Rihanna's Christmas Eyeshadow Palette Revealed

Now we all know, anything Rihanna handles turns into gold. Even the over-priced runway clothes are hideous until Rihanna decides they are not – by wearing them. And well, let’s talk about her contributions to the fashion industry. Her introduction of Fenty Beauty has been nothing short of amazing, a game changer to say the least. Rihanna’s makeup covers the broadest and most diverse range of skin tones that have for decades remained side-lined by mainstream makeup brands. It’s no surprise that anything touched by or associated with her thrives. Basically, it’s a matter of Rih this, Rih that and voila — it’s magic!

Since we’re already at the start of the Holiday season, Christmas is just a number of days away. Of course, mama Fenty has a lot of surprises and well-deserved gifts for us to make the festive season even more colourful.

  • Already, on Oct 3, Rihanna gave an elaborate preview into what lies ahead with her new eye and cheek palette.

  • Her Instagram page was on fire with the icy silver-purple look captioned “Pull up to the holiday all iced owwwt. So excited to drop this year’s holiday collection #CHILLOWT on Oct. 12.”

  • Just after showing us her latest eye and cheek pampering palette, Rihanna shared that her Diamond Bomb was the number one selling product at Sephora stores.

  • The success keeps pilling as her line, Fenty Beauty is part of the Time 50 Genius Companies once again.

Honestly, the Rihanna makeup line has a life of its own and rightfully so. The new eye and cheek palettes are to-die-for. As expected, like anything else by Rihanna, the palette is neat and oh so adorable. A clumsy cool collaboration of bright and huey colours makes for the unusual yet stunning external cover. International shoppers can also own the latest Rihanna eye makeup palette. The only challenge is that it is currently available at Sephora US stores where the unveiling took place. 


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Parcl to the Rescue of Rihanna Eye and Cheek Palette Shoppers from Overseas

International shoppers can order their Rihanna palette today and have it delivered as soon as it is released. With Parcl, there is no stress about paying for registration fees or monthly subscriptions. You will pay for what you are buying at the same price displayed in the webstore. Only pay your Parcl forwarder for their handling services and shipping costs. Here is how you can look just as radiant as Rihanna on Christmas Day 2018 without setting foot inside a Sephora store:

  1. Visit your favourite Sephora webstore. Alternatively, you may select to access the store via the official Parcl website right from the start.

  2. If you are visiting via Parcl, you can create a request to have your own Rihanna eye and cheek makeup palette scouted for. If you used the Sephora website, search for the eye and cheek palette and any other Fenty Beauty products that strike your fancy and head for the checkout

  3. At checkout, you will need to use a local address, which is why it’s best to visit via from the start. But this is not a problem: you can still leave your prospective purchases in the cart and head over to Parcl. Register an account and enter the URLs for your cart contents to get an estimate quotation, as well as a free verified shipping address

  4. Check out from the Sephora store using the verified address provided by your forwarder. Your Rihanna eye and cheek palette will be shipped and received by the local Parcl handler. Based on your specifications and requirements, your palette (alongside other items purchased from Sephora online) will be repackaged, consolidated, photographed and shipped your way with a tracking number provided.

  5. The transaction is only complete once you have received the package. You can opt to reuse the Parcl parcel forwarding service once more at a time convenient for your shopping needs.

Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow Palette by Rihanna Sephora

Although Sephora was already standing and successful before Fenty Beauty’s conception, we cannot deny the crowning glory that came with selling the brand. For Sephora, Fenty Beauty is the culmination of the beauty industry.

The eye and cheek palettes are a combination of fire and ice. It has everything that a girl wants to achieve the perfect makeup look and cause confusion in her wake. There are combinations of fiery, deep hues, like copper and bright orange. In the mix are some cool and warm tones such as blue and mint green.

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Of course, our darling ‘Badgirlriri’ took it upon herself to teach us how to use this palette as both an eyeshadow and highlighter and use it as both in the same face beat. There are more wins than…well, it’s all wins if you purchase this palette:

  • The eye and cheek makeup palette by Rihanna Fenty Beauty is a high-quality cream-to-powder formula, the same as used on all her other palettes. Thus, the application is seamless and easy to blend.

  • It has the first (primary) colours for beautifying the face.

  • The palette comes with 7 shades, a perfect combination and play of colours. If history is anything to go by, it’s no secret that Rihanna has a thing for pulling up some rabbit from her stylish hat. The Fenty Beauty line will most definitely be bringing in more fire to the range this 2018 festive season. Buying the palette will help have the complete collection by the end of the year.

Sephora International Shipping via Parcl

The beauty behind Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is that she pushes it herself. In addition to having the brand’s own social media pages, Aunt Ri also advertises her products in a subtle-oh-so-beautiful manner. Of course, she wears and models them. If you know how these Instagram streets operate, you will also be happy to go and stalk them yourself and lose yourself inside the ever over the top (in a good way) Fenty Beauty.

For international lovers of makeup, there isn’t anything to stress over. Use Parcl to buy your makeup kits and get them delivered to your home!

By the time the 24-days of Christmas arrive, Rihanna would have shared and released a lot more products via her Instagram pages. Keep on visiting Instagram to discover new releases. And, just in case you’re afraid of the festive season postage hustles, sign up with Parcl for stress-less package handling and forwarding. Besides, you will only pay when using their services. Even if it means only using your accounts on special occasions, no additional fees are applied.

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