7 UK-based Stores for Vintage Items Shopping

No matter how old we get, vintage remains fashionable. The style that stands the test of time and pushes through most of the changes. With the contemporary styles and other seasonal fashion statements, vintage manages to push its way to the top. If you want to see someone be truly happy and shop without holding back, take them to the UK vintage shop


If you’re not able to physically visit your favourite UK vintage store, then don’t worry about it, that’s why there are online stores. Yes, those shops that have put up their catalogs and shopping aisles online help to pave the gap between local UK vintage lovers and those who are into vintage UK fashion but living in other countries. Most shops in the UK can be accessed from any other country. The only challenge would be in getting your retro clothing into your country from the UK. Read the next section if you’re interested in shipping your vintage clothing from the UK

Buy Your Vintage Styled Clothing from the UK via International Parcel Forwarding

If you’re happy shopping in modern style aisles, we have news for you. You could even be happier adding a little bit of this and that from your grandma’s era. Ever heard of ‘something small, something borrowed?’ Well, if you’re a lover of the modern style but would appreciate a little twist to your wardrobe, then the something borrowed section will have you sorted.


Otherwise, for everyone else who has always enjoyed shopping in the vintage section, nothing changes. If you’re an international shopper, we have a solution for your shopping escapades in UK-based vintage dress shops. There are companies that focus on forwarding packages from the UK overseas. With international shipping from the UK, you don’t have to shop in the shadows anymore. It’s fast, it's easy and best of all, you get to determine how the process goes from inception to delivery.


Here are some of the basic steps involved in the Parcl international parcel forwarding service:

  • Go to and create a request for international delivery from the UK.

  • Fill in your order details including links to all the items you need to ship, their weight, price, and any additional services you might need.

  • After you save the order, you’ll be presented with a quotation or a few from UK package forwarders. Quotation, also referred to as a ‘shipping offer’, will contain international shipping cost, forwarder’s fees for their services, Paypal and Parcl commission along with the shipping method suitable for your requirements. 

  • Use the local UK address that you’re provided with to check out from the UK retro dress store.

  • The handler, whose address you use at check out, will be ready to collect your parcel and then take it to the selected parcel carrier for it to be sent to its final destination, which happens to be your country.

The way that Parcl has made package forwarding from the UK an easy process means that shopping has improved, greatly so. You can now buy something on a Friday morning from the UK and be unwrapping the box the next Wednesday in your home in South Africa.

Top Shops in the UK to Shop Vintage Dresses

So yes, buying vintage dresses UK is no longer a gigantic task. If anything, it’s now as easy as buying a birthday card from the convenience store. Now that you know how to go about shopping and shipping, meet the seven top UK based-vintage dress stores that are making international headlines.

  1. One of A Kind Vintage Wear at Portobello Road

If you want to physically visit and shop, then visit One of a Kind, they are on Portobello Road, famously loved and sectioned off for its eclectic aesthetic and chic location. Quite a few renowned fashionable names including Gucci have graced the Portobello Roadsides. For looks worn by the likes of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, this is where to shop. Any style, any vintage era, shop away.


  1. Beyond Retro, an East London institution

Live it up, pick up your style as you select your favourite retro dresses from the UK. Beyond Retro is now an international brand with physical establishments also found outside of London. If you’re looking for original design laced with passion and style, then this is where you buy your vintage looks. There is an eclectic selection of clothes for both men and women, the entire family actually.


  1. Retromania London

Everything about Retromania screams retro and creativity. This site is truly for those who are into retro style. For vintage lovers and fashionistas, this is where to get spoilt for choice, getting a little bit of this and that. All things small, beautiful and meaningful can be selected in this store. They also offer iconic designer items for those interested. If you support charity, shop at Retromania as they are run by FARA, a charity organisation.


  1. St CYR Vintage, with Ultimate 1940s Looks

If you’re looking for vintage pieces that are truly worth your time and money to ship from the UK, look no further. At CYR Vintage, you will find the bone of your bones, the sugar to your tee. That’s how compatibly vintage their looks tend to be! No kidding. They group everything according to era, colour, and size. Become a regular shopper to enjoy 20% off on subsequent purchases.


  1. Rokit for the Looks of a Camden Rock Star

Shop from Rokit and have your peers lose their minds. If you’re looking for what defines vintage style dresses UK, the Rokit has the style you need. With four physical establishments in London only, this brand is a successful stockist of vintage accessories and clothing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with their trilby hats, scarves that compliment the looks, and belts for every occasion.


  1. Modes and More for Handpicked Quality Vintage

This store is the undisputed capital of vintage hand-picked pieces that are as old as time. If you fancy the styles of Lana Del Rey or Laura Whitmore, then this is where you need to start looking as you will find true treasures buried in the aisles of Modes and More. Going as far back as the 1900s, they have been so successful they now run a series of physical outlets. However, online shoppers can also still enjoy the robust choice of vintage style clothing in the UK, as these are stocked even online.


  1. What Goes Around Comes Around – A look for Everyone

Are you interested in the vintage setup that provides varsity jackets, college sweatshirts, souvenir bombers, Hawaiian shirts, Converse sneakers and classic Levi’s jeans? Then this shop filled with vintage fashion and accessories is the best place to start digging. You'll find the perfect pairs and complementary clothing and accessories. Whatever era you want to be transformed into, at What Goes Around Comes Around, you'll live the literal meaning.

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