7 Concept Stores from the Netherlands

What’s your favorite concept store and what do you like about it? Are there any near your home or place of work? Or rather, the first question should be, are you familiar with a concept store and what it is? Unfortunately, in a bid to stay on top on the social ladder, the term has become misappropriated several times and eventually, diluted down to what it’s not.

Even the average convenience store is now labeled as a concept store which is further from the truth and causes more confusion. In a bid to explore the seven trending Dutch concept stores, we will explore what makes a concept store.


Understanding a Concept Store

Just as the term suggests, there is a concept being followed. A concept store is one that selects an overarching theme and carefully hand-picks curated, unique products to exclusively sell them. Hence, the target audience and clients of a concept store are specific and the only ones catered to by the products in stock.

The staff at a Concept store carefully selects stock pulled from different designers and brands to only suit the particular overarching theme. The results are complementary products from different lines and they can be beauty, clothing, and homeware.

  • To work in a concept store, one must have a sense of distinguished style and not shy away from the bold, outstanding arrangements.

  • In a concept store, the displayed items consist of a mixture of lines and products that are attractive. Online shoppers get their buys forwarded to their specified addresses.

  • The entire setting of a concept store is about discovery and experiencing beyond what most label as the ‘comfort zone.’

  • A concept store can be easily recognised by its unusual setup as products and store designs tend to change on a regular basis to signify the new interesting discovery of the store owner or stockist or tell the store story in a different manner.

  • In the Netherlands, concept stores offer significant extra experiential elements to keep the hype abuzz and make even more individuals interested in the store’s services.

Alongside Paris, New York, and London, Dutch online stores based in Amsterdam have a significant percentage of them as unconventional concept stores.

Top Dutch Concept Stores to Check Out


The ANNA + NINA concept store is an idea by two female powerhouses. Started by Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot, the company is now a global chain store. However, the centre of operations still remains in the Netherlands where there are three physical stores. The ANNA + NINA store showcases jewellery. Initially, the line was hand created by the founders, but as they found rhythm and identity, they added more designers. Their charming interior items inspired mostly by the Balinese and Indian wildlife radiate through everything else. Now, they also display other collectibles from international brands. Select your jewellery or interior items and have them delivered internationally from the Netherlands.




If you’re an avid supporter of young and upcoming talent, the relentless and outside the box thinkers, then HUTSPOT is the Dutch online concept store after your heart. It was designed to showcase the upcoming talent and thus, brings together a collection of new, trendy and dynamic designs and lines. The clean bold colour with a touch of geometric design is HUTSPOT’s signature collection. Head over to the online store if you’re after high-quality, iconic homeware, accessories, cosmetics and clothing. And just for that Amazeballs factor, there is a spacious lunchroom inside the HUTSPOT store with a high-end espresso machine and an in-house barbershop with two chairs.

Shop HUTSPOT online.



The products on display in this online store can easily be classified as vintage. Focusing on menswear, CONCRETE MATTER sells durable and timeless apparel for men. It’s for the distinguished shopper who loves to stand out and not be clad in the same item as every other man in the summer. Their style is mostly 20th-century workwear. They offer a long list of curated and well-crafted items including the likes of 11oz jeans, army surplus gear, and thick flannel shirts.

Shop Concrete Matter online



If you would really love to buy from the Netherlands, then you will need a verified parcel forwarder to help with handling and shipping your purchase. Sign up for a Parcl account to receive a verified Dutch shopping address. Then you can visit the GEITENWOLLENWINKEL shop. Never you mind the pronunciation, all you need to know is that GEITENWOLLENWINKEL is Dutch for ‘The Goat Wool Shop.’ But this is where you need a huge sense of humour since this curated store sells exclusively vegan products. There is a deep significance to the name which shows the solidarity between the shop owners and vegan, eco-friendly lifestyle. But as an international shopper, your main concern is that you can buy fair-trade vegan clothing with modern decoration and calm colours.




HÔTEL DROOG has been one of the most prominent stores when it comes to design. When paired with other Dutch online stores, DROOG is outstanding and has been an influencer for over two decades. Some of their signature pieces have made it into the international level and they collaborate with significant brands globally. Their thought-provoking exhibitions are the best part of the company. At DOGG, there’s a spacious café fully furnished with the studio’s latest creations. In case you were curious about the name, there’s a one-bedroom design hotel at DROOG.

Visit the DROOG webstore.



The store has several sections. You can get lost while shopping for the COTTONCAKE label, store collection or just admiring their Store and Café. Enjoy their hand-selected clothing, jewellery and art prints. The aesthetic charm relies on the minimalistic look and local artists pour their heart and efforts into creating one-of-a-kind items. Connect with a global forwarder when shopping and arrange to ship from the Netherlands beforehand. Local shoppers can enjoy the café services. But if you’re shopping online, just enjoy the trendy contemporary art collection.

Shop Cottoncake online.


  1. T.I.T.S

Of all concept Dutch shops, T.I.T.S is the most interesting. Right from the name to the store VIP Program. If you would like to receive significant discounts and news in your future purchases, then join the Tittiesclub. The store focuses on customised and exclusive womenswear. They stock everything for women including velour tracksuits and simpletons such as branded tee-shirts. If you’re interested in streetwear and other millennial leading outfits then T.I.T.S is your store. By the way, the abbreviation is far from what you think and stands for This Is The Sh*t. Joke’s on you!

Visit the webstore


Dutch Concept Store and the Future

Presently, the whole idea and functionality of concept stores are in a way unclear. When forecasting the future, there are a lot of big details defining a huge part of the concept store idea. As a result, when more people become hands-on and show interest in concept stores, retail trends such as curation, personalisation, experience, customisation and community will play a significant role in creating more confusion. For now, find the best parcel forwarder for shipping from the Netherlands and enjoy shopping for the best Dutch curated items from these seven amazing concept stores.

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