6 Fantastisch Shoe Brands from Germany

German excellence, especially German-makes, have always had ‘that thing.’ That A-factor. What the French call je ne sais quoi. Be it German-made cars, their unbeaten kitchenware or everlasting tech gadgets; their quality remains unmatched. Even as far as apparel goes, German products are resilient, stylish and unique.

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Germans are reputable for their comfortable, high-quality shoes. Anyone who completes their outfit by adorning a pair of German shoes immediately looks more expensive and feels their confidence levels increasing instantly. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to wear Klauser Schuhe, Zalando or Adidas. The good part is that there are several brands with high-quality, authentically German manufactured shoes.

Here are six of our go-to German shoe brands worth having in your wardrobe.

German Brands to Complete your Shoe Rack

  1. Zeha Berlin

Hailing from Cologne, this brand has enjoyed fame, success, and fortune for the longest of time.  As far back as the 60’s, the brand enjoyed having over 17 million wearers. Their rich history continues in the 21st century. Following the first structure with the two double stripes trademark, the brand has made the famous tennis shoe collections called "Carl Hässner," "Trainer," and "Streetwear" not forgetting the elite "Urban Classic" calfskin shoes as well as accessories. These collections of the brand are a result of a revival that happened in 2000 after the 1990s cessation of manufacturing processes. Zeha leather products are high quality and are made locally in Portuguese industrial facilities by local professionals. The German shoe brand is most certainly not for everybody, but rather for individuals with outstanding, timeless style. Regardless of whether it's a tennis shoe or an Urban Classic shoe, find your most loved model in various styles and hues available from the Zeha online shop.


  1. Baer Schuhe

Baer Schuhe, Bär Schuhe in German, is the 2015 Top Innovator Top 100 Award recipient. They have other awards as well and have also received the German Design Award Special Mention – a prestigious recognition. The brand came into existence over 3 decades ago, when Christian Bär started it with the distinctly wide toe box to give toes more freedom. Currently, they stock women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and accessories. What stands out the most is their section of Functional Shoes. These are outdoor shoes found in their natural foundation best for a smooth running experience. Most international shoppers buy Baer Schuhe and use parcel forwarding to get them delivered for that ultimate outdoors challenge experience. When buying from the website, you have the option of searching for either Slim fit, Standard fit or Removable footbed. Say no to squashed toes by getting yourself some BÄR shoes.


  1. Rovers

Are you looking for unique German made shoe brands that don’t compromise on comfort? Then Rovers is the brand you’ve been searching for all this while. The company started small, in the German north, and was owned by a family. At present, they have grown into a multi-division business with several factories spread across the country. Their shoes are unusual, as they are cut asymmetrically and always have a dash of rustic charm. These are the never-get-used-to type of footwear adorned in refreshing prints and modified surfaces. Aesthetically, they are unmatched in the German shoe brands and even internationally. Since comfort is the main goal, the shoe footbeds are loose, and they come adorned in great functionality laces, zippers, and even buttons.


  1. Melvin & Hamilton

Melvin & Hamilton is one of the newest German-made shoe brands on this list. The brand has recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and is growing both within Germany and internationally. Established in 1988 by Rajab Choukair, the brand came into the industry to bridge the gap for young adults who had the option of wearing either formal shoes or sandals outside the workspace. After noticing the high numbers of young men wearing classic business shoes during leisure time, Choukair introduced his own with bold colors and classic shapes. Of course, their distinct style made Melvin & Hamilton a popular brand in no time. Presently, the brand is famous for their stylish English inspired shoes with a modern twist. They are stockists of the sought-after Derby Shoes, Oxford Shoes, Loafers and Ankle Boots among others. Famous for limited editions, these shoes are perfect for the stylish and classy trendsetters looking to make a bold statement.


  1. Haflinger

The brand stocks ladies, men’s, children’s and infant’s footwear. Their shelves also have accessories to complete your fashionable look. With Haflinger, the one wearing the shoe gets to combine naturalness with an urban lifestyle. As a family-owned company, Haflinger focuses their attention on reflecting family values and thus have everything for every family member. Using boiled wool that is made into a felt-like material is a trademark that has helped them achieve environmental friendliness. Their footwear is durable, soft and warm. Designs come with a lot of roomy toe boxes and non-skid soles. Can be worn both indoors and outdoors.


  1. Birkenstock

Any German shoe brands list without Birkenstock is a suspicious one. The brand has existed since 1774, and they know how to keep summer feet happy hence the long stay in such a dynamic industry. Their international acclaim came in 1964 when returning soldiers noted the supportive and restorative comfort they got when wearing Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Presently, the famous models in addition to Arizona include Giza Amsterdam, Rio, Cairo, and Madrid. For comfortable summer footwear, buy from Birkenstock and have your buys delivered using international package forwarding from Germany.


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