6 Chic Yet Affordable French Jewelry Brands

All of the lights, all of the glamour, the high-end fashion and sparkling wines are in Paris. Everything about Paris is romantic, romance lives in the streets of Paris. And, that is the narrative that we’ve grown used to. Ever since we were young, we’ve always admired everything Parisian. The Eiffel Tower depicted to be the best and most romantic structure in all of Europe, and arguably the world. Where else do the most boisterous and romantic couples visit in celebration of their love and anniversaries?

Well, even though we’re not all financially predisposed to a Place Vendôme budget, it's still possible to enjoy some of the fineness that is Paris. The availability of a thousand and one boutique-chic operations makes fine living from France a possibility from any global coordinate. Even more so now with competent logistics companies specializing in international parcel forwarding on the rise.

What to enjoy about the non-place Vendôme budget

The smaller chic boutiques spread across all of Paris are the epitome of class and beauty. You can get just about anything and everything from the timeless to an on-trend look. Even the most opposed looks are available, from artisanal to the edgy and modern looks. There’s no telling any style ‘no.’ When you visit these small boutiques, there is nothing like ‘out of my league.’ As long as it’s your style and desirable, then you have every right and means to purchase it.


Beneath all the beauty and glitz associated with French fashion, French jewelry makes one feel especially good. After all, it is common knowledge that all the Broadway looks are inspired by some of the leading French jewelry brands. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try some of these brands and designers to see yourself in a new light?

  • French jewelry designers see beneath the cheap façade of illuminated stones. There is something about their jewelry that speaks volumes and lasts for generations.

  • Most Western countries that enjoy a high number of tourists buy jewelry and trinkets from French backstreets and get it shipped via Parcl forwarding before inflating the price.

  • Most of the beautiful shimmering souvenirs bought in the US or UK are originally from the little and unknown French jewelry designers. This is your chance to cut out the US customs declaration and buy directly from the small business owner.

  • French jewelry is part of the many reasons why Paris is the most romantic city in Europe, you need to own at least one piece to understand the statement.

Below are some of the brands and jewelers that the French people swear by. After all, you have got to be in it to understand it. And what experience other than jewelry made in the farthest parts of the country?

Top Six Parisian Jewelry Brands Worth Your Time

Don’t say you weren’t told. This is it, the big reveal, the big tell-all. And, you heard it from here first. Get your shipping from France ready as you read through and click on the links to visit each of these brands.

  1. Nouvel Amour

The enduring allure of simplicity lives and breathes in Nouvel Amour, the brand that relies on whimsical French style. If you’ve been searching for the real meaning of versatile gold medallion, then this brand is the definition and answer to your quest. Their signature gold ID bracelets, rings and necklaces ooze confident romance. Their pieces are all unique and inspirational, get yourself a secret message of hope written from a customized whimsical French phrase. Visit their generous online store from the comfort of your home. Your package forwarder will see to it that you have a local handler who can visit the flagship store at 31 Rue du Four in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés region on your behalf. This way, you can have the customized cuffs, rings or earrings that are priced from €65 or a €75 necklace.

Shop Nouvel Amour online store.


  1. Helmut Paris

Are you interested in shopping for a certain distinguished look from one establishment? Then Helmut Paris is where you need to be. Their online store is vibrant with color and some of the most beautiful designs. Stunning to say the least. Their jewelry is displayed in an eye-catching manner with semi-motion live flowers hovering above the jewelry on display. Their play with transparent stones, unique pendants and angelic earrings is second to none. Of course, their style is inspired by the trendy 21st century poised model and shows the vision behind what jewelry designer and founder Camille Vernier had in mind. Interested in anything and everything from monochrome bib necklaces to two-finger rings and earrings? Then this sleek, sharp and modern brand is where to check.

Shop Helmut jewelry collection.


  1. Balaboosté Paris

This brand is synonymous with funky, bold and bright statement jewelry pieces. The brand is for the quirky and cheeky individual who celebrates the essence of color. Most generous and loved for their reasonable prices, you can get beautiful, Instagram-ready jewelry from as little as under €10. Balaboosté is a real gem, worth all the hype and attention it’s getting in recent publications. One of the best French jewelers to get international attention and be shipped via parcel forwarders to various destinations.

Shop Balaboosté online.



This French jewelry company is one of those that are ever fashion-forward and respect that clients have similar but different tastes. A celebration of this simple fact is the Mix & Match section of the store where one gets to pick what they love from the store. This brand plays with French appeal and has the style that is distinctively French. You can expand your shopping by opting to visit them online. Or get inspired by their collection of the delicate girly gold pieces over on their Instagram page.

Visit the online store.  


  1. Labelle

If you really want to buy from France. Then this fashion laboratory is an excellent place to start digging. The brand remains popularly known for its boho-chic aesthetic, jewel-encrusted collections. All designs have some soul to them, almost as if they have been through another dimension. Although the store is just 8 years old, its world-traveller outlook makes them appear to have been in existence way longer. Delicately crafted stones and rare designs are what Labelle represents.

Visit the Labelle online store.


  1. Satellite Paris

This French jewelry shop started off as a former ethnologist and now has quite a handful of stunning physical stores spread across Paris. Some of their well-known flagships include the amazing BHV, Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps. It will be worth arranging to get shipping from France when buying anything by Satellite Paris. Everything in this store is an original design created in the store’s Paris workshop. Totally free from fashion dictates, this jewelry is worth its weight in gold! Go for it if you’re searching for unique, timeless and artsy pieces that pay attention to every little detail. 

Shop Satellite Paris online.


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