Silo: Innovative Vacuum Food Storage System

So here’s the thing, technology has been evolving and the turn of the 21st century ushered in a series of mind-blowing inventions. Still, we can’t easily wrap our heads around all these emerging tech gadgets that are constantly being introduced. Even though we have managed to downscale significantly in terms of human labour as technology easily takes over and does amicable work, it’s still hard to digest some practical inventions.


One such invention is Silo, part vacuum-sealer, part Amazon Echo. Silo, the food storage solution, is a brainchild of Silo, a Tel Aviv based startup company with an account on Kickstarter to crowdfund this brilliant invention. With the Silo, the company is looking into tackling stagnancy in the food storage field and thus take the industry several notches higher. Silo is an answer to silent and teary prayers by hardworking mums who never have enough time to whip a fresh meal. And no, this is not an exaggeration. And yes, you can start dusting up your international package forwarder’s details as you wait with bated breath for Silo to hit the stores come July 2019.

Meet Silo the Food Storage Solution Unit

Silo works in conjunction with Alexa. In a world that is super connected, Silo is a first of its kind smart storage unit. Instead of being stressed and storing food in the same way our parents did, Silo gives us a modern solution, which matches our smart homes and busy schedules.


The food storage system is designed to work in all kitchens. It’s not only confined to the smart home. Silo comes with special BPA containers to help you with the food storage process. With the BPA containers and the Silo technology, your food stays fresh for up to five times longer. The plus side to using a Silo is that it’s easy and can be done while doing other things in the kitchen. Effortlessly smart. The Silo patented technology is currently the only one on the market giving you a fresh new experience that simplifies your family’s eating patterns.


Here is how it works:

  1. Take out your BPA container and place the food you want to keep fresh inside the container.

  2. Simply place the unit container on top of the flat Silo surface and gently press down.

  3. The container is sealed within seconds locking in all the moisture and goodness inside the container.

The Silo storage unit allows you to store foods fresher for longer using embedded technology. As a family, you’re given the luxury of enjoying more time together without having to constantly whip up something fresh from the kitchen. With the Silo being part Amazon echo, part vacuum sealer food storage unit, your food is kept fresher than when stored using any manual or electrical vacuum sealers.


If you want to take the food out of the Silo BPA container, press the rocker marked with a ‘Silo’ sign and take out the amount you intend on eating. Then close the container, and repeat steps 2-3 from above. As easy as that, your food freshness is in no way compromised by you taking out some to eat and returning the rest for storage.

You get to keep your kitchen neat. Once done with the Silo, lift the base to stow it away. It comes in a magnificent black that makes it simple to make it a part of any kitchen theme.

Silo Freshness Manager in Conjunction with Amazon Alexa

Silo vacuum containers and the Silo unit work with Alexa as a smart management system. Silo knows how long your food has been stored for and how long it will stay fresh. The smart management system works with Amazon Alexa by combining smart internet connection and smart sensors to streamline the connected kitchen. When something new gets stored, it’s automatically added to the inventory.


The smart unit also checks how long the food has been stored and gives a report on the freshness.

To use the smart manager:

  1. When using the BPA container, Alexa prompts you to state the contents inside. This way, the food is stored in the inventory alongside its nutritional value.

  2. Ask the Alexa Amazon echo simple questions such as: “Alexa, are these strawberries still safe” or “Alexa, how much coffee do I have?” The spoilage notifications enable you to know when to eat or throw away your food.

  3. Alexa weighs your food and calculates the estimated period your food item will last.

  4. The manager ensures that you’re always updated and know when to write your next grocery shopping list.

  5. Using the Alexa-powered speaker, the Silo can also read out a recipe. You get full cooking assistance using this unit.

The Silo vacuum system comes as a solution to the food vacuum system already in existence, but not doing the work it was intended to do. With the current vacuum sealing food system, you cut your food items, put them in the specialised storage bags and stash them inside the freezer. When you finally remember the food you kept in storage, it’s now an icy block stripped of all its nutrients, that is if anything remains. Food is wasted in bulk, but not anymore with Silo.

Another quality that makes the Silo vacuum storage unit a favourite is that you get to store fresh foods! Say goodbye to buying fresh fruit every day. Silo affords you the luxury of buying and storing the quantity without worrying about the food spoiling. Also, unlike the traditional vacuuming system, Silo keeps an inventory of food. Pair it up with Amazon Alexa, and you get an efficient kitchen manager who will check your containers and give you a quick recipe based on what you have!

The Silo Journey

Silo sought funding from investors and risk-takers alike by setting up a crowdfunding account for the system. As of mid-December 2018, the Kickstarter crowdfunding account had raised over $1.4 Billion, way more than the target of $80,000. The project has people hoping that it will be a huge success. Silo is set to be available by July 2019. By now, some rewards are no longer available from the Kickstarter account. But you can check the Silo Kickstarter account by yourself and see the ones that will offer you benefits. To avoid disappointment as they only ‘Ship to certain countries,’ sign up for a package forwarding service offered by Parcl.


The assurance of signing up with a global parcel forwarder is that if the Pledge you take out has a reward, and your reward comes out in July 2019 when Silo releases their anticipated food storage and smart manager system, your location will not be a hindrance. As far as shipping via an international forwarder goes, Parcl is a trusted package forwarding company with clients from all over the globe. It will do you good to own an account and use it to start shopping online as you await for your Silo part-food vacuum part-Amazon Alexa food storage system.

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