6 Tips for Smart Etsy Shopping

The Etsy bug seems to have wings nowadays. Everyone seems to be catching it, well, by everyone we mean the international online shopping community. Yeap, there’s something like that! A community made up only of the finest online shoppers. Those who decide not to allow distance to get in the way of owning the most beautiful gadgets, crafts and vintage items from overseas.


But, there’s one thing, catching the Etsy bug comes with the need to find a solution for dealing with the lack of Etsy international shipping. This e-commerce website is home to everyone who appreciates good quality. It’s not just confined to those rare vintage antiques, craft-crazed units and a couple of other items. Figuring out how to shop Etsy is the easiest part. The challenge comes with figuring out how to ship internationally when shopping from Etsy.

Ship Internationally from Etsy without Hustle

Here are a couple of pointers on the benefits of international shipping. By the way, international shipping is not only restricted to shopping done on Etsy, but you can also now shop from any e-commerce website of your choice and still get your purchased items delivered to your selected address. With international shipping, there comes freedom that cannot otherwise be obtained just by having access to online stores.

  • If you’ve ever desired to have a home that looks like one of the pages from Lifestyle US magazine, then this is your chance to buy all the materials necessary to achieve the look.

  • Be the first to get your hands on newly released items because most brands have big products available to the American buyers before anyone else.

  • Get yourself a lifetime verified US shopping address that you can use to buy from Etsy online and any other American store that offers online services.

  • There’s assistance offered by experienced international parcel forwarders in terms of shipping methods or carriers as well as handling customs and possible taxes.

There are a whole lot of benefits and advantages that come with international shipping. But for now, let’s focus on some of the handiest tips when shopping from Etsy. These will no doubt make your shopping experience better than going in blind faith.

Etsy Shopping Tips to Make Your Shopping a Breeze

Shopping can be quite an intimidating process. Especially when you’re not part of those that find it therapeutic and relaxing. After all, we all take everything in different strides, so there’s nothing wrong with you hating shopping. Online shopping is one way of avoiding the hub-hub of stores. But, there are still challenges and minor details that need to be sorted out to make online shopping the easier option that it was always meant to be.

  1. Favourite What You Like

Right, so this is basic Etsy advice. The first thing to do is sign up for an Etsy shopping account. Once your details have been captured, log in every time you visit the website. Although it’s possible to shop on Etsy without logging in, if you’re to continually use the site services, then why not just register for an account once and for all?

With an Etsy account, you can add everything you like into your shortlist by clicking the ‘Favourite’ feature. This way, as soon as you get money, you won’t waste time checking for what to buy. Just visit your ‘Favourite’ list with either items listed by various sellers or stores that sell what peaks your interest.

  1. Organise your Favourites

After figuring out how to make a short list by ‘Favoriting’ items, you might want to put some order into how this list is organised. This is when you put everything into categories. As you become swifter in Etsy shopping, your list of favourites will grow too. The confusion arises when there are a lot of items in your favourite list, but you don’t know what lies where. Categorise your favourites to have an easy way of figuring out where to look for things. When everything is categorised, it's easier finding items that you want to check out of the store as a unit using your parcel forwarder’s US shopping address.

  1. Add Treasures into Your Shopping Life

Some of the best Etsy tips and tricks are basic across the board and apply to any online shopping experience. At times, using the search bars thins out your search and removes some items that you could actually have loved to see. Use the search option of weaving through the treasuries to find easy-made product lists that include varied tastes. If you don’t know where to begin, check out the ‘Uncoverly’ treasury of Etsy. You can also add more to the customisation by creating your own treasury. This comes with receiving massive discounts offered by shops in your featured list.

  1. Play Around with Search Terms

Play around with descriptive search terms and categories to easily narrow down to what you’re interested in buying. There are departments with a lot of items listed. Some of them include clothing and furniture. Thus, when searching, you can save yourself the anguish of seeing thousands of dresses by entering ‘1970’s flare summer dress’ instead of entering ‘floral dress.’ Move the words around as you continue figuring out what terms pair out best for your search.

  1. Personalise your Feed

Not only are these Etsy international shipping tips about making your Etsy shipping easier, but they also exist to make your overall online shopping a breeze. By tailoring your feed, you pick and choose the Etsy products that you love and would appreciate leads on. Etsy has bots that pick leads based on your tailored feed then makes suggestions to simplify the way you shop. Based on your preferences, Etsy will make more suggestions on sellers to follow and subscribe to in case they offer items that are of interest to you.

  1. Use package forwarding service if Etsy seller doesn't ship to your country

Some Etsy sellers now offer direct international shipping. But this is not a service that is mandatory and as such, a significant portion of the sellers don’t offer international shipping. If you’re interested in buying something from a seller who doesn’t ship to your country, you can use a company that offers package forwarding service.

Buying a lot of items at once and getting them all shipped as one parcel also saves on costs and the times you have to sign for packages. Your local handler will take your Etsy buys to a trusted carrier such as DHL, TNT, Meest Express or Royal Mail. From there, your Etsy purchase will be delivered to your home.

Etsy Online Shopping Simplified

Go over these handy Etsy shopping tips we’ve put together. Try applying them the next time you visit your all-in-one webstore and you’ll notice the difference in online shopping struggles. Of course, you might have already known some of these tips before reading this. But, for the one or two new tips that you discovered in this article, try them and see how much of a difference they make. 


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