6 Designer Fashion Brands from Finland

The international community appears to be sleeping on Finnish brands. Not that online shoppers can get blamed that much. After all, Scandinavian countries are mostly popular for their online gambling services. And yet, in the region, Swedish and Norwegian brands seem to be doing much better than brands from Finnish designers.

Not to worry, this article explores some Finland clothing brands, both emerging and long standing, that have the potential of waking up international shoppers to what Finland has to offer. Shopping online brings so much joy, especially since it manages to:

  • Break down all borders that stand physically. Online shopping enables buyers to go into any virtual store and shop just as if they were local.

  • Save a lot of time. The time and effort spent in going to the malls just to shop can be spent on more important things when one simply buys their clothing online.

  • Open a lot of doors, especially for young and upcoming designers that would have otherwise choked under the bulk of already established gurus in the industry.

  • Pre-order products and collections before they are otherwise released. For example, an online shopper in Egypt can pre-order a Jacket from a Finnish designer from their 2018-19 Winter/Spring collection before the date of release!

With a ward of package forwarders, no country remains foreign to online shoppers. However, buyers also have to give attention to Finnish brands, and there are some that are promising to explode and already established ones that are taking over the international community.

6 Finnish brands making waves alongside other Scandinavian clothing brands


The Finnish brand does not discriminate. The brand is named after fashion designer founder Sophie Sälekari, a 23-year-old based in Helsinki. Although more on the high-end and luxuriously priced, they cater to both sexes and their budget tends to be as accommodating as possible. If you are looking for matching Finland clothing, Sophie Sälekari is the go-to brand that sells both menswear and womenswear. The webstore also has sections for styling that visitors to the site can turn to to get styling ideas and direction. The light and super-fast website takes a matter of seconds to load.



The Finnish clothing line has an expansive list of products. This is where shoppers go to for that “all-in-one” set of clothing, accessories, bags, classics and even fabrics. Yes, those looking for the authentically unique and high-quality Nordic textiles can visit This store also has a section dedicated to inspiration. Of course, the outfit ‘inspo’ is all based on their gallery and what is sold in store. Marimekko had the pleasure of displaying their Spring/Summer 2019 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. The brand is so successful, it’s now international. Shoppers only need to visit the online store, select their country or that closest to them from a list with 12 countries and start shopping.



This brand represents everything Scandinavian. At Mirkka Metsola, interns can apply for a chance to do their internship with the internationally acclaimed brand. From a long list of Finland Fashion brands, they offer an integrated payment system that allows international shoppers to pay via internationally available methods, such as VISA, PayPal and Apple Pay. They are expanding and, in addition to Finland, they now have retail locations in Germany. This brand is nothing like the conventional fashion trends. They are leaders who have designs that are out of this world and standard. With their 2018 ‘beyond the black galaxy’ collection, Mirkka Metsola proves just how unconventional the brand really is. International shoppers can have their designs delivered via the services of a Finnish package forwarder.



In case you have recently been to the Nordics and loved their sense of fashion but don’t want to buy gifts that clash with the recipient’s style, this brand has the solution. At Minna Parikka, there are €50 Gift Cards that you can buy and give. The receiver will use the card to shop online. No boundaries on what they can buy. As a fashion-forward brand, their collections have been spotted on prominent public figures, including Gabrielle Union, Maye Musk, Millie Mackintosh and Lily Allen. Their A/W 2018 collection is so forward it’s like ‘a leap into another dimension- the source of superpowers.’


  1. LUMI

Already online and looking for what to buy in Finland but not yet sure where to shop? Don’t panic, look into Lumi, the brand that puts the z in ‘accessories.’ Lumi specialises in creating high-end accessories including totes and handbags. Lumi was established back in 2000 by Sana Kantola, a handbag designer, and Bruno Beaugrand, an art director. Their science of the skin has been so successful that the Lumi Shop Scent + Skincare section is nothing short of amazing. This is where to go when looking for premium beauty products that will make you feel and look rich. They offer elemental Nordic scents and botanicals that are unaltered. Both ladies and gentlemen can go classic chic and manage to look sophisticated, fearless and stylish. Although the Lumi Flagship Store operates Monday to Saturday business hours, their online store is always open for business.



Out of all the Finnish clothing brands, Ivana Helsinki has a unique element that is hard to match. All their collections are based on founder Paola Ivana Suhonen’s childhood memories. Coupled with her love for nature and animals, the collections are always a hit with both humans and the environment. The brand stands as a pioneer in the fashion industry not just in Finland but on a global scale as well. Online shoppers can visit Ivana Helsinki for souvenirs that are simply explained as truly Nordic and welcoming.


International Shipping from Finland

Shopping online for Finnish brands is one thing. Bringing in the shopping haul from Finland to your home country might be challenging. Thankfully, not in these times of technology and advancement. With Parcl – a worldwide shipping community, it’s possible to shop overseas and have your package safely forwarded to your home.

Visit the official Parcl website and register for a free account. Once you have an account you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Buy items that are not available locally in your country or region.

  • Save on shopping and shopping. Parcl facilitates buying from the original webstore for the listed price (just like local shoppers) and only paying for the Parcl forwarder’s handling and shipping fees.

  • Being able to get your hands on newly released products first. Using the pre-order feature, you can be first in line to get newly released products: on the date of release, it's just a matter of shipping-forwarding-receiving on your end.

Since most Finnish brands are not as popular in the international community, with Parcl, it’s now possible to learn more about Finland and Finnish designers. Without having to worry about shipping, customs, etc., you can go online and visit any of these 6 top brands to get a feel of what Finland loves to wear.

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