7 Money Saving Tricks You Must Learn if You Ever Shop

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most convenient places to shop at. And if you happen to have a Prime membership, you are even more in luck: you don’t just get to enjoy prices that are often competitive with giant discount stores, you also get your purchases delivered in just 2 days and for free. Who wouldn’t just love that? Besides getting the best prices by simply coming to, here are 7 more ways to save money while shopping there. We are pretty sure you may not be aware of most of them.

1. Get Reimbursed When Prices Drop

Customers report that if you contact Amazon within 7 days of your purchase and tell them that the price for the item you purchased has dropped since you placed your order, they will refund the difference to you. To say that this option is under-advertised is, well, an under-statement, but now that you are in the know, try using it! Keep in mind that this guarantee does not apply to orders fulfilled by third-party sellers, just those fulfilled directly by Amazon.

2. Don’t Let Amazon Trick You

This is something Amazon will probably never admit to, but customers have noticed that the store may sometimes have Prime members pay more for products than non-members would. They must be trying to recoup the costs of expedited shipping they make available for free to Prime members, but if you are a Prime member, I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate this.

Luckily, there is a simple way to find out if you are about to pay more. Here is what you need to do: open two different web browsers (like Google Chrome + IE or Mozilla Firefox). In the one you normally use to shop go to Amazon, log in and find the item you’d like to purchase. Note the price WITHOUT adding the product to your shopping cart.  

Now clear cookies and cache, go to the second browser, open and check the price on the same item. If it is lower than what you noted in the other browser, then you’ll know for sure Amazon is trying to fool you. What you can now do is just add any items you wanted to buy to the cart in this second browser, note the total price (or better yet, note individual prices), then log into your Amazon account. Check to make sure the prices didn’t change when you logged in, and proceed with checkout as a Prime member. If you do see the prices go up after login, call Amazon at 1-888-280-4331 and ask them for the lower prices.

3. Don’t Go With Top Search Results 

If you come to Amazon looking for a specific brand or model, be careful when running a search. Amazon must think that since you have such a specific need, you are likely to buy the item at any price, so they’ll steer you toward the most expensive matches first.

Be smart and dig deeper into the search results to find the best deals. Your savings can be especially significant when you shop for expensive items such as electronics. Don’t forget to look through ‘Related products’ and ‘Customers who bought this also bought…’, as you may often find the exact same item sold for less by its manufacturer or a third party.  

4. Get Compensated for Delayed Prime Shipments

If you are a Prime member and a package that was shipped to you via Prime shipping takes longer than 2 days, you can be compensated. Amazon stands by this guarantee regardless of what caused the shipping delay, be it a weather calamity or any other issue. The standard compensation for such a delay is your Amazon Prime membership being extended for another month for free. Just contact Amazon via an online chat, email or phone and let them know of the problem.

5. Get Amazon Gift Cards for Stuff You No Longer Use

Did you know that instead of donating your old stuff to charity, you could send it to Amazon and get money in the form of a gift card to spend on the site. They don’t accept absolutely everything, but it’s always worth checking if an item you are about to donate is accepted. The main categories in the Amazon Trade-In program are books, phones, cameras, mp3 players and other electronics. And what’s great is that Amazon will look through your prior purchases and let you know how much you could get for trading in items in your old orders, plus they send you a prepaid label, so you can ship your stuff to Amazon for free.

6. Use Coupons on Amazon

Yes, there are actually coupons you can use on Amazon, although it’s amazing how most people think otherwise. And the great thing is that you don’t have to scour the web for Amazon coupons, as they are all listed under Today’s Deals -> Coupons right on the site. You can look through coupons by categories and apply them right there. 

7. Get a Great Deal on Diapers for your Baby

Do you have a Prime membership and a baby? Then you should definitely look into the Amazon Family Subscribe & Save program, which gives you 20% off diapers and ships them to you for free. You can select the delivery date that works best for you and forget having to haul huge boxes of diapers from the store ever again. And you can cancel your subscription any time, so there is really nothing to lose and a lot to win with this deal.

Head on over to right now and see how much you can save using these tricks. Enjoy your savings! Oh, and if the seller doesn’t ship to your country, you know where to go >>>>!

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