Shop Independence Day Deals in the US from Your Country

The mega Independence Day deals and discounts are finally here, and you can’t afford to miss them. As folks in America get to commemorate July Fourth, lots of crazy deals are bound to be thrown our way. While the real thrill starts and everybody flocks to the streets for the annual fanfare parades and carnivals, we have a perfect plan for you: Independence Day sales!

The best Independence Day deals in the US  

We know lots of them, plus how to shop Independence Day deals in the US. Here is just a glimpse of the best of Independence Day deals and a perfect secret of how you can get them shipped right to your doorstep:

1. Home Appliances

Home appliances are on sale during Independence Day and they come with massive discounts. Get up to 40% off any selected home appliances from Sears. GE Appliances offers up to 50% off closeout appliances plus FREE shipping within the US. Walmart is also giving out up to 66% off selected kitchen appliances. If you need international shipping from Walmart, use Parcl’s package forwarding solution. To order international delivery from Walmart US, you’ll need to have a private shipping address in the US. Simply ship all your Walmart orders to your American shipping address and then have your buys re-shipped to your country.

2. Furniture

Amazon has zero gravity chairs from as low as $39 plus absolutely free shipping. Kohl’s furniture offers are up to 50% off plus extra 10% on patio and grilling sale. For those who would prefer Home Depot, expect as much as 75% off your orders.

Both Kohl’s and Home Depot do not ship internationally. What might complicate shopping these stores even more, is that they are blocked in some countries. If this is the case, you can access Kohl’s, Home Depot or any other blocked website by using a VPN (virtual private network), and switching to a US IP address. VPNs are like a middleman for your internet connection. Many people already use them to trick websites into thinking they are inside the US to get around content blocking. There are hundreds to choose from, typically ranging from around $10-20 a month. Online reviews ranking the various services commonly cite NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, IPVanish and TunnelBear. 

Then you will need to sign up for an account with a freight forwarding service. The freight forwarding service will provide you with a ‘fake’ US address to give to the retailer, and will then ship the package to your country for a fee.


Shop Kohl's US, ship internationally with Parcl


Home Depot international delivery


3. Electronics

You can now get the best selections at a bargain price, such as up to $200 off plus free shipping from Acer. eBay also offers up to 13% off on $329 HP 15.6” notebook refurb (Grade A) plus free shipping.

4. Women’s clothes and accessories

Protect your head with a summer straw hat from $24 plus free shipping from Tippit, and get 25% off striped bow scandals plus free shipping. Kohl’s is offering clearance clothing up to 78% off women’s wear and jackets and outerwear starting under $75  plus free shipping from Bobeau.

How to Shop Independence Day deals if you don’t live in the US

Almost every store in the US right now has lined up lots of incredible offers and promotions. From Amazon, Cymax, GameStop, Kmart, Walmart, Szul, and Office Depot & OfficeMax to that retail store across the street, everyone is singing and dancing to the Fourth of July sales tune.

Apart from being an important observance for all Americans, Independence Day is a great chance to enjoy HUGE discounts and shop US deals for everyone who may not live in the US. What is especially great about shopping Independence Day sales, is that you can save money even if you have to pay international shipping fees.

Shopping in the US if you don’t live there is super easy when you are registered with an international package forwarding service. If you are wondering how to buy online in America and ship internationally from the US, follow these 3 easy steps:

1 - sign up with the US parcel forwarding service,

2 - order international delivery from one or multiple American stores,

3 - receive your packages from the US!

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