It’s being sold by Razer for $49.99 per unit. Start looking into how to ship from the US to your home country and buy yourself the new gaming peripherals. With the right kind of additions to your game, it becomes a new experience that takes gaming to a whole new level.

Buying Your Gaming Accessories Online

Gamers know that with the right kind of backup, any game becomes a new and amplified experience. Razer has developed the best gaming peripherals that are affordable and yet have most of the features found in the other products that carry a higher price. Why not get these three accessories at once and:

  • Have your own self-styled and customised set of gaming peripherals;

  • Save on international shipping fees as you make the three accessories one parcel, which is sent at once and charged as a unit;

  • Get the best deal in terms of free delivery in the US for products that qualify for free shipping locally.

Get gaming peripherals because they make sense, not just because you’re a gamer and think it’ll look cool to have them. With these three new editions from Razer, you get functionality and style in one purchase. 

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