Rick and Morty is back! Expect 70 Episodes of Pure Excitement

It only required a short cryptic video on Dan Harmon’s Instagram and a tweet featuring a sketch of the show’s ostensible characters under Justin Roiland’s handle to send multitudes into a frenzy. The co-creators took advantage of the perfect timing and tactfully made the announcement.



After a loud hue and cry from the show’s sworn adherents who were wary that the fourth season would not be returning, the amount of excitement said it all. There will be 70 new (YES, 70 of them!) and incredibly exciting episodes, a triple of the first three seasons that together had 31 episodes in all. Everyone’s prayer expected this sci-fi satire to be renewed, but such a humongous order caught everyone by surprise.

Nobody saw Rick and Morty coming back

It’s rather bizarre that this announcement came at a time when the enthusiasm amongst the show’s followers hadn’t gone down, despite the fact that no single creator gave a hint about it. Ironically, the scene had been awash with reports that Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated 4th season wasn’t happening.

One writer had even suggested that nobody had started working on it as the two creators waited to hear back from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. And so, it was understandable why everyone had been sad up until the huge announcement.

The premiere will probably wait til 2019

There’s nothing regarding how the new episodes will be divided into seasons and aired, nor the total time frame. The premiere will, however, happen in 2019, or so it seems.

Rick and Morty new episodes courtesy of Adult Swim

While speaking to GQ, the show’s co-creator, Dan Harmon said the 70-episode deal only became a reality after a lengthy negotiation process. He admitted they endured a lot of back and forth, but their insistence on a framework that would allow their absolute focus on the show finally paid off.

The 70 new episodes of Rick and Morty will mean the entire show is syndicated to consist of 100 episodes in total. It is a massive investment for Adult Swim and will give the hordes of this show’s faithful a reason to feel excited once again. In fact, this show ranks among the most watched animation shows with most of its lovers being the vibrant millennial population.

Rick and Morty brought about a newfound sense of maturity

Since the 2013 debut, this animated science fiction has remained a huge hit. The storyline mainly revolves around Rick, an intelligent-but-cynical alcoholic genius, and Morty, his impressionable grandson.

The two are perpetually in the pursuit of zany adventures, traversing the multiverse and keeping thousands of the show’s followers excited. And it is their adventures that inspired the Szechuan Sauce debacle in the US in 2017.

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