Shipping from the UK: International Delivery from UK Stores

How many UK-based online stores can you name? Let us help you. Tesco, ASOS, John Lewis, Boots, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, Topshop, Allsaints, Next, Monki - these stores are just part of the UK online shopping industry. What’s more, almost every global brand and online retailer has divisions in the UK. We’re speaking about UK Amazon and eBay, UK-based Adidas, Nike, and many more. British shops offer a huge range of competitively priced products and exclusive items, but how does shipping from the UK work? How to shop UK stores if you don’t live in the UK?

Shop online in the UK

Most of us don’t even know how many wonderful, useful, beautiful, and simply cool products can be found in foreign stores. Remember the last time you bought something from another country? When was it? A month ago? Half a year ago? Or maybe never? If you have never considered shopping in the UK, it’s the right time to browse some amazing UK stores. If you still hesitate, take a look at what other people from your country have already gotten delivered to them from the UK:


Mutifunctional Wooden Bus-Red by HOMCOM

Shipping from the UK


Creative Katana sound bar

Delivery from the UK



SnuzPod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1

Shipped from the UK



Mathmos Lava Lamp

Package Forwarding from the UK



UK stores offer a huge range of reasonably priced products and exclusive items, such as limited edition or archived perfumes, organic health and beauty products, designer jewelry, watches, home decor items, consumer electronics, and a lot more. The majority of UK stores accept the most popular and convenient payment methods such as PayPal and bank cards. However, some stores display their products online, but do not sell them on the web, offering in-store shopping only. Luckily, there is a way to shop UK stores in person from any country in the world and get the items shipped internationally.  

UK store doesn't ship internationally?

Unlike many American retailers, quite a lot of UK stores offer international shipping. Some UK shops charge 8 GBP for worldwide shipping (around 11 USD, which is pretty fair), whereas others will ship your order from the UK to your country for 25 GBP (around 33 USD) or more. If you feel that a store’s delivery cost is too high or no international shipping from the UK is available, you can arrange delivery from the UK on your own through the UK package forwarding service.

To shop at a UK online store you will need a shipping address in the UK and a verified package forwarder who will receive your buys and ship them to you. At Parcl you can find a UK package forwarder to offer you their UK address. Having a UK shopping address allows you to shop at any UK store. Simply use your forwarder’s address as your UK delivery address at checkout.

Your personal UK shipping forwarder will receive, carefully handle and ship your buys to your address.

International shipping from UK stores

Usually, international shipping from UK shops is provided by the following companies:

  • Royal Mail,

  • TNT,

  • DPD,

  • DHL Express,

  • Parcel Force,

  • Parcel2Go,

  • Hermesworld,

  • FedEx.


We have calculated the cheapest delivery from the UK to various shipping destinations based on the real orders we have shipped from the UK, and here’s what we’ve got:


Shipping from the UK to...

Lowest shipping cost

European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, etc.)


Israel,UAE, the Philippines, Asian countries (India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.)


Australia & New Zealand


USA, Canada


South America (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc.)



If you live in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, or any other country, where some of the UK goods aren’t available, you can order delivery from the UK with the Parcl package forwarding service. At Parcl there are around 50 UK addresses and private package forwarders to choose from, which means that you can shop any UK online or offline retailer and get your items shipped to your country!

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3 years ago
Nice article I'll go to buy in UK
3 years ago
Hi John, thank you for your kind words. Enjoy your UK shopping and feel free to contact us if you need help with shipping from the UK store!
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