6 Essential Products for Italian Style Beauty

Yes, the French are the most popular and boisterous when it comes to French beauty brands and products. Rightfully so. Their approach to beauty is just as easy-going as their approach to life. Loud, present in the moment and most definitely centre-stage. Those who subscribe to the French standards of beauty will tell you that spotting a glowy residue of micellar water and a smudgy red lipstick for a lunch date is as ordinary as it gets. And this is true, for the right kind of person. The rest of us prefer otherwise.

Thankfully, there is a healthy mixture of European standards of beauty. Greek mythology and the definitions of beauty might be on the other extreme end. So, we stick to the middle, Italian skin care products.

List of Best-Selling Italian Beauty Products

When it comes to finding the right product, you will mess up until you eventually find the right item. If you’re not willing to take that risk, then you might just as well be stuck with the same boring product. If you’re willing to, go through the purchasing points and buy any of these from the list:

  1. Perlier Honey Bath & Shower Cream, $150.00, available at Perlier.

Get the most from your skin soak regime when you add the Perlier Honey Bath & Shower cream to the bath routine. Your bath time will leave you smelling like a Roman hammam when you infuse your water with the main product of beauty - honey. After all, Perlier is a part of the leading Italian skincare brands, anything that carries their name is worth your time and attention. If you’re sceptical, you can always start small.


  1. Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder, $18.00, available at Kiko Milano.

Setting powder can be such a huge letdown. Especially if it allows the sweat to escape and leave your makeup looking skewed up. For a tidier makeup experience, get yourself some of the finest Italian products for beauty use. The Invisible Touch face fixing powder being at the forefront. It's an affordable powder that will no doubt change the way you approach caking your face. No wonder the face powder is Kiko Milano’s best seller!


  1. Borghese Advanced Fango Active Purifying Mud Mask, $48.00, available at Borghese Roma.

A mud face mask that’s just so good you’ll want to feast on it. This purifying mask is from Princess Marcella Borghese from the Italian Royal family in the ‘30s. You want to smell, look and feel like royalty using Italian beauty products? Then the Borghese advanced purifying mask is the right place to start.


  1. Davines This Is A Curl Building Serum, $27.00, available at Birchbox.

This curl building serum has a lot of crazy reviews from satisfied and amazed buyers. Let’s face it, curly hair is hard to maintain and almost impossible to keep moisturised. With this curl building serum, you’ll manage to keep the curl pattern and your hair moist and beautiful even after a visit to the professional air dryers. The lightweight formula achieves a glossy, smooth and soft finish.


  1. Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate, $66.00, available at DermStore.

This deeply hydrating eye cream is a truly therapeutic product that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines under eyes. Ideal for the prevention of UV damage and debuffing the undereye area. Say goodbye to even a chance of eye bags. Subscribing to the Dermstore not only saves you a whopping 15% but makes international shipping from Italy almost free if you purchase a whole lot of products in one haul.


  1. Collistar Mascara Volume Unico Black, $34.94, available at Feel Unique.

Finally, the cherry on top of everything. The finishing touch to your perfect makeup. With the Unico Black volumizing mascara, you will achieve the most volume you could have ever dreamed of donning. This truly unique mascara comes with an instant shaping, volumizing, and thickening effect which will no doubt rebuild the lashes and afford your eyes the intense look every girl sensually desires, but yet few achieve. 

Buy and Ship with Love from Italy

Did you know, buying directly from the source is more efficient, and package forwarding from Italy is quite affordable? Even if you don’t have any allegiance to Italy, there’s no excuse not to fall in love with their beauty products and standards. Carefully select the products that you’re interested in from hair to face, body and even scent-wise, add them all as one package and have that parcel forwarded from Italy to your country of residence.

  • In addition to enjoying the savings that come with buying in bulk, you also get the thrill of selecting products as you please, according to your budget and preference.

  • If you log into your favourite Italian online beauty store, you’ll realise that you see products just as the locals do, but without an Italian shopping address, your shopping options decrease. You most definitely need a local address that will allow you to continue shopping like an Italian.

  • The more you purchase using your Italian handler’s address, the more you save on shipping fees. If your purchases are sent out as one package, the amount paid for a relatively big package becomes evenly spread across products and thus, in essence, you’ll come to realise that it’s cheaper to buy Italian beauty products online by yourself.

  • Continue using the Italian shopping address to keep on benefiting on items such as promotional and market testing merchandise.

Beauty and Standards

With France and Italy being only 882 miles apart, one would assume that the two countries have a significantly huge portion of shared ideology, standards and culture. To some extent, that is the case. But for the most part, the differences are so big it's impossible to turn a blind eye. Italians prefer to look beautiful while maintaining the natural look where the French would rather have layers of heavy foundation. Spread a generous layer of rich moisturizer to the skin and have it glowing, that is the only way of life known to and by the Italians.


If you want to also stick to the more natural, then join the gang that sips on sunset aperitivo instead of café au lait. Instead of butter, you’ll be left with generous portions of olive oil. And your hair, oh well, be prepared for cost saving and buy from Italy tips that will leave your hair shining. Give your body a chance to glow and express yourself in a completely different light.

It’s never too late to change your understanding of beauty standards. Give Italian beauty products a chance. If you want to change your entire look, or rather, upgrade it, consider the entire package. Otherwise, you might just be doing yourself an injustice and cutting your beauty evolution short. With international buying, you need to also find reliable international parcel forwarding to keep your total cost of purchase reasonable and affordable. 

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