7 Streetwear and Sneaker Stores from Hong Kong

If we talk about fashion in China, Guangzhou is a popular fashion destination. This Chinese city is super famous, even factories and industries call it home, business there is booming. For such reasons, other Chinese cities can be easily overlooked and ignored. The only time they suffice is when you bring in special skills and the topic of big labels. Such is the case with Hong Kong. If you’re into caps, t-shirts, limited edition kicks and all other trendy streetwear essentials, then Hong Kong is the city of your dreams.

Your joy might be short-lived by the realization that going to Hong Kong means applying for travel documents and buying a flight ticket. Depending on your location, the average you might need to shell out on an Economy class ticket is $1000. Thus, if you’re into the limited-edition streetwear, your budget for Hong Kong clothing stores is already blown out of the water.


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Clothing Stores from Hong Kong

  1. 8Five2

8Five2 is for the fashion-forward lover of kicks. This brand was launched just before the new millennium and at this point, it’s fast, better and way ahead of others launched around the same period. As one of the first-ever local authentic skateboard and street fashion stores to open in Hong Kong, they have done pretty well and can now boast of both popular and underground labels such as Nike SB, Primitive, Vans, Know1ledge and Spitfire. If you’re able to physically visit their Hong Kong establishment, you’ll enjoy the amazingly curated shop with marble floors and glass bench displays.

Shop 8Five2 online.



If your middle name is comfort-style, then the Onitsuka Tiger shoes are calling your name. Popular for their ‘tiger stripes’ that are emblazoned across every pair of sneakers, these colorful varieties present buyers with a lot of selection. If you’re based in the heart of Hong Kong, then you can easily visit any of their several outposts spread all over Hong Kong. Some of their concept stores sell luggage, graphic tees, and apparel in addition to their already famous tiger-striped sneakers. You’ll fall in love with the ability to pick and choose as you please.

Shop from Onitsuka Tiger.


  1. JUICE

Are you interested in high concept streetwear? Then JUICE is your plug. This trendy Hong Kong-based fashion brand was established in 2003 with its first store being in Causeway Bay. They stock and display a widely varied range, and their most impressive brands at the moment include the likes of Hood by Air, Adidas, Bleu de Pename, Converse and Buscemi. For anything and everything contemporary streetwear, visiting JUICE will leave you with bags full of shopping. They are also found on Insta for easy accessibility and showcasing of style.

Visit JUICE online store.



Based in Hong Kong, this store is more on the flip side and very up-to-date with current trends and affairs. Loading Store carries locally sourced and manufactured clothing, but at the same time they also display small brands from New York, California and the UK. If you are shopping from Hong Kong, then it will make sense to spend your international parcel forwarding fees on this store, as you also shop labels such as Only NY, Good Worth & Co., Mishka and Doom Sayers. You’ll be glad when that huge package arrives.

Visit Loading Store.


  1. Y-3

There’s no way you can mention Hong Kong shoe stores without including Y-3. This brand is a highly-priced collaboration between celebrated Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and global sneaker Adidas. They offer shoppers a selection of drool-worthy sneakers that are just too good not to be snapped and splashed all over the gram. All shades, colors and dozens of varied designs, all in a bid to give you the option of free selection. Think we’re exaggerating? Then why not visit their Insta page @adidasy3 and check out their interaction with their 2M+ followers.

Shop Online from Y-3.


  1. HOODS

Perhaps the oldest brand on our list. HOODS was born from the Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood, which is popular in almost every part of the world. HOODS was born in 1994, originally inspired by motorcycle culture. Over the years, they have grown and evolved with the trends. They now specialize in sleek, modern sportswear.

Find Hoods locations.


  1. Upstairs Apparel

This store tends to carry a lot of goodies that are affordable and trendy. If you’re into colorful sweatshirts, oversized tees, sneakers, hoodies and flat caps, then Upstairs Apparel is your new home. They carry some of the best brands from the US. Thus, shoppers who aren’t necessarily able to afford shopping and shipping from America can instead shop the same brands in Hong Kong. In their long and impressive list of labels, you can get the likes of DOPE, BLVD, Stussy, In4mation, Civil, Rebel8, IMKing, and Carhartt.

Shop Upstairs Apparel online.


These are some of the best stores offering the Hong Kong streetwear style to the world. If you can’t find limited edition clothes or shoes in your country, you can use international shipping from Hong Kong to shop and get it delivered straight to your doorstep. 

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